so, last night this happened........

i have no idea why this happened, except that i posted this picture, and asked people for a cheeky share, check out the reach.

so to explain a little bit more, last night was our feed the homeless night in cardiff, and our friends john and ceri cook who own the great restaurant arbennig, which in welsh means 'special', were prepping some hot food for us to distribute to the homeless people on this cold night.

i met the cooks, who were always destined to work in this industry ;) some months ago when we put a shout out with the help of ed stubbs and gareth jones to encourage restaurant owners to get involved in our efforts to feed the homeless by supplying a meal for them once a month, which they have been doing since we first met, in a calm, quiet way, totally what we were after.

when we requested restaurants to help via a twitter and facebook campaign, my biggest worry was that we would get people offering to help, possibly for the wrong reasons, mainly the exposure and coverage, john and ceri were never that way inclined, and i knew from the moment i met them they were lovely people.

fast forward to last night, and i entered their kitchen on my way to collect the cottage pie and peas that they had prepared and put into containers for me to take away.

john gave me fifty napkins and spoons, as he, jarrad who works for him, and myself loaded up my jam jar.

i decided to take a few quick pictures to post later as a thank you to the guys, and to raise awareness of the good stuff that people do regularly with and via bigmoose.

as i got home, i was presented with some beautifully cooked salmon and special fried rice ready and waiting for me in my own kitchen, but by a cook of a different name. (thanks tan)

'come on, are you ready?' i heard being asked.

'i'm just gonna post this pic of john prepping the grub', i wanted to stir facebook folk into liking what they saw, and giving the guys at arbennig a bigup was the least we could do.

and oh my goodness did they like it!

i trotted off with tania, chloe, and chloe's pal sara into the cold night with food from john and ceri as well as the multiple trays from greggs who are still supplying us seven days a week with grub they would otherwise throw in the bin.

the evening went well, and there appeared to be a lot more homeless people this night, but they all got fed and watered, and one chap saying 'i can't eat anymore' which i reckon is a good thing :)

as we packed our tables and empty trays away, i noticed my phone had been a little busy with notifications, especially from facebook, and closer inspection showed the picture above had got 544 likes, now i aint no beiber, something must have gone wrong, or one of my mates with lots of followers must have done something???

nope, just good old fashioned cottage pie and peas lighting people up, and showing how kind other humans can be.

as i drove off to my mate rhys from crafty devil brewing's opening of his new off license, i didn't really understand what was happening, but the number was rising as i watched on screen, 24000 people reached with the post, that was brilliant i thought, and was definitely the most popular post we'd ever done.

rhys and adam are craft brewers, and have just produced our second bigmoose brew for us, which we can now sell, so get in touch if you want some for crimbo presents, or just to ave a slurp of, but as well as our project they have, as mentioned, just opened a super cool bottle shop in canton, so check them out, and definitely try their beer, it's great, and massive good luck to them as they continue to take the craft beer world by storm :)

so, i grabbed a quick brew with rhys, congratulated him on his latest venture, and stepped back into the cold night air.

as i landed at chez smith there were squeals of delight from the aforementioned throng who were all sat around the island in our kitchen watching as the facebook numbers increased, 'this is mental, what is going on?' i exclaimed, 'i don't know, but it's gone crazy' said chloe visibly excited as she refreshed the page before her eyes, 'seventy two thousand people reached!!' she exclaimed.

now i'm not gonna lie, watching this post go wild was great fun, but the real impact are the comments, and offers of help and support that we have had, and four hundred plus new followers, that you just never know might make a difference in some way.

they are all like seeds, ready to grow, and spread the bigmoose word, and that is a great thing.

and this reminds of a story that i learnt of last night from sara, which really proves that i really need to keep getting the word out there.

i blogged recently about how i get very nervous doing public speaking, and that i had the opportunity to speak at cardiff business awards, which was a black tie affair, and full of industry leaders in my home town, daunting to say the least.

well out of speaking at this event (thanks liz) i have made some very good contacts, and have commitment to a number of projects, which is all brilliant, but last night i learnt from sara that her cousin had been at the event, and listened to my jibber jabber, but i must have touched him, as on his way home he saw four young homeless lads in the centre of town as he walked to his car, and his conscience, which had seemingly been pricked, caused him to stop, engage with the lads, and after chatting with them, he told them to come with him to mcdonalds for anything they wanted.

shocked and silent, they followed him, as pied piper like, they entered ronald's golden arches.

he offered them anything they wanted from the menu, and in shock they ordered small, to which he encouraged them to have literally anything.

the food arrived, and laden with bags the lads left the shop back to the place where their sleeping bags were set up for the night.

as they sat down to eat their feast and thanked our hero, the lads remembered their manners, and asked if he would like to join them to eat his food, and as the moon shone down on them all in the doorway, he sat down in his tux and dickie bow and ate alongside four other human beings, this is the reaction that can happen if we all take action.

so in conclusion, we can all do small things that help others, and you really don't know how it will work out, or when it will happen, but i am so glad to hear stories like this, it makes it so worthwhile, so thank you to everyone for supporting our efforts, and keep on working towards making this place better than when we found it.

just to let you know, whilst writing this blog the facebook has gone up to this, how mad is that??

well until next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,