well good morning bigmoose blog readers

as i typed that i rubbed my eyes underneath my glasses.

glasses that two years ago i didn't need to wear.

glasses that yesterday i went back to the optician to be tested for, and to be told that my eyes had deteriorated, and i needed stronger ones to read with, and duly ordered new lenses for.

my initial reaction to this news was bleh i'm getting older and things are all falling apart, but then on reflection i realised that this is just part of the game, we're born, we live, we die, how we choose to cope with the cards we are dealt determines the life we live.

i personally know homeless people who are happier than millionaires in my peer group.

i know teenagers who have cancer who are so full of positivity it should shame people with easier lives, and i'm sure we all know people who often have a moan and a groan about stuff that really isn't that important in the big picture.

what is the big picture?

well i guess it's the bit in the middle between being born and dying, it's the living bit, the bit where our attitude determines our altitude, or where we position ourselves in this beautiful canvas known as life, and i believe we are all given a choice to a certain degree on how we live it, and as my old pal richard parks said to me, we all have signposts that come along in our lives, but it is whether we choose to follow any of them that determines where we end up.

so is this just an old geezer getting melancholy, not at all, quite the opposite actually, by having my cods tested, and the realisation that my vision is getting worse is just how it goes, did i actually think the lovely optometrist was going to say 'good morning mr smith, the good news is that you are bucking what is actually quite a popular trend among humans, and apparently your eyes are getting better, and at this rate by 2018 your vision will be perfect?

no, but, errrrr, no buts smith, this is the game, the big picture, remember it's how you cope that determines who you are.

so with this in mind, i left the girls in beresfords, and strode carward bound, if there is such a word. (apparently there isn't, but i kinda like it, so it stays, this is a warts an' all blog after all :))

so, i need stronger bins, get over it, what's my point?

well this week i attempted to write this blog on wednesday.

epic fail.

no desire, no creative spark, no subject matter, no early blog.

so yesterday, apart from spectaclegate, i still had no idea what i was going to write about, and then the floodgates opened.

a couple of weeks ago i received an e-mail from a young lady who had stumbled across a bigmoose facebook post, and then a blog where i talked about running, and she told me that she would love to help out in any way that she could with the homeless, or any other project that we may need assistance with, and she continued.

"My husband left me two years ago and I'm going through a pretty tough time trying to adjust.

I would like to help out people who really need help and put my energies and focus into a project where I can perhaps make a difference.

I note also that you run, and was wondering if there's a club you'd recommend?

I need a kick up the backside to stop feeling sorry for myself and turn my life around into a more positive existence, one where I can give back.

Hope this makes sense"

well fast forward a couple of e-mails, and she is now collecting warm clothes for the homeless, and coming to our feed the homeless evening on 26th nov, and going to the nike running club to see how she gets on.

now if you aren't a subscriber reading this blog, you may be skeptical, and question whether we can all get involved helping every tom dick or harry, but if you are actually reading this as a subscriber it kinda means you're one of the gooduns, and probably dig this kinda stuff, and i just wanted to share it as a means of showing how a little action can actually manifest itself in a way that can possibly be huge, and as humans we can do this sort of thing often, and help others make massive changes in their lives.

now i don't want to profess to being some sort of evangelist, but just after that e-mailed landed, and as i drove to greggs to collect their food waste, to then give to the sally army my phone pinged with a message.

now the backstory to this is that a few months ago i met this geezer who is a powerful person in his day job, with a massive workforce under him, and whilst being at the top of the tree where he is now, he is destined for greatness within this or any other organisation he decides to ply his trade with in the future i'm sure.

the reason for telling you this is, that every day hundreds of humans look up to this fella as a strong leader, and my goodness he leads.

however, after he and i met, through very fortuitous circumstances i might add, we bonded, and he told me how he had lost his mum in the year previous, and had started doing some running to raise money for a charity close to his heart.

his loss had affected him hard, and this great leader of men (and women) was as emotional an animal as me and you.

since our first coffee together we have done some work together with bigmoose, and have grown closer as friends, and his running and fundraising have gone from strength to strength.

however, i could see that he wanted more, and the time time was right to introduce my running coach rory to his world.

rory is a straight talking, determined, performance coach, and having introduced a number of my friends to him, they have all loved him, so i feel very comfortable making introductions, and i almost feel like he is a legal drug, as when people meet him he literally can change their lives for the good, which is quite amazing to watch.

so 'leader of men' met rory, and rory told leader of men the truth, he needed to lose weight, and up his exercise levels if he wanted to continue on rory's programme, rory maps it out in a quite black and white way, and doesn't massage ego's, and is definitely not for the fainthearted!

but this was a success waiting to happen, and leader of men was in.

i met up for coffee with him recently, and he looked svelte and had a new air of confidence, which was very noticeable, and as we chatted it became apparent that a new drive had entered his life, and he was totally in on rory's programme, which i knew was going to be good for leader of men, and the world in general really, if i'm honest.

and so the text i opened was from leader of men.

"To three of my most inspirational people.... Today I've bought two pairs of trousers a size smaller one of which I'm wearing now with a shirt my mum bought for me before she died. The thing about the shirt is that it is slim fit and I have never been able to wear it before as it was too tight, but could never take it back for sentimental reasons. Small things, massive impact. Thank you."

i aint gonna lie, i got choked a little, but i am a very emotional animal, of which i will never apologise for, and i felt an overwhelming happiness that an action had had such a reaction, and from me first meeting leader of men, seeing the signpost and following it had led to this place, and it was a place i was very happy to be in.

i read the text as i was parked outside greggs in ely, cardiff, not the most salubrious area to say the least, and it reminds me very much of where i grew up in finsbury park in norf london. (finsbury park backwards is krapy rubsnif which always makes me smile, just saying)

reading the text made me smile, and as i put my phone down the girls in greggs caught my attention.

'origh lerrve' the one greeted me with, which for those of you not familiar with the local vernacular means 'alright love' but sounds very warm in it's pronunciation, and as jacqui smiled at me my world felt good.

i decided in a split second that the girls in greggs needed to be featured on my facebook page, and i told them i needed a picture of them, not wanted, needed.

*just been to get second coffee and noticed it is pouring and blowing a hooley, but i have a rest day from running, so don't need to run in it, yesss *fistpumps and slurps in unison!

as i was saying, so after i loaded my jamjar up with a decidedly large stash of grub this night, i wheeled the trolley of empty crates back into the store, and summoned the girls for the photoshoot.

jade and jacqui are always so jovial, and always seem genuinely touched by the food collections, and i wanted to share this with our social media crew, and apparently you guys :)

so as they posed beneath the christmas themed corporate sign, jade cried out 'i'm wearing white socks, don't get them in the picture' which i actually did, but true to my word i cropped the picture, so as not to reveal them, so nobody will ever know ;)

so, that actually is probably the big picture, quite literally.

from having no content for my blog, within minutes i found i had lots, which is a drag, as i also was listening to my mentor darren hardy in the car, (everybody needs a mentor by the way) and he was interviewing two guys that sounded brilliant, tim ferriss, and dan mclaughlin both very different in their worlds, but rather than jibber jabber on about them, i will let you research them yourselves when you have time, so here are links to them for you to check out if so inclined.



both extremely interesting guys, and fascinating in their interviews, let me know what you think?

so, in conclusion today, i guess where i am personally is don't sweat the stuff that's gonna happen anyway, just control the controllable, if my eyes are deteriorating, just get stronger glasses, no biggie, the biggie is doing stuff that makes changes for the good, introducing leader of men to rory, getting single lady to do stuff for others and go to running club, telling you about what the greggs girls do, and here goes, i don't think i have ever publicly said this, but in for a penny in for a pound, inspire people!

wow, that must be the second coffee rocking in!!!

how cathartic is this, yep, i jeff smith want to inspire people in my own small way, there i said it.

i aint gonna be perfect, i have loads of rough edges, and man i am gonna screw up large every now and then, but hey if i can leave a mark while i'm here, that'd be cool, right?

geez louise, this one's taking a bit of a shift, kinda never planned this, lol.

i think this whole bigmoose vibe is about inspiring people, and by people seeing what we are doing they are inspired to do more themselves, so roll with me on this one, if you feel what i am saying, do something today, or tomorrow if today is busy ;) but do something you wouldn't have done had you not read this blog, as then it is worth it, and you are making a difference to this old world we live in.

the end.

have a great week, go inspire others and if i haven't scared you off, see you here next week,

blue skies,