hi there,

how are you doing this week?

hopefully you're hitting the 8+ mark, and if not come on let's lift it up, and if you are in an 8+ state, try to lift some others around you up as well

i heard a cool saying this week, 'if you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path.'

cool eh?

so let's all try to light a lamp for someone else, and maybe you can do your monthly moose along the way. (if you don't have a scooby do what i'm on about have a butchers at our #monthlymoose page on the website, it will explain it, especially as we had a number of new subscribers this week, so thanks for getting involved.)


well, last week a load of people lit a lamp for me, and voted for me in the unsung hero category in the wales online greatest cardiffian competition, which wasn't for me, was for us, me and you, and everybody who has helped in any way since we started this groovy train we're riding, but my monika was on the online ballot box, so if you voted, thanks muchly, we won, and as you may or may not know i quite like winning, and as i said this time last week if we're in it we might as well try to win it.

the good thing that will come from this exposure is attention.

bigmoose will get more attention than if we didn't win it, so as my friend george said to me 'it will only carry us closer to our dream of raising one million pounds by 2020' thanks george, and everybody that has been supportive, and taken the time to vote.

so that's it then is it?

no, dear bigmoose blog reader, we won our group, we now compete in the final against ryan giggs, shirley bassey, roald dahl, and other people of awesomeness in the final, so we're doing a bit of a david and goliath really, however we all know the result of that rumble in the jungle, or wherever the venue was, or giant killing of massive proportion, and whatever happens we gain exposure for bigmoose, which is a good thing.

so if you haven't been bombarded into submission to vote by our social media streams, with subtle ad's such as this one,

becks has been supporting us wearing his #votejeff pants

becks has been supporting us wearing his #votejeff pants

then please take a minute to stick a vote on for us here......


thanks for that, we'll report back on how it goes, voting closes noon friday 13th.

so, in other bigmoose news this week we have had some good chinwags with some very interesting people, nick davidson, who owns a chain of coffee bars in cardiff, and is an old pal of mine reconnected this week, and as well as having the best coffee i've had for a long time in his st andrews place coffee a gogo, which if you like independents, this is the place for you, we have also started to put together a fundraising plan for a cardiff based charity, close to nick. this plan will be using the charity warriors and continuing project 15's goal to raise a million pounds by 2020.


i have also been chatting to suzanne mainwaring from the noah's ark charity in cardiff, who is looking at working closely with bigmoose on one, possibly two, big future projects, so all in all a very exciting week.

on a personal note, i am ramping up my running now as my training for my birthday run in july is starting to increase in intensity and the distances i am running, and i have dropped half a stone in my quest to be at peak weight and fitness. the reason i indulge in telling you this is that our lovely friend emily clarke, who if you follow our blog you will no doubt feel you know her, has a mum who has never done any running before, but she has recently decided to run the cardiff half marathon on october 4th this year. 

so i have said i will run it with her for moral support, and was just about to sign up when i had a chat with a few friends, who after a glass of wine declared they would do it as well, so now sobriety has taken hold, they have still agreed to do this awesome challenge, awesome because none of them has ever run this distance before, so i think we might set up a bigmoose group, that i can hopefully get some training tips for, and we can all train in unison, and make it a fun journey.

so if you fancy pushing your circle, and doing something you never really believed you could do, then please let me know, and we will see if we can build a bit of a bigmoose team, which would be kinda cool to have you involved with, again, work in progress, but i can already see a team picture at the finish line in orange bigmoose technical tops.

i apparently never stop dreaming, and nor should you!

talking of dreams, the 28th of march sees us holding our inaugural supertri for superkids in cardiff, and we currently have 50 superkids, and are trying to get 50 volunteers to have 1 per superkid. hopefully getting everybody bonding through the whole experience, so if you fancy helping a superkid achieve something they will never have done before, we have nearly 30 volunteers so far, so drop us a line to register, or tell your friends as well, oh and you get a free supertri volunteer tee shirt for your efforts! 

finally next week is our feed the homeless night on thursday, so if anybody has access to any fruit, especially bananas and apples please get in touch, as last months went down a treat, and we can collect if need be, just drop us a line at jeff@bigmoose.co

so this week i will end on another cool saying i heard this week that is a good one to think about, and it goes 'if you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you'll end up doing nothing for anybody'.

so get out there bigmoose guys and girls, and lets do some good, and leave this world better than we found it, think about and plan your monthly moose, then execute it, and then smile at how good it felt, then send us some pictures, everybody likes pictures, especially kind pictures :)

so, until next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,


p.s. happy birthday to peter 'pedro' hibbard who is my constant help designing stuff, coming up with ideas, and constantly being a good egg :)