good morning team bigmoose,

how goes this lovely week?

this tends to be one of my favourite times of the year, the bit before crimbo, and i have taken the initiative this year to introduce a bit of fun into my training runs, and as i ran past people on the street that make eye contact with me i wish them merry christmas, leaving a trail of destruction in my wake, and if the timing is right, and they clock me from afar i am offering my yuletide greeting, as well as a festive high five, which i have to say makes me smile at just what their thought process is after they have unashamedly high fived some nutter running along with a grin on his boat, and how they introduce this at breakfast or dinner parties across cardiff. my dream is that somebody in leafy pontcanna drops into conversation that some crazy old guy ran past them and said merry christmas whilst high fiving them, and then somebody else at the table chirps up with 'no way, me too!' in an almost urban legend stylee, it will happen!

before you ask, yes i am on my second coffee :)

so as well as high fiving complete strangers this week i have been running quite a lot, and have been going out on mentally long runs at ridiculous times of day and night in an attempt to break myself, starving myself of food, interrupting my sleep patterns, and generally anything to make it hard for myself.


well, my mds race next year is going to be so so tough, and i have wanted to take myself to very difficult places to test my thresholds, and this week i have done just that, and have run extremely long distances, which have got me into a few scrapes psychologically, but fortunately i have kept it together, and haven't cracked yet, apart from talking to strangers that is, which hopefully bodes well for 2016's race, which i have found out is the longest mds ever, and i also discovered that i will be the first person with two artificial hips to attempt to run this great race, so plenty of reasons to train hard i reckon.

as well as running i have been working with my family and friends putting the finishing touches on the supertri2 which we are holding on sunday, and hopefully a lot of you cardiff based readers will be joining us, and if you are and we haven't met before come and say hi, i am hoping it is going to be a ripper, with some surprises in store for everybody, and a big shoutout and thanks to my littlun chloe who has been organising this whole event, so you know it's gonna be cool :)

so as well as the supertri, i thought i would have a bit of a reflect on 2015 in this blog, as i am gonna take a few weeks off from blogging and social media, to make sure i am present with my gang, and to give myself a break, so we'll be back mid jan, hopefully with a huge announcement of a project we are going to be working on with matthew pritchard, which will change the bigmoose world, so check it when we start up again.

so looking back on this year in bigmoose world we have done quite a few things which i am going to list in no particular order.

* created the supertri for superkids (one the best things we've ever done)

* started collecting waste grub from greggs, which we give to poor and homeless people.

* did a worldwide fundraising walk for nepal.

* worked with m & s and principality to help them fundraise using bigmoose spin bikes

* had a picture of cottage pie and peas go viral. (thanks john and ceri at arbennig)

* created with the help of crafty devil brewing our bigmoose beer. (cheers guys)

* met a geezer who wants anonymity who raised £30k in the name of bigmoose.

* met georgina jones who encourages us and pushes us in a kind way.

* did a natter to a load of ice hockey players in july, which is going to have an amazing result at supertri2 this week, watch this space :) (cheers frank and scott)

* did a natter to 400+ cardiff business folk, which is having great results, thanks liz :)

* went on jason mohammad's radio show a few times to bigup projects, thanks jason and chris.

* met eli (and mum and dad greg and sam)

* met rory coleman

* ran the cardiff half with a load of nutters all wearing bigmoose shirts, trained by rory.

* saw a gang of sherpa wearing bigmoose shirts in nepal, thanks russ :)

* collected waste food from millennium stadium, which they don't want us to tell you about.

* came second in greatest cardiffian competition, even with great support from our friends.

* started chatting with dave's guys at the cabinet office in londinium about volunteers and stuff.

there were loads of other things that were really great, but time is against me, so, it's been a wonderful year, with some failures along the way, but hey it'd be boring if you always won.

so before i scoot for a few weeks, can i please say a massive thank you to everybody that has helped bigmoose in any way shape or form, together we truly are leaving the world better than we found it, so until next year,

blue skies and much love to you and your families this christmas,