hi there!

well, what a great week!

sometimes it is difficult getting things to write about, especially if not a lot has happened, and you're trying to squeeze something interesting out to write in the blog, and believe me, my life ain't that exciting, and i am no social butterfly. (apologies grammar police)

however this week was a great week!

last week i posted a video by my mentor darren hardy which related to 'life changes in 20 seconds', which, if you didn't view, it was about the fact that fear is an illusion, and if you can be brave for 20 seconds and run right at your problem/obstacle/challenge when you get into it, the reality isn't anywhere as near as scary as you thought it would be.

i apply this tactic often, but in truth not as often as i should, and i am terrible at burying my head in the sand, and singing 'la la la' hoping the problem/obstacle/challenge will be gone when i pop my head out, which as we all know it never is.

since posting darren's video i have started trying even harder to use this strategy, and eating my frog http://www.amazon.co.uk/Eat-That-Frog-Great-Procrastinating/dp/1572707208 as they say, and although i haven't perfected it yet, i am trying, and it's a step at a time right?

the reason for telling you about this is that as well as me working harder on my life, i received a great e-mail from somebody who will remain anonymous, as he is a very humble guy, and not one to court publicity, but his background is he runs a high street retailer, and was tasked with setting up a public event in store this week, which by his own admission was daunting, and one of those times where he would normally have become very ostrich like, my words not his.

his e-mail told of the success of the evening, and how he had applied the darren hardy '20 second' strategy which seemed to work really well for him, which made me very proud to see that by darren making the effort to script, film, and post this short vt, and me to then share it to you guys (and girls obviously) that it made a difference to that young man's life, and that, dear blog reader is the the big thing here. bigmoose doesn't need to spread like wildfire, growing to unicef or cancer research type size, but step by step we go up the ladder, rather than procrastinating, always saying tomorrow i will do this or that, which if we're honest we know we will never do, how many things have you started, but not finished? you have the best intention, and you truly do want to do it, but you're too busy right? what with the kids, that bigger workload you now have, the weather, the economy, etc, etc, what a load of crap!

you're reading this, so you have the right genes, you just need to take action, as darren says 'be brave', and stop fearing the worst that can happen, what actually is the worst that can happen, if for example you're overweight and decide to get fit, your friends will laugh at you right?

will they?

let's check out that word friends, hmmm real friends will not laugh at you, real friends will encourage you, will help you, and will be proud of you, so if you have any 'friends' that will laugh at you, get rid of them, we don't need them in your life! they are drains and will suck the life out of you, and while you're on a par with them they are safe, but the moment you start making improvements in your life you leave them behind, and they look at themselves in the mirror and see the weak character that they are, and so they will try to drag you down in a crab mentality http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crab_mentality which basically means 'if i can't do it nor can you.'

so what can you do?

do the thing you have been saying you will do.

for about a year or so i have been saying to myself 'i'm going to write a book' now have i written a page? no

have i written a word? no

why not? because i'm scared. scared of failing, scared of little old jeff's book being rubbish, and always being 'that guy who wrote a rubbish book' by my 'friends' wow, what a hypocrite i hear you bellow, he's telling us to be brave, and he sits behind his keyboard procrastinating worse than we ever do.

wow, this is a deep cathartic blog today, i never saw this coming, but hey maybe i needed it, maybe this is my vehicle to say 'i will write the first page of my book' and i am in need of your help, are you with me?

what do you need to do to help me?

nothing, i need nothing, but this week i will write the first page of my book, and if there are any crabs in my life 'sayonara crustaceans, i'm off to write my book!


well, i guess that had to come at some time, sorry if i made your eyes bleed, but if you're still with me, maybe take the same step as me, and rip up the rule book and get out there and do the stuff you are scared of, then tell us about so we can give encouragement to others.

so, in other news, on wednesday i went for a meeting with a council run facility in cardiff to discuss a plan me and my mate wardy have for organising a disabled children's triathlon next year.

the idea is 100% wardy's, and having two fantastic children who have epilepsy himself, he knows the challenges that children with disabilities have, and so together we are going to organise a triathlon with no timing chips, no clocks, and the only goal is to put smiles on children's faces.

on the swim part of the tri we will put the children in kayaks, and walk them along the pool, and on the cycle and run they will be assisted by their parents or friends.

the head of the facility i went to discuss the project with was a person i felt i connected with immediately, and is heading off to chamonix next week for the 103 mile north face ultra marathon, what a dude, and his deputy has the same kind of outlook on things, so i am really excited to work on this project in 2015.

we are going to be looking to get the event supported by business's and organisations, so if you know of anybody that might like to get involved please drop me a line.

we are also going to try to get some paralympians along to the event, so if you have any links, however tenuous, to some great role models for these children, again please get your people to speak to my people!

i have also got a meeting planned for next week with one of the biggest supermarket chains in the country that begins with t and rhymes with al fresco, to discuss our work and ideas, so i hope the young lady i am meeting is ready for me, i can feel the passion and enthusiasm levels rising!

finally, we had a bit of fun filming our ice bucket challenge this week, which has had over a thousand views on you tube which is rather surprising, but in an ego massaging way quite flattering, so thanks for viewing it, and thanks to my mucka peter pedro for filming it, and doing his 'magic' on it.

in case you missed it here it is, i hope it makes you smile.

so until next week, please try to do a #monthlymoose and share it on social media, and let us know, be brave and apply the 20 second theory to things you don't want to do, wish me luck in writing my first page of my book, tell all of your friends about bigmoose, and encourage them to subscribe to the blog, be nice, and have an amazing weekend.

i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,