wow man, that was some year!!!

365 ago i set myself some pretty lofty goals for my fiftieth year, and as any of you who know me, or have read my blogs will probably know, as a team of friends and family we nailed all but the summit of everest, amazing job, thank you for all your support, this has been our year, not just mine.

the list read something like this

climb mont blanc in chamonix on my birthday last year - summited with the help and assistance of my friend philip lay, aka doogie

climb mount manaslu in the himalayas - summited with himalayan experience and my new friends russell brice and bruce hasler.

raise £50,000 for teenage cancer trust - so far we've raised £57,000 with the help probably of you reading this, but definitely my family and friends, way too many to mention, and how fantastic to have such lovely people supporting me.

climb mount everest - this wasn't achieved due to the tragedy on the hill, but i have made some wonderful new friends from my trip to nepal, some of whom are joining me on my new journey with bigmoose, and who i feel will be in my life for a very long time.

well as a list it was short, but as a target it was big, but overall i think it was probably one of my best ever, and that is totally how i want to live my life, and for me, and for you we can alway push our circle wider, and always aim higher.

this great twelve month journey, has seen some laughter, some tears, some joy and some pain, but you know, i am one of the proudest men alive to have such a great team around me to help me achieve the targets listed above.

so, what's next?

bigmoose officially starts now, and i thought it would be a cool conclusion to hand over on this day, as for nothing else i won't forget when we started it!

i hope you like our sparkly new website, which would not have been possible without three key people, jason crouch who i used to coach as a junior goalie when i had hair and good looks in the cardiff devils days some twenty years ago, who has taken all the beautiful photos on the site, and his lovely friend karen jones who modelled our new tees for us, and will be writing articles on the website in the future, and to you both a very big thank you.

these two have played a massive part in helping us get this bad boy up and running, but a huge thanks goes to my coworker and mate peter 'pedro' hibbard who has helped me on everything i have ever done over the last year, and the website is his work, amazing stuff, thanks pete.

so, what is bigmoose going to do?

have a look around, hopefully there are a few things of interest, i especially would encourage you to check out the monthly moose, this is such a cool thing to initiate, and such a legacy for all of us that take part in doing so, and please tell your friends about it, and your kids, and your kids friends, get creative, then tell us so we can tell your cool story.

as well as the stuff we can all do regularly in our own subtle ways, we are also going to be doing some headline events, such as elevation - an exhibition of mountain art, which i am really looking forward to arranging, although i am extremely scared at arranging a black tie event, which i have never done before in my life!

another huge event will be our elbrus '15 trip to russia where i am going to be taking ten amazing people to climb the highest mountain in europe, and each one is going to raise a minimum of £10,000 for their chosen charity, giving us a combined total of over £100k which will be a  phenomenal achievement, so if you want to stretch your horizons come with us, i have already had commitment for the first place from paul mackenzie cummins who did my pr on everest, i am so excited to have him on the trip, it is going to be great.

we have more events planned, but will tell you more about them as the weeks go by, we want you to be excited regularly, and hopefully find an event you would like to take part in.

we also have a pretty cool offer to launch our website, we are giving the first fifty people to subscribe to the bigmoose blog a free £15 tee shirt, as well as a bigmoose cotswold outdoor discount card, so sign up today, and come with us on this journey that has no limits, and will we all help to leave the world better than we found it.

thank you all so much for reading this, and for your continued support, and for helping to make me so proud.

blue skies,