good morning!

well kinger is in town!

the man who has run around the uk non stop, and is now gonna run up kili is down for the supertri, and has a posse of girls (hmmm, funny that) following him down on saturday, all the way from sheffield to volunteer for our bigmoose supertri for superkids, which for me is hopefully going to be one of the best things i've ever done.

we have 53 children with a variety of disabilities, with over 70 volunteers and hopefully hundreds of families and friends cheering them on, which should make for a really great experience for all involved, this is bigmoose, and these are our heroes.

so, if you're in the 'diff this weekend come along to maindy sports centre between 12 and 4 to witness the start of something great.

we also have bigmoose friend hari budha magar, who is a double leg amputee ghurka, driving from london to present all the children with their winners medals, providing them with inspiration, as he is now aiming to attempt to climb mount everest in 2017, so it should be a great event, and i for one can't wait to pull on my volunteer tee shirt, sponsored by principality building society ;)

sassy eh?

well the nerves are proper kicking in, as the last minute details for this event are coming together, and hopefully this time next week we'll be celebrating a great time, but i always find this time the most nerve wracking, it's a bit like pre game nerves before a competition or a climb, maybe this is why i do this, just to get the adrenaline flowing :)

well this weeks blog is gonna be very short as i am second coffee hyper, and ready to attack the day with my enthusiasm!

if you can't make it to maindy this weekend, we are gonna be uploading a load of pictures onto our bigmoose facebook page, and website, so have a butchers sunday, and hopefully see lots of smiling heroes.

now until next week, kinger gave me a link to the latest vt from kid president, which you may be aware of, but if not check it out, he's awesome, and this vt personifies what we're about, and why you are reading this blog, so this week be a hero.

pretty dope eh?

have a fantastic week, and wish us luck for saturday, and until then, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,