as i sit down to write this at 5:52 friday 6th feb, i reflect on how tidy my desk is, and how good that makes me feel.

i may well be weird, ok stop nodding family, but tidyness, order and preparation make me happy, the flipside of this coin represents lack of organisation, disarray and is not who i am.

at 3pm yesterday i had been having a week from hell, well possibly that is slight hyperbole, but man it was proving to be crap, i felt like i was invisible, nobody was replying to calls, e-mails, tenders, pitches, etc, and as i type this i remember how overflowing with papers, magazines i had to read, and post-its reminding me to 'clear my desk', well that's a lie, but it just sounded funny in my mind, i digress.

you get the picture right, complete disorganisation, and i'm not proud, but as i settled into the task of tidying, the fog started to lift, and as i looked out of my window the sky started to show signs of blue, which hit me as a metaphor of gargantuan proportion, or maybe i was just clearing my desk and the weather was changing, i shall leave you to decide on which notion sits best with you dear reader, but the significance was not wasted on me i tell you!

anyways, as my canadian hockey mates would say, how did my week change?

well serendipity was to play it's part, and if you will afford me the time to read my story i think you might like this one.

two weeks prior, me and our jolly gang made our way to feed the homeless folk of cardiff, and one of my jobs was to bring two chairs for our philanthropic hairdressers to offer free haircuts and shaves to the throng of attendees, and you can probably guess in that storytelling fashion, that i forgot.

this night my wife (hi tania) was out of the country working, and my eldest daughter (hi tiffany) has moved to london to be closer to the stage and screen she wishes to be a part of, which resulted in me and my youngest daughter (hey chloe) to transport a load of bags of warm clothes, two six foot tables, and numerous bags of christmas gifts left over from our previous visit.

now my car is convertible, please don't be impressed, it's six years old and probably worth less than my phone, however my point is six foot tables aint going anywhere but up in a convertible.

so as i sat on this frosty evening wrapped up in the warmest clothes i could find, with my roof down and two six foot tables riding in the back vertically, the picture youngest daughter hurriedly took of this scene, resembling something from 'only fools and horses' will never make instagram i promise!

as i drove through cardiff's city centre i hoped the karma police had spoken to their south wales constabulary counterparts, and asked them to leave me alone on my journey, and fortunately for me they had complied, as my mind raced forward imagining being pulled over and the image of this badly dressed fifty one year old driving a convertible with two six foot tables in the back didn't really thrill me.

as we unloaded our stuff like roadies in the night, and this where the story gets juicy dear reader, i realised that i had forgotten the two chairs.

as we stood outside the back of marks and spencer, where this nightly ritual takes place i confided in youngest daughter, with a scowl on my face, that i had forgotten the chairs, and in some surreal slow motion thing, and i am not painting this description with colour just for you i promise, we both looked into the marks and spencer doorway to see two, not one, not three, but two chairs.

'off you go then', she instructed me, in a corporal like manner that i am sure her mother has trained her in, and i trotted off in search of my holy grail.

as i approached the assistant manageress i became aware of my attire, and decided to talk with the utmost eloquence, to allow her to see that i was in fact a respectable chap, just wearing dowdy clothes.

this slight subterfuge worked, as she spoke into her radio asking her manager to come down, and we all agreed for me to take two chairs, and return them after our hairdressing was done.

i was impressed by the m & s girls decision, which i thought that possibly when they found out the reason for using the chairs was declared, they might baulk at and decline.

however, humans can be lovely.

now i love rewarding good service, kindness, and i'm a fan of speaking to management to report such findings, and a phone call later the following morning, i had got the correct e-mail address, and i was sending simon phillips, the store manager a message complimenting stef and kath on their actions, and asking for him to pass on my thanks.

i also attached our video we had taken a while back, which i will put here just in case you are a new reader of our blog.

i was pretty surprised within minutes when i had a reply back from simon, with some lovely words, which ended in him saying let's meet for a coffee, and see how we can change the world together, wow, i didn't see that coming!

this was friday, and we met up on tuesday at 2pm in his queen st store, which for non cardiffian's is the busiest street in cardiff.

we talked, and talked, and although i had specifically planned not to tell him about project 15, i felt i had to, and my passion flowed, as he nodded at the right time, and seemed to engage with what i was telling him.

i could see his mind was working as i was speaking, and we discussed how m & s might work with bigmoose on a number of ideas, and as i told him about project 15, he agreed he would become a part of it quicker than i had genuinely ever dreamed of, but simon needed to confirm that this joint venture could go ahead, so he told me he would get back to me asap.

as i sat at my untidy desk, on thursday afternoon, and shuffled the reconstituted trees, my mac pinged, as simon confirmed what i had been hoping for all week 'it's on' he wrote, and i silently fist pumped, whilst consciously thinking how uncool i was, stuff it it i didn't care, we are doing a gig with m & s!!!

so, today we have a soft launch of project 15, and we will be providing my first five schwinn spin bikes to m & s on a co-branded project to raise money for their chosen charity, latch.

this event, which is not just any event, this is an m & s event, will take place on the weekend of 28th of feb and 1st of march, which is the 8th anniversary of my mate gary 'moose' cloonan leaving us, so it seems to be a pretty fitting weekend.

the plan is that m & s staff will do a sponsored spin on the street outside their store, and will collect via enthusiastic bucket collectors, and raise loads of lovely spondulicks for this awesome charity, project 15 starts!!

now, i don't know about you but i love the romance of this story, and as we grow, and project 15 evolves, i will love to have this as our start point, and having m & s as our first gig is pretty awesome!

so, what started out as a potentially short blog, has grown as i type, sorry about that, but you may possibly tell i am somewhat excited, or is it the kona island product i have just consumed that is affecting me??

who knows.

anyway, as i would say, i did have three other stories that i wanted to write about, but due to the risk of the postman arriving with me still in a towel, i will cut it to one, but i just want to say a big thanks to carly portalupi, and beth lee for their awesome stories, which have kept me smiling this week, when i needed it, and i will tell them next week, but for now here is a story i really want to share, as i need you to get involved.

this is the story of bubby everson, which if you have read already apologies, and if not please get involved, this can so be your 'monthly moose'.

bubby everson

bubby everson

bubby everson doesn’t want a trip to disneyland, an ipad, or even another one of his beloved video games. for his 9th birthday, on feb. 11, all bubby everson wants is mail, ideally cards with stickers enclosed. “he loves mail,” mum brandi mcnerney-everson tells, “even if it’s junk mail.”

bubby’s doting parents are happy to accommodate, and hope to rally others to send in mail too, because they’re not sure how many birthdays their son has left. the boy from washington is terminally ill with Cytomegalovirus (CMV), a disease he contracted via virus at birth that in rare instances, like his, can be fatal.

so the parents have set up a post office box – attention: bubby everson: p.o. box 1142, graham, WA 98338, u.s.a. – for their son in the hopes that generous strangers will send mail, cards and stickers to lift their little one’s spirits on his big day.

so how about this, how about having read this blog we all do our monthly moose and get something kind, something sweet, and send it to this little boy in america, and make his day amazingly special, it may take you some time, possibly a couple of quid in postage, etc, but imagine this little boys face when he reads your mail, is it worth it, hmmmm you tell me.

please do this kind thing, i guarantee you will get that warm fuzzy feeling at exactly the moment you drop your mail in the box, and when you do, think of bigmoose, and if it feels as good as i hope it does, tell somebody else, and maybe they will do the same, and quietly, we will change the world for the good, and leave it better than when we found it.

whoa, the postman approacheth, i'm outta here,

have a great one,

blue skies,