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this week the bigmoose tee shirts have arrived, and chloe has been helping by folding and wrapping, so if you were an early subscriber expect yours very soon, and if you haven't sent through your address please do so asap.

when you get your tees please send pics of you doing your #monthlymoose's and in the most weird places possible, and any legal ones we'll post on a multitude of social media sites giving you instant infamy!

this week i received an e-mail which started 'g'day jeff', so i knew it was from one of our antipodean friends, but it was the content that surprised me, and has strengthened my resolve to keep growing bigmoose, because we are actually changing the world together, as intended, and even on other continents, here is the e-mail in full.

Congratulations on your success with Big Moose. It's a great initiative that will provide benefits and inspiration to the many people it touches.
I began following your journey on @everestatfifty. I'm sorry to hear that you were not able to achieve your goal this year.
I am writing to you for some advice. I am an occupational therapist working with people with developmental disabilities in Hobart, Australia. I have developed a program to assist young people with developmental disabilities increase their self determination, maximise their potential, and provide an opportunity to live lives of their choosing. It is based on using meaning activity to promote skills, health/well-being, and life satisfaction. The idea involves training a group of young people with the goal of climbing a non technical trekking peak in Nepal ( a similar program was run the UK in the early 1990's when a group of people with developmental disabilities attempted to climb Mt Blanc) . I have a number of people that are willing to assist with the training and help the group improve their skills and achieve their goal. A start up NGO has been established to help with the administration of the program. My roadblock appears to be a couple of people on the board of the NGO who don't think it is possible to raise the $60000 it would take to run the program. I think with the right attitude and fundraising plan it might be possible. Any thoughts? Given your success with @everestatfifty and Big Moose, would you be willing to share any ideas about how we might best go about raising the money for our project? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Kind regards

i have given darryl a number of tips and ideas that have worked for me, but if you would like to offer him advice or support, contact me and i will link you up, and i will report back on how he gets on.

now to this weeks headline, feed the homeless.

last christmas me and my girls were feeling somewhat tired of the commerciality of christmas, and really wanted to do something giving to those less well off than us.

we did some research in cardiff, and found a group who 365 days a year, rain, shine, snow, turn up at 8pm at the back of marks and spencer, oh the irony, and set up stations to feed and water cardiff's homeless.

the way it works is that they have 28 teams of people who turn up for one evening per 28 day cycle and help give tea, coffee, chocolate, sandwiches, hot soup, pasta, and home made cake which is supplied by local churches, and people on the paradise run as it is known.

we turned up at the first night in december, with a certain amount of caution, as some homeless people can appear quite intimidating, but really enjoyed what we were doing, and the appreciation from the group of almost fifty homeless people made the small effort from us really worthwhile, and as a parent i was really proud of my girls for getting involved.

since christmas, apart from when we have been abroad we have been to every months run, and every time we come home we all have a warm fuzzy feeling inside, and a stronger understanding of how fortunate we are in life.

i haven't told anybody about this part of our lives until now, as to be honest i felt a bit like people would be looking at me and going flipping dogooder, does he ever stop. but you know what, after lots of thinking about this, i've decided i don't care what people think of me, and if they do judge me, that says more about them than me, so i wanted to tell you about this project, as it may prompt you to do something similar, and if you do please let me know, jump online i bet there is a similar thing where you live, and if there isn't maybe you could start something yourself, how cool would that be!

here is a link to the rainbow of hope http://www.rainbowofhope.co.uk/ who organise the paradise run, and after returning home last night with my girls and our mucka sian gunney who now comes with us, we all discussed how polite, humble, and appreciative the people that come for their sustenance are, and in our own little way we are helping them, you can too, now go get that warm fuzzy feeling, it feels really good!

i look forward to seeing your bigmoose tee shirt pictures, and keep doing your #monthlymoose's and share them on facebook and twitter, you will encourage other like minded people to join us.

have a great weekend,

blue skies,