good morning people that change the world,

don't even doubt it, seriously, i reckon that if you are reading this blog you have done some pretty cool stuff over the last twelve months, would you agree?

if you said 'yes i have' with a cheeky smile on your face to your electronic device, be careful that probably looked weird, but if however you had pangs of guilt, fear not, bigmoose can help :)

we all wanna do good shizzle right?

it makes us feel good as humans right?

quintessentially we are all good people, and if you are reading this you are probably some of the best of the crop, but maybe, just maybe, you aren't living to your full potential, maybe just maybe you can ramp it up a couple of notches, and if we change into a higher gear, the difference could be awesome.

basically, what i'm thinking is gear changing into a different dimension, and making a really big difference with the sum of all the different parts being absolutely massive.

so here's my idea for 2016, well one of them at least, i have a few ;)

i was listening to radio one, and they have launched a great scheme trying to encourage their listeners to raise one million hours of volunteering, so basically you pledge hours that you will volunteer, and they want to raise a million, which quite honestly i think they will raise really easily, with such a young fan base of people, who are in my opinion are generally very caring.

this got me thinking, i love the idea, and they are marketing it heavily, which sounds great, so i tweeted them, suggesting bigmoose could possibly raise a thousand hours, and could we talk.

however i have had no response, and i'm not very good at sitting back waiting, so i have decided to plagiarise their idea, and try to encourage people to donate to bigmoose, as otherwise we miss a great opportunity to start the year off with a bang


my idea is a carbon copy of theirs, i want bigmoose to encourage people via this blog, via social media, and by encouraging people that like what we do to spread the word, it's a numbers game i reckon.

so if you look at 2016, and you pledge an hour a month more than you do currently to volunteer, the world will benefit by 12 hours, which may not sound a lot, but twelve hours helping a local project, charity, neighbour, etc, believe me it will make a difference, but it is all about consistency.

commit and do something regularly and it becomes a habit, tell people about your habit and along the way some of them will follow you, and will create their own habit.

which i guess is exactly what i'm doing really.

we started bigmoose doing some good stuff, told people about it, and low and behold we have thousands of people having a nose at what we do now, and being influenced in some small way, but the sum of all these actions is totally brilliant.

so wodja reckon, wanna have a go?

when you've read this blog, find two minutes, contemplate your purpose on this planet, have a 120 second think, and work out if you can spare and hour or more a month do do something good for somebody else, and if you think the benefits are worth your effort please message me, as it will be great for me to see who wants to join us, i'm on 07977585548 and a text saying saying 'i'm in' and a rough guess on how many hours you want to donate would be really cool, but even if only one person does it, that'd be great eh, gotta start somewhere?

just as an aside, i am going to be trying to encourage people i know in business to embrace this idea, and i have only mentioned it to one person so far, that is my mate simon phillips, the grand fromage at marks & spencer in cardiff, and guess what?

he has donated 1000 hours from his staff, and we will be working together to facilitate them carrying out these hours, but what a great start, and if you worked out an hourly rate for this amount of hours, even at minimum wage, that is a chunk o' change.

so we are off to the races!

so if you know or have influence on or in a business that might benefit from the corporate social responsibility part of this, please get in touch as well, we would love to work with you.

now i must quickly share a couple of stories i received this week, as they are from people who have subscribed to the bigmoose idea of helping others already, but check out the results.

first, i received this from a big supporter of bigmoose from day 1, i won't mention his name (dan hogg) 

Working in tesco in Bristol with a voluntary scheme set up by work collecting food for east Bristol food bank. Did some collecting at store then visited the centre to do some bagging up and seeing the people it benefits. Mixed bag all day but generally people receptive..then out of nowhere a bloke comes with a FULL trolley of tins. Then he goes as does the same thin again, full trolley of tins and long life milk/juices. He then goes back AGAIN and comes back with xmas treats; biscuits, puddings, cakes. He then finished up by rewarding his son who'd helped him, getting him a doughnut he promised him.. Comes back with a tray of Krispy Kreams and gave them to all the volunteers. Turned round as he left and said "how can you enjoy Christmas if you know that  you haven't helped others to enjoy it a bit too?" 

Of course. Couldn't catch the anonymous hero to get his name, but he was bigmoose material all over - you would've loved him 

I can't get over this guy - you would've loved him. We were all so happy because I don't think he'd set out to do anything special today but then saw what we were doing and got on it

Three trolleys later and he was asking to sign up to do a day at one of the food bank centres.

thanks danno, what a brilliant example of how actions can have wonderful reactions, how amazing!

and one more to warm the cockles of yer 'art, this young lady wishes to remain anonymous, but here is her tale.

you said you want to inspire people to help others, so i thought i would share this with you. 

I saw an article on Huggard on your site and started collecting some things for them to help at Christmas, I did quite well and then today I received a message to call in on someone and they gave me a cash donation for Huggard and it was a tidy sum☺ so coupled with the parcels, all is good ☺

Keep inspiring and best of luck with Supertri2.....we are unable to attend as my mother in law is arriving.

Have a good Xmas and all the best for 2016

Regards 🎅🎅

(the tidy sum was £200 btw)

so just a couple of cool stories that have come about this week, so 'ave a think, gis a text, and start making a difference :)

i will report progress next week.

in other news, from this sunday i am taking over

which is a twitter handle run by a cardiff crew that allow cardiffians to showcase what they are up to by tweeting about it and reaching a new audience, so in the run up to the supertri2 i will be tweeting the back story behind our gig on the 20th, so if you use twitter give us a follow for a week, and check out what we're up to.

the supertri2 is consuming our world at the moment, and things are starting to slot into place quite nicely, we have met santa, and omg he was fantastic, a total pro, and i am literally buzzing for him to appear at the gig!

we also now have two gold medal paralympians coming along to the event, liz johnson the swimmer, and mark colbourne the cyclist, so i think the superkids will be in for a treat, and if you haven't already got it in your diary, make a note of it and come along, even for a little while, i think it's going to be a pretty special day, 20th dec, 9-1, cardiff met, just rock up, it's all free, and i think we have about four grand pledged for noah's ark children's hospital, so i am trying to stay calm, which i am finding extremely difficult :)

as well as meeting santa we have had quite a lot going on this week, with the cabinet office giving us another call, and something interesting we will be announcing in january from dave, as well as my ice hockey mate frankie killen and i looking at a very exciting project backed by the uk ice hockey fraternity, again to be announced in january, so it's looking like a really busy start to 2016 with lots of life changing stuff going on, so stay onboard, big us up to you friends, spread the bigmoose word, and get those texts in telling us you are going to volunteer in 2016 :)

enjoy your weekend, and let the warm glow of christmas wash over you, i love this bit, and hopefully we will see you next week.

until then, i'll be seeing ya, 

blue skies,