hey there, wow we really are seeing lots of blue skies, is this what’s known as summer?

whenever i see cloudless skies i always think what great weather for jumping out of a plane, and i long for that sensation, and if i am driving i put my arm out of the window, as the wind resistance feels somewhat like when you are freefalling, one of the most amazing sensual experiences you can have, i miss jumping, and might have to renew my license, my heart rate has suddenly gone up a little just at the thought!

i’m gonna try to write a slightly shorter blog this week, as i am aware that the country’s gdp went down last week with so many people falling asleep in work, soz uk!

the website is nearly finished, and we should be launching it in july, digits crossed.

my highlight of this week was going with a party of year 9’s from ponty high school up to pen y fan in the brecon beacons.

for those of you who aren’t familiar with the beacons, pen y fan is an 886m high mountain in wales, which has beautiful views of the welsh countryside that, so I’m informed, reach out almost fifty miles, and i am very lucky to live within a forty five minute drive to this great part of the world.

ponty high are one of my clients, and their head huw cripps is very forward thinking, and has employed one of his ex teachers who was retiring to take students up into the beacons, regularly, and if the team that I went with on tuesday are typical, then the project is working.

Here is a selfie at the top

 and here we all are in a bivvy bag!

good times!

i was invited to join the guys on the hill to tell them about everest, and i imagine to show that we can all overcome adversity when it is presented to us, well i’m guessing it was something like this, whatever the reason it was a great day for me, and i really enjoyed seeing six year 9’s enjoying the outdoors so much, and as they all gathered around a small pond catching tadpoles, i smiled at how naturally happy they all seemed, and not an x-box in site.

as i mentioned earlier the finishing touches are being made on the bigmoose website, and i can’t wait to launch it, with a list of events ready to be announced, and other bigmoose related good stuff, including health and wellness ideas, as well as a place to read about some ways you can change the world in your own way.

the latter part of the week has seen us enlist some new friends onto team moose as the movement for good grows, and having a catchup with an ex hockey mate to discuss a sporting event for disabled children next year, which sounds amazing, and i can’t wait to confirm it and get people involved in a variety of ways, so keep watching, july is the month!

so that is today’s short blog, but before i go i’ll leave you with a clip to watch that you may have seen before, but it is always worth a watch to refocus life’s priorities, and the final message is one i cannot give my support to enough!


blue skies,