hi there,

i hope you are well and three weeks into 2015, you're sticking to your new years rezzies, and you haven't drunk, smoked, or eaten copious amounts of chocolate, or whatever you have committed to, be it restraint or increasing the good stuff, i.e. getting more active, etc?

january is always when people resolve to make improvements, well if you have, keep going, be strong, and do not give in this time, and if you are being more active don't forget to jump on strava on the bigmoose moovement club, where you can see what we're up to, and it might just be the motivation you need, check it out here.


last friday as i stated in last weeks blog me and three buddies headed off for the lake district, which was my first trip actually stopping for more than the mountain festival, and oh my goodness what a playground!

the snow capped mountains in the area, were stunning, and provided a great place for us to escape to, and i have a feeling i will be returning.

now i intended telling the story of the trip, but will do that it in future weeks, but this week i will share a couple of pics, but suffice to say, it was awesome, and i will be proud when kinger breaks the record for running up kilimanjaro, we will have helped in a very small way :)

chrissy, kris and yt, photo courtesy of doogie

chrissy, kris and yt, photo courtesy of doogie

but more important than our jolly escapades in my previous week was going to see friend of bigmoose, 17 year old emily clark, who has come through her battle with cancer, but is still having a bone marrow transplant, so me and chloe went up to velindre cancer hospital in cardiff to see her.

now when i found out emily was free of cancer the first time i was on the top of a mountain in the himalayas, and i was ecstatic, and when i heard it had returned i had polar opposite emotions, and then again when we found out she was cancer free for a second time, i was so so relieved,

so it was, with a degree of ignorance that i realised that emily was still going to need to have a bone marrow transplant, and i didn't really understand it.

as we sat in the chairs next to her hospital bed, with emily resplendent in her white wooly hat, and looking extremely well considering she has been going through chemotherapy, i wondered at her strength, and what a shining example of strength she is.

she made us laugh as she told us that she hadn't eaten the hospital curry they had served her as in her words it was a smelly curry, the 'we're in a cancer hospital' ice was broken, and we chatted about the procedure and the preparation for her operation, and how emily isn't allowed to eat jacket potatoes, as they are 'from the ground' which prompted much discussion about root vegetables, and hilarity ensued, you know how it goes.

the conversation then turned to why emily still needed to have a bone marrow transplant, and i kept quiet, as i hoped to learn why it was still required.

now emily has a good description on her website, but i will try to simplify it for you.

if you can imagine cancer is the enemy and the first time it tried to get into emily's body her immune system let it in, but luckily it was discovered, and then had to be eradicated by chemo and radiation, which sent it packing.

then, cancer came a knocking again, and emily's immune system again let the cancer in, showing that her immune system doesn't recognise cancer as the enemy, so to ensure the cancer is kept out of her body, emily will be having a bone marrow transplant, from a donor in spain btw, which will replace her immune system completely, so hopefully this bad boy will keep all intruders out, and our emily will live a long life cancer free.

hopefully that explains it, but if not, have a look at emily's version, which is far more eloquent.


as emily finished telling us the laymans version, her dad arrived, who also looked amazingly bright eyed, considering what his first born is going through, and i am truly inspired by the amazing clark family, and if you ever feel rubbish about your life just have a read of em's story, it's a leveller.

we bid them farewell as we let them have family time, but it was lovely to see our brave friend continue to shine, and we wish her luck with her transplant, and will post an update here.

so, that was bit emosh, and then as i sat down to check social media, i saw a lovely story about a great act that some ice hockey folk were doing.

so, the beginning of the story was when i played ice hockey in cardiff some twenty five years ago, and i met one of the loveliest guys you could ever meet, anthony beer, and anthony was a hockey writer, and always wrote nice stuff about me, and went on to write a book about the cardiff devils who i played for, titled 'it's funny when you win everything'.

now, i moved teams, and the world continued to turn, and as happens i lost touch with anthony for a number of years, until through facebook our paths crossed again, and i discovered that anthony had a son, ben, who was now playing the same position as i did in the sport that his dad had followed and written about for so many years.

i also discovered that ben wasn't at all well, and had severe acute pancreatitis, and it was with great sorrow that i read that, my friends son had passed away in september last year, and i really could not imagine what it must be like to lose one so young.

so, as i sat reading facebook last night i read that the team that ben beer played for, the cardiff ice hounds will all be wearing his initials on their helmets, so ben, rest in peace, not forgotten, and cardiff ice hounds you guys rock!

now i've had a few people ask me about our latest project that i'm not saying much about, well there is lots going on behind the scenes, but i don't want to announce until it is fully baked, so please bear with us, but for now we are calling it project 15, and we should be taking it out of the oven pretty soon.

wow, i thought this blog was gonna be short, but i guess not, sorry, i'll end this weeks with a video i liked, and thought it was kinda cool, and very bigmoose, have a look and see what you think.

i hope you liked the video, and if you did feel free to share it.

so in conclusion this week, love one another, we ain't here that long, and make every minute count :)

until next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,