hi there!

did anybody see the bbc music awards last night?

well the big winner was pharrell williams winning two awards, one of which was for the song of the year 'happy'.

rewind to about 6pm last night, i was thinking about what to write for this weeks blog, and i started thinking about 2014, and what we have been up to, and one of the things that jumped into my mind was a video that we used at our recent 'elevation' evening.

i love pharrell's track, and rewind another three months ago, and i thought it would be a good idea to integrate it into a video proclaiming that we had reached our sixty grand fundraising target at this glitzy black tie affair, and so we set about putting a video together with lots of bells and whistles on it, and then moving into pharrell's rhapsody, with some of our stuff to, in my opinion, enhance it, and hopefully everybody would get up on the dancefloor, and let the euphoria of the success wash over them.

if you've ever organised an event from the biggest corporate gig, down to a children's birthday party you will know the worry that accompany's the pre event time.

i can remember vividly booking paddy the clown for one of our girls's birthday celebrations, and feeling so relieved after the last child had gratefully accepted their goody bag and waved goodbye. phew, that went well, even though paddy found it hugely funny to nickname every adult at the party, and referred to me throughout as ray wilkins the ex footballer who was folically challenged at the same time in life as myself, but hey i'm not bitter, and the kids had no idea of paddy's point of reference!

this party organising thing worries the heck out of me, and having ocd in a similar measure to my whole family can be a blessing and a curse in equal measure, as we strive for an event that wows, whether it's five year old rugrats or society's hoi poloi!

so it passed that on the evening our black tie shindig was going swimmingly, and our mc my old mate kam kelly had entertained, and sewn the proceedings together like the professional he is, and as the big screen jumped into life showing that we had achieved our objective that night and passed the £60 large figure, we then sweated the pixels on the screen with fireworks, drama, and pharrell adding his magic.

then it happened.

the energy swept over the room, and i saw the first chair backs move, arms raised into the air, sequinned dresses made their way to the parquet fun area, my plan was working, pharrell you legend, thank you for creating such a feel good magnum opus that nobody could escape from.

internally i sighed as i watched the dancefloor heaving, with smiling faces, and our dj stevie jingles kept the momentum going all night with a variety of eclectic classics from the killers to s club 7, music aint no snob!

so it was with a smile that i contemplated putting the video on my blog for you to share, and within a few clicks youtube was asking me to upload said video, 'my pleasure' i thought as i navigated steve jobs gift to the world clicking and dragging in a very confident manner for a quinquagenarian, ave it i thought as my finger released our masterpiece, and we docked perfectly.

my joy was shortlived, as youtube configured how long the upload was going to take, and my brain did some quick mental 'rithmetic, hmmmm that's quite a long time, and as i pulled steve's mini version of his dream to aid my maths, i divided by sixty for the hours, and then by twenty four for the days, and just as i guessed, 26 days.


so dear reader, it's gonna be next year now before i can share this video with you, and as a person who prefers to underpromise, i fear for building up the expectation, but i guess this is what they call preselling, i will update weekly :)

anyway, onto stuff with a more successful, and definitely quicker outcome!

last week i had a lady who had connected via our old friend social media, and as a devils fan now living in the smoke, her hubby is head concierge at the millennium hotel in mayfair, and they had approximately 100 duvets they were getting rid of, so we connected, and delivered half of them to the big issue in the 'diff, and the others are due to be distributed in central london, so thanks nic and rachel lander for thinking of us.

another great donation to the 'grab your coat' or other warm stuff campaign, was from a local printing company that had come across an order that had been ordered incorrectly, leaving 100 brand new polo shirts and hoody's with no owner, and with a little bit of nouse my contact there, tom, called me to see if we could use them, which was great news, and saw another full car load of stuff being drive to bigmoose hq (my house!)

over the next few weeks we will be giving polo's and hoody's to homeless folk as kind of crimbo presents, which hopefully will go down well.

the other christmas idea we have had, is to go with the classic shoebox idea, and fill them with good stuff, and then give them to people on the 25th, hopefully showing that people do actually care about them, and a lady on facebook has connected and suggested that her 13 and 14 year olds football team will be making these kind of boxes for us, which will get them to focus on those less fortunate, and i am looking forward to meeting them to collect the boxes, a great idea i reckon, and if anybody else wants to get involved please get in touch.

this week has also had confirmation that we will be holding our second st davids day dangle on march 1st, where we organise an abseil for people to get sponsored and raise money this year for kidney wales, and as we have someone close to us who had kidney problems, i'm really looking forward to working with bethan palfrey from kw to have a great event, and i'll be sharing some more details soon, but if you fancy abseiling for a good cause, just get in touch, we'd love to see you.

we have also been organising a big project for 2016 with bethan, that will be announced early 2015, and will be the biggest thing bigmoose has ever done, and will be aiming to raise six figures for kw, and is very very exciting, so if you want to really stretch your boundaries keep tuning in, this will be a life changer, true story!

finally, our trip to climb in scotland in january has been confirmed to four of us plus guides, me, doogie, kinger, and chris sawyer another mate of mine, and we will be heading for the isle of skye to push ourselves physically, and if we're staying in tents probably mentally as well, so i if anybody fancies joining us, get in touch, it'll be great way to start your 2015.

wow I ramble sometimes, apologies, enjoy your week, and if you have any ideas of #monthlymooses please get in touch, let's continue trying to leave this world better than when we found it.

until next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,