hello bigmoose crew, how's your world?

great i hope?

today i'm gonna write a list of stuff, kinda magazine stylee, just snippets, rather than a long and winding road as paul and john would wax lyrical about, mainly because there is so much that i want to share with you this week.

our efforts to get people to register to give bone marrow are going well with close to a 100 new people getting onboard, so a huge thank you for doing so, hopefully we find a match for emily, and if you haven't joined please do now, she is back home recovering, and getting ready for her next chemotherapy session.



last friday i went to ty gwyn special school, where my mate wardy's children go, and what a lovely school, and they provided us with our first fifteen children to want to take part in our supertri for superkids, so if you know any children with physical or mental difficulties that might want to join in, please put them in touch jeff@bigmoose.co

yesterday we have been given 60 duvets for the homeless by millennium hotel in grosvenor square in mayfair london, so our 'grab your coat' project is growing, so if you can help, again, please get in touch.

last night we helped feed the homeless as it was our night, and we emulated our last months evening with distribution of all the warm stuff you have been donating, thanks by the way, and providing haircuts from our rockstar hairdressers ian d in the house, aaron rogers comin atcha, and this month ably assisted by that fella off the screen, our newest coiffeur, mr matthew pritchard, who many of you will know as one half of the dirty sanchez team, (and if you do google dirty sanchez beware, you have been warned!) and having only just met mr pritchard i can tell he is a decent geezer by the bags of his own warm gear he has donated, and by turning up to come and cut hair, thanks mr p.

and i quote "you 'll never guess who just cut my f****** hair, only dirty f****** sanchez" true story!!!

and i quote "you 'll never guess who just cut my f****** hair, only dirty f****** sanchez" true story!!!

as well as the warm clothing and haircuts last night, we also had the culinary delights of my new best pizza making mate rudy! rudy contacted me through a friend on twitter, cheers hubbs, and he runs an award winning wood fired pizza van, which is amazing, and he rocked up last night and proceeded to give out enough pizza to all the homeless folk, leaving them all satiated. it was noticeable to hear the comment 'what's the catch' a few times, but you know what, no catch, just a group of really kind folk, just trying to help in some small way, so to all of the team that helped put some serious smiles on the homeless folk of cardiff thank you so much, and if you're reading this in new zealand, japan, slough, join in, look up where you can volunteer, or start your own thing, and go make a difference, then let us know, we'd love tohear your story :)

on a similar theme my everest guide and inspiration russell brice, who is a part of team moose wrote to me yesterday, and told me that whilst in nepal the last few weeks he has been giving away warm clothing to the poor and needy over there, so the bigmoose vibe is touching people all over the world, how cool is that, no matter how small, we're making a difference.

another mentor of mine darren hardy put out a video recently that i'd like to share with you as i liked what it said to me, see what you think, it's worth a view.

what did you think?

as today is apparently 'black friday'  i wanted to share with you a video i saw recently, which made me think about my own behaviours, and how i can improve them, and is titled giving presence not presents, and i for one will be making some inroads to improve how i live, and give more presence this year, again have a look and see what you think?


did you recognise any of yourself on there? yes? don't be ashamed, just make an improvement, shake it up, i know i'm gonna :)

as 2014 draws to a close, it's been an awesome year so far, but as darren hardy says 'don't take your foot off the gas, red line it into 2015', and so now is a good time to look at setting some goals for the next calendar year, and keep checking our blog over the next few weeks as we will be announcing a new programme to help you with doing just that, which i am pretty excited to be able to be working on with fitness guru kris king.

have a great week, and before next week see how you can make a difference to this big old world of ours :)

blue skies,