wow, you didn't unsubscribe after last weeks rant, thank goodness, sorry about that, but i just felt pretty passionate that i wanted to push everybody a little bit harder, and i genuinely thought i would see a lot of unsubscribes, but luckily we didn't have one, we actually saw our merry throng increase by a whopping two!

i spoke to people close to me last week, and realised that i had made a mistake by swearing, and pushing so hard, and swiftly changed my diatribe to a watered down version, but the potty mouth version had already been sent to you as a subscriber, but hopefully you understood where i was coming from.

ok enough already, let's get onto a brighter vibe.


yes beer.

last friday the guys at crafty devil brewing in cardiff presented me with the first bigmoose brew that they had produced with our branding and ethos associated to it.

the exceptionally great tasting bigmoose brew.

the exceptionally great tasting bigmoose brew.

i recently met rhys and adam, the very passionate craft brewing duo behind crafty devil, (see what they've done there?), a short while ago, and we hit it off immediately, and the idea to produce a brew to celebrate bigmoose, and raise some coin for charity was born.

rhys has a connection to an oral cancer charity, and as such we decided that all profits from this rather delicious pale ale will be donated, how good is that, drinking for charity, i can actually see some of you smiling at that!

since last friday rhys has nearly sold out of his first batch of bigmoose brew, which is amazing by the way, and as such is going to be brewing more imminently, but if you wish to order any, drop him a line at

also a big part of the process was matthew price from octopus creative who created the label design free of charge, and here is a link to his website if you like all things designy, if there is such a word., so a big thank you matthew, we salute you!

so we now have a bigmoose beer, with the bigmoose message on the back of every bottle, how super cool is that, and as a marketing tool, this is quite the usp, moosey boy would be smiling i'm sure!

well, this sunday eight years ago we lost the big fella, as he shed his mortal coil, and his passing, although sad for everybody left behind, has in the last six months, for me at least, provided something that is actually very bright indeed, it has provided me with a reason to inspire, a back story to encourage people to live life, to do good stuff, and have as much fun as humanly possible whilst we spin around the sun in our orbit, never aware of how long our innings will be.

the effects of starting bigmoose have been amazing, and far exceeded my initial dream of where we would be within 12 months, and as such we do our first real fundraiser this weekend for marks & spencer finishing on march the 1st, the anniversary of the big fella moving on, and hopefully wherever he is, he can have a butchers at what we're all up to, and he can see that his death has actually inspired a lot of people to make a difference.

this day will also be where we spill the beans on how project 15 is going to work, as we have some pretty lofty dreams for the future, and would really like you to come along with us, and to play an active role, so we will be sending out one more blog sunday night to reveal our biggest plan yet, and hopefully get you suitably excited to get on board and help us make the dream a reality.

so if you have helped bigmoose in any way, from subscribing and supporting, to donating clothes for the homeless, doing a 'monthly moose', or giving me your ear when i've needed it, advising me, guiding me, donating your time, designing the website for us, following and sharing what we do on social media and spreading the word, i would like to thank you, and ask you to continue with us on this journey, as this is just the beginning of building in our own way a brighter place to live, and with your continued support continuing to make an impact.

so, this sunday night, i will be pouring myself a bigmoose brew and lifting my glass to remember him in a way that he would have loved. 


blues skies,