hallå läsare,

as they say in sweden.

why sweden?

well when my dustbins (kids) were mere puppies i had this bit of an impulsive moment where i saw an advert for a trip to swedish lapland to see santa and the northern lights, which was super cheap, but you had to leave within 48 hours, hmmmm, that's going straight in my basket!

i had a quick butchers to make sure it was bonafide, cheeky bit of due diligence, and we were off.

oh yeah, then i had to sell it to the troops.

hmmmmmm, this wasn't a difficult sell to the tiny humans, but the gaffer was another matter.

i managed to counter tania's shortlived apprehension with 'we are going to meet santa' which was bold enough a statement to win any parents heart, oh yeah and head ;)

so we told the girls, they screamed, i screamed, they cried with excitement, i tried not to cry, we packed, and we flew to sweden to see santa.

now the trip was to a brand new hotel, we were literally the first guests ever, so everything was new, so when we went to collect our equipment for the skidoo riding session on the frozen lake, everything was in bags and boxes, as we were taking it on it's maiden journey.

we skidoo'd, we sledded, we went on dog sleighs, we went on quad bikes, we were offered, but declined reindeer meat cooked over an open fire, we saw the northern lights, and we had an absolute ball, ending up with a very well staged visit from the big man himself, which every child at the hotel, and most of the adults as well were in awe of, so realistic was the show, real reindeer, great sit on sleigh, and the best santa one could wish for.

yes, my bigmoose blog reading friends, i earned maximum brownie points for this jeff idea, although please understand this will also be countered with colossal cockups that i make from time to time, but for now let's focus on the win column, of which the smith family vacation to lapland is firmly placed.

the reason for such reminiscing is based around an event that happened last night.

we have done some bigmoose work with principality building society in wales, who are firstly one of my clients in my day job, but secondly one of our biggest supporters from a bigmoose perspective with two of the loveliest people you could ever wish to meet working for them on the events and charity side of things.

pat ashman has been a friend since i had hair longer than yours, and please don't challenge me, i had the biggest do ever back before pontius was a pilot.

auntie pat as she is fondly known, used to work for the cardiff devils when i played, and our paths have continually crossed as she works now for principality along with james harper, who is in charge of community and charity activities, and this dynamic duo do so much amazing work for so many causes, i am just very happy and proud to work with them, and call them friends.

so, as my phone pings with a text from james i smile inside, as i always know a message of any sort from him will be related to something cool.

'we are having a pop up restaurant with larkin, the chap who was in masterchef, and raising some ackers for principality's charity of the year 'mind cymru' and i have a ticket for you.'

i told you it's always cool.

i confirm, and we agree that i will buy a ticket for our lass, we've gotta raise some bangers for the charity don't we?

as we entered the cardiff and vale uni where the gig had hastily been arranged, i spied auntie pat, james, and a number of people that i have worked with, and james greeted us like long lost family, such is his warmth.

he introduced us to one of the ladies from mind cymru, who proceed to tell us more detail about the charity, and the amount of mental health issues that exist in the workplace and in the world around us, fascinating stats, and the work mind do is very impressive, you should check them out, and if you ever feel crap, as we all do from time to time, talk to them, they have some great free services.


we sat down at our table of five, and auntie pat introduced us to sarah from pr, and lloyd.

lloyd was a young man, very unassuming, very humble, and very fun to chat to.

as we chatted i asked him what he did, which luckily auntie pat answered, 'lloyd plays rugby for cardiff blues and wales.'

oops, rugby knowledge aint my strong point, and i felt somewhat twerpy, but he was very cool and we got on like two professional sportspeople, well one current, and one who has a feint memory of being one, but it's funny whenever i meet pros i always feel like we get each other, kinda weird.

principality have just signed an awesome deal to name the millennium stadium, and from now on i will always refer to it as principality stadium, and as such sarah the lovely pr lady, also on our table had some principality stadium player cards with lloyd's picture on, which after talking about bigmoose, he agreed to sign for us to give away, and he said he would like to come to the supertri, which will be great for the kids, and some parents i'm sure, and only adds to the spice of the whole event, so a spiffing evening was had by all.

the grub was pretty mindblowing, and i nabbed larkin as he was exiting the building, and will be having a natter with him to discuss future bigmoose ops, seize the moment i reckon :)

so, as her nibs and i got home we reflected on a lovely evening, and how some great stuff had happened, to which i heard tania almost squeal, which is not a regular occurrence, and she skuttled off to our office to pick up an e-mail she informed me had come through to her phone, 'who's it from' i enquired, curious?

'santa' she replied.

whilst at dinner at some friends last week we were discussing the supertri, as we probably do on a regular and boring level for those around us, and we were discussing the fact that we were trying to get santa to pay us a visit to distribute some gifts for us, but we were hitting a snowbank in our attempts to get the big guy along.

one of our mates is a chap called stifyn, who has an events company, and his face lit up when we told him of our plight, and he informed us that he knows santa, and would hook us up.

life is so who you know not what you know i reckon.

so we know a man that knows santa, how cool!!!

so supertan engaged with santa, via e-mail, who'd have known he was so 'modern', and things started out in a formal way.

as the mother of my children sat in front of her santa communication device she squealed again.

i read the e-mail, and this was a man who exuded kindness, did various trips to our land with his red attire and had a real white beard, obviously, and who i hope is going to add so much joy to the kids experience at the suprtri2.

fine details need to be confirmed, but i feel confident that by end of business today i will be able to emulate will ferrell in 'elf' and exclaim whenever seeing santa 'i know him' which will probably be one of the highlights of my life!

so as i type this morning, my fingers have an extra spring in them, and i am setting off to a special school in cardiff to recruit some more superkids, and knowing some of some of the stuff we have lined up for them is pretty exciting, so if haven't arranged to join us on 20th december, bang it in your diary, it's going to be a very fun day, sprinkled with a few emotions no doubt.

i gotta go now as friday beckons, have a great day, a great weekend, and i'll see you back here next week with more tales of good stuff.


blue skies,