top o' the morning to ya!

how was your week, full of good stuff i hope?

mine has been really good this week, and the blockages i experienced last week seemed to have cleared, which has been great.

my fave thing of the week has been nothing to do with bigmoose, but as a proud dad please allow me my indulgence, as my eldest daughter who has moved to london to follow her dreams of being an actress has just landed a tv role, which we can't divulge the name of, but is the biggest thing she has been given, and as such i am totally buzzing for her, and it is a very juicy role. my wife just asked me if i should be writing about this in a bigmoose blog, but hey it's me, and if you're reading this hopefully you get it. 

so, i started this week going to a cardiff business club dinner to see tanni grey-thompson speak, and she filled the cbc with the biggest crowd ever, and she was excellent value for money, articulate, passionate, stubborn, and amazingly strong, some characteristics i adore, and as a sportsperson her descriptions of competition resonated with me as i smiled at her competitiveness with her fellow athlete husband, and how she actually got him disqualified from a race where they were both competing, such was her determination to win, psychologically fascinating stuff, she was always going to be a champion!

at the same dinner i met some extremely stimulating company on my table, with the group chief executive of one my clients, the chief constable of south wales police, and it turns out a fellow climber, who had climbed denali, my favourite mountain in alaska, and i have arranged to meet all of them for coffee and a chat in future weeks, so a very rewarding evening indeed.

i also hooked up with my old mate richard parks, who i first met when i was sherpa for my daughter chloe when she was fifteen, five years ago, climbing mount kilimanjaro, and parksy came and spoke at a fundraiser chloe organised, and it is with great pride that i have watched my buddy set records, write books, and set off off around the world doing incredible physical feats, and if you don't know him, check him out here, he is quite a remarkable human. 

as parksy and i walked out of the st. davids hotel in cardiff, the only ones left in the room, due to us gassing away, we spoke about his upcoming adventures, and how we first met, and as i spoke of fate he spoke of signposts.

i listened intently as this big man seemed to go somewhere else spiritually, and he explained that he thought life was full of signposts, and it is how we respond to them that shapes who we are, and i have spent the days since thinking about this, and how it actually seems very good sense, as lots of people have signposts that they ignore, but different folk see the signpost, and head in that direction, same signpost, different outcome.

so maybe this week if you see a signpost, analyse where it can take you, and imagine both outcomes that can happen following it or not following it, interesting huh?

so that was monday, and tuesday i met a young lady called georgina jones, who has just written a book, the launch of which i recently attended, and mutual friends suggested we should meet.

well, having met her i totally agree!

george, as i will now call her, as we're buddy's, is a lovely girl, vivacious, full of energy, and as she informed me swears a lot, hoorah, so do i!


her book is a reflection of a movement that she has started called turn lights on, and she describes it thus..............

Turn Lights On (or TLO, for short) is a movement, a motivational tool and a way to improve people’s lives by getting them in the moment. Essentially, it’s a way of maximising your potential, simply by being yourself. Sounds pretty good, right?

Want to know the best part? It’s easy, you don’t need any special tools and anyone can do it. Yay!

So. You’re probably wondering what ‘turning a light on’ translates to in the real world. Are we talking about actual light switches?

Visualise this: those moments when you’re at your happiest, your most inspired? Ta-da! Your light is on. When you use your positive energy to inspire someone else? You’returning their light on. You see? Told you it was simple.

When you are happy, you can inspire others.

When you channel positivity, generosity and energy into all aspects of your daily life, wonderful things will happen.

Sparking an idea in someone, creating a connection, doing something positive that helps someone else – that’s how you can use your light to turn a light on in someone else. Then they turn on someone else’s light and before you know it the world just got a little brighter. 

Who wouldn’t want to be involved in that?

if you like the sound of her groove, check her out here.....

george and i seemed to get on really well, and she asked me to speak about bigmoose at an event she is holding soon, and although this is very outside my comfort zone, she has informed me she will coach me to overcome my nerves, and i think this is a signpost that i have to follow, as to spread the word about bigmoose, and project 15 especially, i need to get my arse out there and tell people what we're up to.

a great example of this is last weeks blog, which lovely reader of the blog, you hopefully read last week, which contained the story of how the connection with marks and spencer came about.

well i posted that story particularly on facebook, and it received a lot of attention, and support from fb folk, and i think this kind of experience is pivotal to the growth of bigmoose, and although my natural instincts are to be quite shy about what i am doing, i have realised that to grow i need to get the message out there.

george has suggested that she will coach me into becoming a media whore, which i think maybe i should aim for something a little less aggressive, just saying, watch this space!

as i typed that i chuckled inside, which i guess is like an inverted lol, as next week i am doing three bits of filming for different people, one of which is going to be aired on sky no less, so i will tell you about that at a later date, and two pieces for students, which although probably won't get as much coverage, they will be seen by other young people, and possibly inspire them, and be a signpost for them to follow, so all good stuff in my book, media whore, me, never!

as well as my work in front of the camera next week, what a complete doorknob, and if i ever say that without a wink please slap me ;), i am off to meet a chap called david tait, who is an amazing climber, having summited everest five times and a phenomenal charity fundraiser.

i first saw david on the discovery channel 'everest' series, and i followed his training methods in my build for everest last year, and had a quick five minute call with him, where he gave me some tips.

now david has a horrific story of his childhood, and being abused in a truly awful manner, but the positiveness to come out of this abuse is his amazing fundraising for nspcc, which he has raised over a million pounds for so far, and his next adventure is to climb the savage mountain known as k2, which is the second highest mountain in the world, but one of the most deadly, and one in every four people who have attempted the summit have died trying, truly terrifying statistics.

david will be climbing with team moose member russell bryce's himalayan experience on their first expedition onto this mountain, and i am so excited to watch their progress.

so it is that i have contacted david to meet up, to see if i can possibly work with him on his goal to raise a million pounds on this expedition alone, and i am very excited so see if he thinks that project 15 can help.

heres is a link to his website, which is very much worth a look at.

david tait

david tait

well, as usual, sorry about that, my blog is pretty long, hey ho, you probably expect it by now, so i will draw to a close this week, but last week i mentioned a couple of people's connections that made me smile, and kept me going on a pretty crappy week, so i just wanted to share a message that one of my daughters friends sent her, which although not making a million pounds for charity, it is changing the world for the good, and totally sticking to the ethos if why i launched bigmoose, and is absolutely massive in its own way, so here is a quick message i received from beth lee last week.......

Since moving to university I've been involved in my course, the social side of being a student, I've had a part-time job and even taken up a language. However, this term I realised that none of my university life was contributing towards other people or the community I've become a part of. So I decided to contact the local Girl Guiding scheme and find out how I could become involved. I grew up attending Rainbows, Brownies and Girl Guides and feel like it was such an important part of my childhood which really influenced me. So I decided I wanted to be a part of that for another child and help in what way I could. Consequently I've now joined the local pack and as of next week will become a weekly volunteer helping out with meetings, trips and activities. I'm excited to be a part of something which makes a difference and become involved in my new local community whilst I'm here! Seeing the good that BigMoose does is inspirational and made me want to get involved in something too! 

beth you rockstar, thanks for sharing, and hopefully inspiring somebody reading this to step outside their comfort zone and do something amazing, or the littluns you will be working with being inspired by what you bring to them.

life is good, enjoy it dear readers :)

till next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,