hi there,

how are you doing?

are you excited?

tell the truth?

you are aren't you?

what about?

no, not christmas, our video!

well i know you are going to be extremely pleased to know that it is now uploaded onto youtube, and it turns out that some compression issues were causing our 26 day upload time, so we compressed, we uploaded, without sound, grrrrrr, we started again, pressed the sound button, and uploaded gain, and dear reader, we now present our bigmoose reach £60k target video, phew i hope it's worth the wait!

i hope you liked it, and it made you smile, and if it did, unfortunately i can't take any credit for it as my daughter chloe did the additional graphics, and some dude called pharrell did the audio and video, i predict a big future for him.

so, as christmas envelopes us, and thoughts turn to families, loved ones, egg nog and other equally important things in life, i have discovered that my monthly trip to feed the homeless in cardiff actually falls on christmas day, and as we go every fourth thursday, that is a 28-1 chance, almost like putting money on a number on a roulette wheel (35-1) and popping your number up first time, this was a tough one to get the buy in for, as it is at 8pm in the evening, but hey you know what, hopefully it'll be kinda cool, and so it was that i told a few friends what we were up to.

well currently we are into double figures of people who are gonna come with us, so if you're in the 'diff over the festive period, and fancy coming down, feel free, we are hoping to get a choir down for a bit of a christmas knees up, so it should be quite festive.

this moves me on to another idea we have had, oh yes we have lots!!

our idea is not a new one, but it is to get people to do the shoebox full of stuff that homeless folk might appreciate, mark them up male or female, and then we will give them out christmas evening, now there's not a great deal of time for this one, but if you want to drop them into cotswold outdoor in cardiff, or you need santa smiffy to come and collect them, i will try my hardest to get to you to collect, this is very much a last minute thing, but i already have a football team of lads that are going to do one each, and i have just spoken to a lovely friend of mine (hi nadine) who works for gocompare, who is going to get their whole company doing this after christmas, so any unwanted gifts, or excess can be given to those more needy, and this will be the second time gocompare have got involved with my dreams and schemes, as they supported my everest at fifty campaign, so thank you nadine, and your amazing workforce, and if anybody can copy gocompare in their workplace endeavours it would be great to get your support.

a few people have asked us what they can put in the boxes, and my daughters had some conversations with homeless folk recently, and they suggested the following.

toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, razors, hand gel, combs, brushes, nail varnish, mouthwash, mascara, deodorant, moisturiser, flannel, towel, socks, gloves, chocolate, sweets, mints, biscuits, aftershave/perfume, nail clippers, and i'm sure you can be as creative as you want.

also, we have got some more duvets from the millennium hotel in london becoming available, and this week we delivered a load of them as well as warm clothes that you guys have donated, down to the big issue, and the huggard centre in cardiff, and it was so so humbling having the homeless guys and girls helping us unload our three car loads, and my favourite character was oz, who was so happy, cue pharrell song, and fun considering he was down on his luck, and here he is with his comb in his hair, always there when you need it!!

so my last bit of news this week is to announce our programme for getting people that follow bigmoose off their couches, and doing some exercise, and then possibly doing something in your world that inspires others to follow suit, and we are calling it the 'bigmoose moovement', see what we've done there? comedy and intelligence it's a rare blend.

do you like our new logo, peter pedro did it, and feedback thus far is it's the shizzle?

do you like our new logo, peter pedro did it, and feedback thus far is it's the shizzle?

now, it doesn't matter if you are young or old, fast or slow, having met some fantastic amputees and wounded soldiers recently, there really is no excuse for not trying, and as my buddy richie howe says 'it's the distance from the couch to the front door that is the most difficult' so what kinger (kris king kilimanjaro record attempt runner) has done is set up a strava club which is online, and you can join the club really easily.

now i have not used strava until now, but here is how they describe themselves.

"Strava is a community of athletes from all over the world. We are a tribe. Alone or together, we strive. Strava lets you experience what we call social fitness - connecting and competing with each other via mobile and online apps. No matter the weather, day after day, we prove ourselves.

Strava lets you track your rides and runs via your iPhone, Android or dedicated GPS device and helps you analyze and quantify your performance. Strava provides motivation and camaraderie, and helps us prove that we’re out there doing what we love to do."

if you search for strava, and then go to clubs, and then put in bigmoose movement you'll find us, I would have put a link to save you the effort, but squarespace that we use for our blog is having a hissy fit about embedding it, sorry.

now this is going to be a total turn off for a lot of people, but have a look, or ask someone in you social group to have a look, and you might be pleasantly surprised at how cool it is and how easily you can monitor you own physical activity, even if it is a walk up to the paper shop rather than driving, you will be surprised at what a difference it can make.

we will be monitoring the miles that the bigmoose moovement will be doing as a collective team, so whatever you can do will help us to see how far we can travel, someone has suggested the moon and back!

 you can join in any of the countries that this blog goes out to, including spain (coops), japan (yan ping), nz (bruce), canada (liz), usa (carly), australia (amanda), bournemouth (hana), etc, you get the jist, so join in tell you mates to jump on board, it costs nothing, zero, nada, but we can make 2015 the year bigmoose helped you get fitter, and hopefully, we will get some cool stories as we grow. 

well that's gotta be enough from me by now surely, you have done extremely well to read to the end, i congratulate you, and i may write to strava to see if we can get a section for those who completely read each blog!

well you nearly got away with it, ha ha, as i am writing this, one of our rockstar hairdressers who volunteers to cut homeless folk's hair, ian davies, has just messaged me about a video you may have seen, but it's a cool idea, so i'm gonna share it, ha ha you were so nearly finished, just this last thing i promise, let me know what you think, ian is up for us doing something similar, and you just never know, watch this space.

how cool eh?

well i gotta go, as i haven't got lights on my bike, soooooo, have an amazing christmas, and do some cool stuff, tell more people you love them, call a couple of people you haven't spoken to for a while, and write some really exciting stuff down to do in 2015, dream big dear reader, we are amazing people capable of wonderful things, so inspire others, and remember it's never too late to become the person you want to be.

have a great festive period, and thank you for all you support over the year.

****STOP PRESS**** 21:10 ian lander from the millennium mayfair hotel, the one that donated the duvets, has just called to tell me he is sending me £320 worth of vouchers for us to buy toiletries and stuff for the homeless, absolutely awesome news, merry christmas everybody!!!

blue skies,