hi there, i hope you've had a great week?

i am sitting in my home office at 06:30, writing this blog, which will get sent out to subscribers in a very short while, and i now feel a tinge of pressure.

why have i left it so late to write i imagine you to say, in my 'you the reader and me the writer' kinda way, forgive me, but i need to imagine i'm talking to you personally, it makes it work better for me.

well two things have happened to get me to this point this morning, the first one was that having typed a large portion of the blog, somehow it didn't save and i have lost it blogwise, not marbles, well not yet!

anybody who has lost a body of work, especially when you have a deadline, i'm sure will sympathise with me, and my mind wandered off to wonder if there is some place in some distant land where all such lost work resides, a kind of 'lost work land' never to be used, but there for future generations to discover in some future time archaeological dig, i digress!  

the second reason i am sitting here in a towel is that last night as i sat before my steve jobs inspired machine i felt nothing, no passion, and no enthusiasm for writing, and i have never felt this before, so i contemplated what to do, and eventually decided to walk away.

i knew as i turned off the office light that there was now a self imposed pressure to get up inspired, fresh and ready to dance across the qwerty with structured letter configurations that had a part of my heart in them, pressure, pfffft, i blow an imaginary raspberry in your general direction!

whilst my body regenerated, and my mind took me to far away lands, the inspiration and the passion seemed to wander back like some kind of feral animal that had gone away for another persons attention, only to return when it wanted to, on its terms.

i woke to an e-mail from a fellow brit on our everest trip telling me of her desire to be involved with bigmoose, and how she had some ideas for fundraising, and telling me of how she was reconnecting with a number of our fellow everest folk, taking her across the pond next year, and i smiled as i imagined how many great memories and friends she had made, and how travelling in general can change and grow peoples lives.

the other inspiration for me was a messenger conversation last night, post writers block, with carly portalupi, who is a team moose member already, and i met her on our trip to nepal, and she is part of tim medvetz's heroes project. 

carly describes herself as a philanthropic, baklava making, mountain climbing, californian who practises optimism and love, and i reckon that's a pretty fair description, and having never eaten baklava http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baklava before, i am hoping that when i fly out to la in a fortnight she might have possibly had a bit of a bake off, so that fact might change!

carly messaged me and told me that while i am in la i can borrow her jeep instead of renting a car, which is so kind, and so carly, so i am now envisaging this mental image of me cruising to santa monica pier in my cheeky cherokee, all marlboro man'esque, think i better buy me a hat!!


my trip to la la land takes me to to the heroes project cycle for their charity event http://heroes.convio.net/site/TR?fr_id=1071&pg=entry, which tim and carly are putting on for the fifth year, and which i have mentioned in previous blogs i am going to try to emulate in dear old blighty next year, though my daughter did say to me last night that i should mention that i am taking this trip to la to catchup with tim and his heroes project team, and self funding it 100%, so bigmoose will benefit from my holiday in a no cost way, and with complete transparency, good thinking tiffany.

away from stateside thoughts, i have had a busy week again with lots of people contacting me about helping bigmoose, and we have added two new members to team moose, the cord brothers nathan and ben, who describe themselves as 'crawley based brothers with a bigger sense of adventure than bank balance' and i will be featuring them in a future blog to tell about how they went from stacking supermarket shelves to the heights of mount kilimanjaro.

nathan and ben, or it might be ben and nathan (sorry guys!)

nathan and ben, or it might be ben and nathan (sorry guys!)

i have also met this week with the community and charity coordinator from one of the big supermarkets, and they are coming onboard with bigmoose, details to be confirmed, but it all sounds very positive, which was really encouraging, so watch this space, and if anybody has any contacts in this kind of area, please get in touch, the more people supporting us the better.

we have been marketing 'elevation' our black tie dinner that we are holding at the hilton in cardiff to do a last push to get us to the £60,000 mark this week, and tables are selling really well, so if you're free on saturday 4th october and want to join us as we hopefully celebrate reaching this absolutely amazing amount of money raised for teenage cancer trust you can book here http://www.bigmoose.co/elevation

this week has also seen me start to write my book, yay for me, i did my twenty second face my fear, and started to write, and oh my, what a journey this is going to be for me, the first few pages took me back to my family, and growing up in london, and i think even if i never get published it will be a very cathartic experience, and will probably provide me with some therapy in some way, hopefully a good way.

i have a working title of 'the highs and lows of a boy from finsbury park' and if anybody's interested in critiquing it let me know, feedback is always good, however harsh!

anyways, the bell will soon be tolling, so i am outta here, until next week, stay lucky, and keep living your dreams, and being kind to other people, you really can change the world.

blue skies,