firstly, apologies for not sending this blog out last sunday as i had intended, i have one big reason.

i was scared.

there you go, no flannel, i was scared.

what of?

whether i get it right, whether i am judged, whether i am laughed at, and whether i am doubted.

now i sound like a bit of a bottle job really, but this project 15 mullarkey is gonna be the biggest thing i've ever done, and when it happens it is going to pretty special, but i've been fighting off some demons inside, and doing too much worrying, but after a good chat to my new mate george who told me to stop worrying and basically crack on with the good stuff that i'm doing, i'm on it, so here goes.....

on my january 30th blog i outlined very briefly that project 15 will be what i am gonna call my goal to get 300 schwinn spin bikes that will then become our charity warriors working all over the country raising money for charity.

well this is the goal, but i am now happy to announce the bit that has had me losing sleep, but no more dear bigmoose blog reader, i am puffing my chest out and ready to shout about my dream.

bigmoose is proud to launch the 2020 club, and our dream is that we are going to raise one million pounds for various charities by 2020!

how are we going to do this?

very simply, we are going to copy the model that my buddy tim medvetz has successfully used in the states, and whose event i attended on santa monica pier where he raised $220,000 in one three hour event.

now, the one obstacle we have is we need more bikes, i have bought five myself, putting my money where my mouth is and last weekend we used our first five bikes to do a mini event for marks & spencer in cardiff, and managed to raise £4.5k for latch and velindre cancer charities, so only £995,500 to go!

chantelle and chloe loving life!

chantelle and chloe loving life!

what this does is prove that the idea works, and as we grow we are gonna grow the amount we raise at each event, and by 2020 we will have raised a million pounds.

so, would you like to be involved?


well there are a number of ways, we are going to be launching some rather attractive 2020 merch, with profits going towards buying bikes.

then comes the really exciting bit, we are going to give you the opportunity to join the 2020 club!

what is the 2020 club?

will this will be a club made up of ordinary folk like me and you who will raise money themselves to buy their own bike, with their own number, and personalised branding, so it could be cotswold outdoor, gocompare or a children's rugby or football team who raise money by bagpacking or other activities, and they then own the bike, and bigmoose use it to help raise the million pounds.

jacquie williams a friend of mine is the first person to have paid for her bike, the #1 bike in the start of this journey, and if you have a favourite number register quick, as it's a first come first bike basis!

if you want details of how you can get involved e-mail me at

so that wasn't too painful, and now the journey has officially started watch as it unfolds, and if you know anybody that would like to own a bike, please put them in touch, and tell your friends.

so whilst on this overcoming my demons journey, i have also had another moment this week that i had to overcome, and if you have seen this story on my social media feeds, then i apologise, but i wanted to share it.

last sunday chloe showed me a piece in our local paper, which was about 10 unsung heroes, and had yours truly on the list, and it was encouraging people to vote for their fave. 
tiffany took a picture and put it on her facebook page, and showed me. i always worry about peoples perception of me, and thought that people would think i was a bit of a d*** showing off, and asked her to delete it.
now i am aware i need to get over this if bigmoose is going to grow to the heights i want it to, but it doesn't come naturally to self promote, so delete it she did.
fast forward to a meeting i had with my mate george yesterday, who asked me if i thought the publicity for bigmoose would take me forwards or backwards towards my bigmoose dream, and i agreed it definitely wouldn't take me further away, so therefore it probably would take me closer, and who knows what might come of it.
so, i am now going to talk about this recognition, and ask you to have a look at it via the link, and then please vote for us in the unsung heroes category (jeff smith)
if you are cool doing this, and can vote and share it with all your friends, and we win i will send a randomly picked person a bigmoose hoody, and a bottle of bigmoose brew if you're over 18 obvs.
i have overcome my demons, and now decided if i'm in it i've gotta try to win it, so please help, as all the publicity will help bigmoose spread the word.
thank you so much.

finally, i have had a few friends ask me about the run that i have stuck my name down for, so pictures speak better than words, so here is a short video of what it's all about.

keep your fingers crossed for me, and let's get properly training!!!

so that's about it for this week.

thanks for reading, and have a great week until next time i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,