morning! (or if you open this later afternoon/evening!)

welcome to today's blog, and if you are a new subscriber receiving this into your inbox, thanks for subscribing, in your own way you have encouraged me and given me confidence to keep rockin' this project, muchos gracias!

last week was chocolate birthday cake time for this young fella, and a day i will remember it as the kick off for bigmoose officially, and the amount of response exceeded expectations, to the degree that the 50 free bigmoose tees we gave away was expanded in the end to 135, so thanks for that, and if you haven't told me your colour and size please do, so we can get them ordered and delivered, and get to see some cool pics of you guys wearing them in super unusual places.

well more importantly than tees are monthlymoose's, and oh my how has this taken off!!!

i have had a constant stream of people e-mailing me with how they are doing things prompted specifically by bigmoose and these acts of kindness are now forming part of their vocabulary, which i have to say is a dream come true very early in the project, so if you are reading this,  and haven't joined us yet,  please join in and do your own monthlymoose, and then tell everybody you know, and encourage them to embrace the idea, the way this grows is down to individuals, i.e. you.

i have this mad dream that in a while you and me will be able to look at this bigmoose thing, and smile in a way that says 'i was a part of that in the beginning, and in my own subtle way i have helped it grow to be something really big'.

so, today you could help me move this forward, if you could tell just one person that you think would like what we are about, kind, generous, humans, and ask them to look at the website, and if they like the vibe subscribe.

if you can cheers, i will report back next week.

i am going to keep my ramblings quite short today, so will just share a few things with you.

i contacted a friend of mine dr james rouse who i met whilst in san diego a couple of years ago, and asked him if i could share with you, and he agreed. so here is his very interesting story about leaning into discomfort, so have a watch, and if you like his style check him out at

i think most people will be able to get where he's coming from, and if this can help you push yourself to doing something you've always wanted to but put it off, then that would be pretty cool, and if you do let me know, i love a great story!

finally today, here is an amazing video, courtesy of my mate emlyn emerit who sent it to me, it just shows the real power of love, so once you've watched it remember bigmoose, and remember we are generally wired up to love each other, so go love, and smile as you do it and let tim influence us all.

have a great week, and don't be afraid to love

blue skies,