guten morgen!

never saw that coming did ya?

i could have used the probably more appropriate for this blog 'guten tag' which is a more general 'hello' but for today at 5:58 i am going for 'guten morgen', so work with me dear reader :)

i hope your week was fun, and a good use of life, and if you have dustbin lids you may well have been spending time with them, battling against all the other parents and kids to get on rides, get tables in restaurants, and possibly visit other cities attempting to look at wax effigies of soap stars and politicians?

i never did the last one, i don't get it, and now we're living in the time that selfies are popular, i wonder how many people have selfies of themselves with putin or ollie murs, who i just had a mental blank over and typed 'x factor guy that plays football with robbie williams' oh google i love you, lol!!

i mean really, putin? that's gonna be shown to all your mates with them commenting with a blunderbus full of superlatives isn't it?

ok i think the coffee might just have kicked in :)

so! i hope you enjoyed half term if this formed part of your week, i truly miss this time with my girls, and as 20 and 24 year old independent young women, those days where i could make them watch me make half of my thumb disappear and then reappear behind their ears were times of glee for me as a dad, and please savour them, they go by very quickly.

so this week in my blog, and on a really serious note, thanks for reading it, it is a real affirmation of how the bigmoose ethos is kind of aligned to by you reading my weekly updates, and general piffle, so thanks, i know that sounds cheesy, but i mean it.

this week, unplanned, i am going to bullet point my weeks activities, and have a chinwag about you!

yes you!

did you just get that feeling that you get when you're somewhere, and they say 'we'll just get you all to stand up and introduce yourselves', i hate those words, well don't worry it won't be that bad.

quick story about that though.

a few years ago i travelled to the states, to a two and a half day sales and marketing seminar with darren hardy, who i mention every now and then as being my mentor, and kind of inspiration.

well at this seminar i was in a room with 24 other business owners, and was very much the smallest fish in the pond, and as the only brit in the room, i chose to work the accent, and turned into a very dick van dyke like character, gor blimey mary poppins, if you are under 30 use the gift that larry page now gives you, and look up what i'm on about, this is an interactive blog, don't be lazy!!


cockney jeff in a room full of millionaires, and one guy's business he informed us turned over 4 billion, yes billion, the previous year, oh my goodness, why was he even there, just to psyche me out probably, son of a bitch, this was gonna be a tough weekend!

however, unlike me, i digress.

as we all stood up one by one to give an intro to our name, our company, and other facts to make the room go oooh, this was getting your manhood out at a scale i had never known before.

anyway, hopefully you get the picture, but as we went around the room, it became apparent that a number of delegates had used paypal to pay for their weekend, and that paypal had been very clunky and hard to actually pay with, it's core function no less, and this prompted darren to apologise profusely, saying that this would be the first and last time that he would use the payment service, and the room mumbled approval.

now as it got closer to my turn to stand and bare my soul to these north american behemoths, i was a tad nervous to say the least, but i needn't haven't worried, as the chap to my right was don yaeger, a very portly chap, full of confidence, and he stood, he engaged the room with his eyes and said, 'hi i'm don yaeger, and i work for paypal'

he is in fact a new york times bestselling author, but a man with a sense of humour no less :)

had to share that sorry, i still remember the moment people 'got it' with great fondness.

so, back to you.

your time is coming, so bear with me.

this week i'm gonna list my weeks activities bullet point stylee to speed up your read.

* did some bigmoose filming with mariclare carey jones for 'made in cardiff'

* went to london and met david tait, and he likes project 15, and we're gonna work with him

* signed up to run a 100k race on my birthday

* fed the homeless, and had lots of bananas donated which went down a storm

* made pancakes

well that's pretty much it i guess

so, how about you???

i wanna have a little one way chat, about what you're up to.

if you're still reading that's good :)

every time you read this blog, or anything bigmoose related, hopefully you like it/get it, which is cool, but i need a little extra from you, i need a little more commitment, whoa come back, don't go just yet, geez louise!

i need you to step outside your comfort zone, and become the person you know inside you are.

we can all do a little more, no matter what you do, so take a look at yourself honestly and ask yourself if you can do something, no matter how small, to make a difference.

now i might see a load of unsubscribes this week, but hopefully not.

i want to push you, a little harder this week, i want to push you to the point where you go, you know what he's right, i will do that thing i've been meaning to do but never got around to, cos i'm busy, it's raining, i don't have the money, the time, etc, etc, you know what i'm on about.

this week i need your help, i need you to help me change this world for the good, so when you've read this i want you spend one minute, just one minute, to think of something you are going to do which is going to change this place you reside, and make it better, it really isn't difficult, and it really will help.

now if you don't like what you're reading, i apologise, but i want you to be the best person you can be, and if you've read this far, you really are a goodun, you just need a little push from time to time, am i right?

i know i am gonna get some flack from people about this blog, but you know what, i've gotta say what i really think, and be myself, so come on make this week the week you do something out of the ordinary, and then share your story, this bigmoose thing can be powerful, but it needs you!

wow, steps down off soapbox, not quite sure what the response to this will be, but hey let's see.

to finish off with though, a quick story of small actions, and where they can lead.

i regularly mention the guys from cotswold outdoor, who are super supportive of everything bigmoose does, and i just wanted to do a recap on our 'grab your coat' idea.

ages ago i walked home on a really cold night, and thought about how freezing the people sleeping on the street must be, and decided to do a mini campaign called creatively 'grab your coat' where people can donate warm clothing for us to distribute to the homeless in cardiff.

this idea took off brilliantly, and we have had donations from many many places, but a meeting with the cotswold guys has resulted in them running this campaign in eight stores all over the country, and getting people coming into store to give old warm stuff, and completely personifies what we were trying to encourage.

antony lloyd, cotswold area manager, and all round good egg!

antony lloyd, cotswold area manager, and all round good egg!

an amazing result, from an amazing company, and there is no reason why you can't be a success story like this just by doing something, that maybe feels a bit risky, a bit cheeky, maybe ask your boss at work if you could organise a collection of 'grab your coat' stuff, maybe volunteer yourself on a project that interests you, maybe organise a few mates to go and help at a local charity, maybe use your skillset in some way to help others, commit to run or walk that race that you have always wanted to do but were scared to, and then tell your friends what you're up to, and watch how you inspire them, and you make a difference, and i can tell you now, you will feel amazing!

being honest, i have been very scared at times telling people what we're up to, because people judge, but you know what, it really doesn't matter, people will always judge, and some will judge this blog, but that doesn't matter either, but what will happen is one person will do something amazing, so out of their comfort zone they will shock even themselves, and that will make it all worthwhile, so lets walk this journey one step at a time, together.

thanks for reading, and as i nervously sign off, i hope you have a great week, and as we approach march 1st, the day that my mate gary 'moose' cloonan passed away eight years ago i just looked on youtube for a video of a 'dad making thumb disappear' to share, but this came up instead, so maybe it came up for a reason, have a watch.

so until next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,