hello and welcome to this weeks blog, being written in newport, sunny wales, and as i write the whirring of military helicopter rotors keep me company, as president barack obama is single digit miles away from my humble abode, attending this years nato conference.

there are many statistics on the amount of police, (10,000)

caerleon road, newport

caerleon road, newport

warships, (7),

hms duncan

hms duncan

and cost, (£88 million) for this conference, which i cannot confirm as the overtime sheets haven't been filled in yet, but what i can say is it has been the talk of the town for some weeks, a pleasant change from how it's getting darker earlier, how somebody has actually put their heating on, and the length of time until christmas (110 days 05/09)  

hopefully the 61 leaders attending will have a safe conference, and i promise i won't mention how much cheaper and safer it would have been to hold the conference on richard branson's necker island, which would be so much easier to protect.

nato 2015, just an idea, i won't mention it again

nato 2015, just an idea, i won't mention it again

talking of richard branson, did i mention his daughter holly favourited my ice bucket challenge?

i did.


talking of richard branson, did you see his son sam sumitted the matterhorn recently, a fantastic feat, and a mountain that i would love to climb one day, so if anybody fancies coming with me next year please get in touch,  here is the vt of his climb of this amazingly beautiful mountain.

unfortunately sam got pretty bad ams, and here is the vt of what happened, don't watch if you're squeamish or just about to eat!

staying on the mountain theme, our mountain art exhibition 'elevation' with a black tie fundraiser for teenage cancer trust takes place on october 4th at the cardiff hilton, and if you would like details check it out here http://www.bigmoose.co/elevation tickets are going really well, and we have just confirmed a great silent auction prize available that consists of a 7 day stay for 10 people in a beach front mansion in bali, which i am totally going to bid on as it has a ridiculously low reserve price!

i am actually getting pretty excited about 'elevation' now as things are starting to come together and the numbers booked are rising daily, and we have some cool surprises in store.

sales pitch over.

i'd like to end this weeks blog referencing an e-mail i received this morning which was sent by a long time friend of mine, who for this blog shall remain anonymous, but she explained how she had had a day of #monthlymoose's where she had consoled a number of friends who had told her of things going on in their lives that she listened to and gave them advice and support on, but the part of the e-mail i was so happy to read was that she was telling one of her friends about bigmoose, and it turns out that her friend also takes part in the same 'paradise run' that i mentioned recently in my blog, feeding the homeless of cardiff once a month, and as a result my friend has agreed to go with her friend the next time she goes.

this totally proves to me that by telling people about what good stuff is out there gets people talking, and this causes a reaction, and somebody who never would have thought of volunteering to help feed the homeless now will, and that, i hope you'll agree is absolutely amazing, and if we all do this regularly, we will, as i dream of, change the world for the better, so jump on board the bigmoose train, we're going to a pretty cool place, and help us get there as soon as possible!

have an amazing week, and if you subscribe, thanks for opening this blog up, and if you don't subscribe, and want more of this kinda stuff just put your e-mail in the box below, and we'll send you the blog every friday morning, thanks so much for making this project work, much love.

blue skies,