good morning, how are you doing? (said in a joey from friends voice, please don't ask why, i have long since stopped questioning my rationale for doing random stuff, it just happens)

well i hope?

as i take you for a civilised, polite reader of the bigmoose blog, i will, for artistic reasons, assume that you reciprocated by asking me how i am doing?

well, let me tell something to you! (said in a ramon from happy feet voice, if you haven't seen happy feet my attempt at humour has failed, but on the positive side you have a movie to watch tomorrow, as the wikie description says "Happy Feet is a 2006 film about a penguin who can't sing, in a society which finds soul mates through song. Instead, he can dance, leading to friction in his colony". what's not to like right?)

this week has been fun, a quick dash up to scotland for work, yes i do actually work, where i saw the decision makers in sainsbury's bank to discuss my product, and it is interesting to see how young decision makers are becoming these days, and don't get me started on policemen!

my return flight back to cardiff saw me have over two hours to wait, perfect for some caffeine and my new book i am reading, 'three cups of tea' by greg mortenson, 'the story of a great humanitarian achievement' say the times, and i drifted off to the world of the karakoram with our story's author.

two complete sweeps of the big hand and i decided to head on down the road to gate number 12, which seemed very quiet, apart from the crazy couple running past me with haste.

hmmm, you're ahead of me here dear reader aren't you.

two words nobody ever wants to see.

gate closed.

hmmmm, this doesn't leave much room for negotiation.

fear turned to self preservation, and as the running couple hunted for their paperwork ahead of me at the gate, i lipread the lady in a sweet shade of hi vis mouth into her motorola 'we've got two more', and i caught her eye and mouthed at the same time as raising the corresponding number of digits 'three'.

she acknowledged me with a smile, and i walked up to her mouthing 'thank you' as i handed her my boarding pass.

i felt this was too easy and there would be somebody that would halt my very near miss, but fortune smiled back at me, and i slipped into seat 26c with my book and as much stealth as i could muster.

an uneventful journey back to cardiff, saw me exit into the dampness of the night at bristol, and head towards my car, the location of which i confirmed with the picture i had taken of it with the row number before leaving england.

as i walked across the wet stones and balanced my luggage on my foot and knee whilst opening the boot to avoid a damp bottom, (leave it) i completed said task with applomb.

now, to get my car park ticket, which was in my passport........

now in my mind this feels like a pantomime, and you dear reader are shouting 'oh no it isn't' to which you know already the truth and that i would have to do the walk of shame to the desk in the neon lit office at the exit of the car park.

as i approached the door, and i kid you not, running couple were following me.

i smiled at the chap behind the desk, who smiled back, asked me my registration, confirmed the time i entered the car park, and gave me a new ticket.

i fed it into the machine, paid the charge, and left his fluorescent work station with a thank you aimed in his direction.

running couple looked up and gave me a strange look, neither friendly nor unfriendly, almost a look to say why are you not flustered, and i contemplated this as the barrier lifted and i headed west.

i am pretty rubbish at lots of stuff, d.i.y. for one, but one characteristic i have is the ability to stay calm, and analyse situations very quickly.

mistakes happen, people eat muffins and read books which make them late, people lose car park tickets, but there are always solutions, and panic never helps, and i mulled over how this has helped me when raising my children, when facing penalty shots back in '90, when mountaineering on denali, and i figured that all in all i am pretty lucky, and an added bonus is i never have to go to ikea.

flipping heck, that was only monday!

the rest of my week has included meetings with the big issue and ty-hafan, a local children's hopspice, which hopefully bigmoose will work with in some capacity in the future, and the biggest thing for me so far this week, the launch of our disabled children's triathlon BIGMOOSE SUPER TRI for SUPER KIDS.

we have confirmed a date of 28th march 2015, and will hopefully have 100 disabled youngsters taking part with their parents, friends or carers at maindy sports centre in cardiff, and if you know anybody that would be interested please put them in touch.

in other news i woke up today to an e-mail from my friend who has started going to help feed the homeless at the same project as we go to, and she was somewhat upset that they ran out of food, and that one of the guys that we gave a haircut to last week denied having had a haircut, and one of the girls complained that the shoes she had been given had fallen apart.

now i completely understand my friends pain, but as with anything in life, there are challenges in this kind of project, and not everything will always go to plan, so if you try to help someone and it doesn't go how you thought it would, don't give up, persevere, and make it happen, make it change for the good.

that was my negative start, but it has been balanced out by a message this morning from a gent asking if he could do our SUPER TRI with his little brother who is in a wheelchair, and by my ability to say YES, and i think this event is going to be one amazingly emotional one, so come along with us on this journey, read all about it, tell your friends, and if you can join in, come along and cheer on some SUPER KIDS, and as always share and like our stuff on social media if you feel appropriate, the more people who know about bigmoose and what we are doing the better.

thanks for reading, and your continued support, and to my new friend kelly vanner thank you for asking everybody in your world to like our facebook page, which has resulted in us nearly reaching 1000 likes, which means we are spreading the bigmoose love to more and more people.

so till next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,