morning :)

now before i get into the serious stuff, last week i told you about chloe and the blue dress, and this week i discovered a picture of said child rocking the double denim around this stage in her life, with a certain amount of sass that i wanted to share, just so you get the picture, literally!

so this picture got me thinking about how proud i am of my kids, and as chloe celebrated getting a cake with 21 candles on it yesterday, i felt it was a time for personal reflection on my legacy that i will leave behind when i shuffle off this mortal coil, (hamlet 1602) and the warm pride i felt when i saw her and her sister talking of how they were best friends, and how much love they showed each other while chloe's birthday unfolded was pretty cool.

this to me was the compound effect of giving attention and love to these two regularly, and hopefully guiding them to be the best adults they can be, and then they will continue to do great stuff and be the best legacy a parent could want.

chloe and tiffany, proud dad pic 1

chloe and tiffany, proud dad pic 1

so, this in turn prompted me to ask you to have a think, and to be honest and look at what you will proud of.

hopefully you have lots of stuff that will form your own legacy.

but sometimes when we do analysis on ourselves it is pretty scary, as we don't live up to what we would ideally like to be, i know myself there are so many things that i would love to be better at, and i have so many weaknesses it scares me, but the reason for looking at this is to see how we can improve, and what it takes to move forwards towards that utopian goal, and it may only be a small change, but that slight incremental adjustment might actually make a big difference over the rest of our life.

that slight improvement in our health, could increase our length of life, the increase in attention to our spouse or children could improve our relationships, the extra effort given to helping others in any way whatsoever might inspire others to do the same, all very small actions, but as darren hardy talks about in his book 'the compound effect' to make significant improvements in your life it isn't about making changes in all sections of your life, it is about making a few small changes that have this compound effect, which over time will be huge.

frickin eck, that was a heavy start to a friday morning blog.

well it wasn't meant to be, it was only meant to focus you on what your legacy will be.

the other legacy i am slowly building is the bigmoose one, and i received a very cool text yesterday from a guy i won't embarrass by naming, as he is one of the most understated guys i have come to know, and wouldn't want the attention, but he informed me last night that he is doing a quiz night here in cardiff, and also in london, and he is on target to raise in excess of £30k for charity, which he kindly said i could add to my bigmoose goal, as in his words he wouldn't have thought of doing this had we not met.

now this is not ego, this is just the compound effect of bigmoose, and by planting seeds we can all do some pretty amazing stuff, so my challenge to you today is to spend a really short amount of time thinking about how you can make a difference, and how you can make a small change, that compounded over time could be really quite big, pick up that guitar you never quite mastered, enrol in that course you always said you would, commit to volunteer for that charity you love the ethos of, do your monthly moose, whatever it may be, but do something that becomes your legacy, and then do more, always do more, that way you will have done your best with the time you have been given.

and if you are looking for a vehicle, i have one for you.

the bigmoose supertri for superkids :)

excuse me if you have already taken part in our inaugural one back in march, or have already booked to take part in our next one, but for those who don't know, our supertri idea came out of a conversation with my pal and ironman sean ward, who suggested we should do a triathlon for children with disabilities.

this conversation grew into my favourite event bigmoose we have done so far, and as i watched this selection of children and volunteers come together in the most beautiful way, i found myself drifting off as i watched in awe as the joy on everybody's faces glowed.

the feedback from this event was fantastic, and has prompted us to arrange our second one, which will be christmas themed, and will be slightly bigger, with a choir, seats for 700+ people, and a host of other amazingly cool things going on!

the date is the 20th december, and if you want to come along to celebrate the real meaning of christmas send us an e-mail to register at

here is a vt of last years, which i have posted before, but just in case you needed a reminder :)

the one thing that has struck me about this event is just how excited people are getting about it, and i posted on social media a lovely picture of eli, which was sent to us by his dad greg, which personifies what this event is all about, so again, forgive me for repeating showing you stuff, but how lovely is this picture?  

so in conclusion, you read this blog for a reason, you are a goodun, and as a goodun you have a responsibility to do good, so roll those sleeves up, engage, and get working on what you are good at, coz together we are gonna shake this place up a bit!

have a great day and week, 

blue skies,