which is proper welsh, and as we got second in the greatest cardiffian competition last week, i thought i'd toe the line a little, and sprinkle a little welshness over my blog, and say diolch i chi for voting.

first and most importantly i love wales, especially cardiff, other welsh cities are available, but i have been here for over half my life now, and both my dustbins have welsh middle names, as we wanted them to have a piece of their heritage wherever they chose to reside, and my life here has been awesome, so watch out for a little welshness today.

well as i write this blog i glanced up at the clock in my office, which shows the measurement of my insomnia.

now i don't suffer from insomnia usually, but last night i just couldn't sleep, and rather than tossing and turning i figured i would get up and start my blog and hopefully get my thoughts out in the open.

now i think one of the reasons i couldn't sleep was that we went to our feed the homeless night last night, and this always moves me, and gets my mind thinking about the people we meet, their situations, and how we can help, so that was definitely a contributory factor.

but i think if i'm honest the main reason i couldn't sleep was that my head was full of exciting ideas, how crazy does that sound?

rather crazy, you 3.45am getting up nut job, i hear you cry in unison, or it that just the wind in the trees, or the central heating creaking?

well crazy or not, i am excited, and the reason for this heightened state is that after talking about encouraging people to join our team bigmoose crew running the cardiff half marathon, we are now up to eleven people committed to running it, with another handful contemplating as i type.

now since committing to my race i am doing in july i have employed the services of rory coleman, who has got me on a plan to successfully complete this challenge, and as such rory suggested meeting him for a run in cardiff where we both live to assess my progress, so as i nervously arrived at rory's house to go running, his wife jenny, who has just had their baby jack some four weeks ago, met and greeted me, and i wondered if this was the same woman who had carried a child for nine months, as she looked amazingly trim!

it transpires that jenny is also a runner, and had that morning run pushing baby jack in his buggy for ten miles in an hour and thirty minutes, you runners out there will be nodding with a very impressed look on your face, non runners feign it, it's good!

after noticing the trappings of a man who makes his living coaching people how to run, various boxes of saucony and brookes stacked high, rory showed me into a room to leave my kit bag containing my towel and debit card, though why i brought that with me i'll never know?

the room i entered was shrine like, and it reminded me of a place i meditated in when in nepal on my way to climb manaslu in 2013, lots of medals, and trophies, sparkling and telling their own story, with pride of place being given to jenny's third place award in the marathon de sable.

now in case you don't know the marathon de sable, or mds as it's known as to the cool kids, is renowned as the worlds toughest footrace, and consists of running through the desert unsupported for six days over 150 miles in conditions up to 50 degree heat, it is barking!

and jenny came third overall, which dear bigmoose reader is flipping amazing, and the beauty of the engraved, hand blown glass trophy was a piece of art in itself, but the french words were poetic and strong in their meaning and sound, yep i was impressed.

i love being around people that are so strong, determined, and apparently successful, it is like rocket fuel for me, i soaked it all in, and couldn't wait to hit the streets with rory, and as i type this i wonder if he does this to all his students to get us psyched up, well whether he does or i was lucky, it worked for me, as i sprung out the door like a gazelle.

that was about where that image ended, as i trotted along like one of those horses that still deliver the dray, but more for ceremonial purposes these days, yep a ceremonial horse delivering the dray, that was exactly what i looked like, no gazelles here sir!

our seven mile trundle brought me closer to rory, and i started to connect with him, and i like his style, he is a very strong guy, and i seem to gravitate towards people like this, russell bryce in mountaineering is the same kind of character, very chilled and in control, but their pedigree is thoroughbred, and they both practise pedagogy in their own fields.

did you google that? cool word huh! i nicked it off my daughter chloe who is doing her degree in teaching, me proud, naaaah! ;)

so after returning from our run i asked jenny if she would take a picture for our facebook page, which my daughters now describe rory as being 'sassy', which i think is a good thing??

rory has done 894 marathons and ultramarathons (i've done none)

rory has done 894 marathons and ultramarathons (i've done none)

i just look sweaty!

anyways, there was a reason for talking about rory, he is going to put together a programme for our half marathoners, and i am starting to get excited about that end of the race picture i mentioned in last weeks blog, as if we have 11 now, who knows how many people we can get. 

so the electricity has been flowing, and obviously keeping me awake at the possibilities, so if you fancy joining in, just e-mail me at or text me on 07977585548, and it really doesn't matter if you have never run before in your life, we can get you a programme that suits you, and could get you fitter, slimmer, and generally happier with yourself, as you become an inspiration for your friends and family, how bloody amazing, this is why i'm not sleeping.

oh yes i nearly forgot, one of the 11 that are gonna run the half is one of my buddy's from everest last year, a young man called alex staniforth, or as i call him alley cat.

alley cat is now 19, and is returning to nepal in a few weeks to follow his dream to summit the highest mountain in the world, and i just know i am gonna get so emosh when he does, this guy has grown in stature, confidence, and ability since i've known him, and i have said it before, and i'll say it again i predict great things for this young man, and here is a little vt about him and his quest.

and if you want to follow alex's journey back to everest here is his website, and if you fancy wishing him good luck, i know he would appreciate it.

so to end up todays blog i just want to say a massive thank you to everybody who has volunteered for our disabled childrens triathlon next week, our 'bigmoose supertri', which i am so looking forward to, and so scared about at the same time, hoping that it goes well.

we have now got in excess of seventy volunteers and fifty plus superkids, so hopefully it will be as good as i hope it will be, and if you want to come along to maindy sports centre in cardiff to cheer the kids on we'd all love to see you, saturday 28th midday.

have an amazing day, and if you fancy doing the cardiff half let me know, and if people try to discourage you, think about a cheeky little saying i read this week, 'a lion doesn't concern himself with the opinion of a sheep', and that's how jeff c's it! (please excuse my glee reference, but i have two daughters!)

until next week, i'll be seeing ya,

awyr las,