hi there,

how is your world, enjoying the currant bun we're having in the uk at the mo?

apologies to our international readers, but us brits, obsessed as we are with the weather, celebrate changes in the weather by talking about it.


now i have a theory, that this is a generation thing, and hopefully this fascination will disappear along with endowment mortgages, cod in butter sauce, and page three.

the reason i asked though was that with the mornings getting lighter earlier, and the sun actually shining just lately, everybody's demeanour in my world seems so much more upbeat, and i wondered if you had seen a similar shift in the mood of folk around you?

if you are one of our international readers, talk amongst yourselves for a minute, maybe about how lucky you are to have 'seasons'.

anyway enough weather orientated convo, let's talk monthly moose's!

ok, hands up if you know what a monthly moose is?


if you stayed static in the hand department click here http://www.bigmoose.co/monthlymoose/

ok, so hands up if you've done your april monthly moose?

apologies for the gratuitous use of a cute cat

apologies for the gratuitous use of a cute cat


nice work you guys, that's all of you except that person at the back who is gonna do one this week fo' shizzle, aren't you?

ok, now hands up if the principality building society, the 6th biggest in the uk no less, have asked you to go and speak to their staff to discuss how they can get involved in doing a monthly moose camp?

that'll be us then!!! * does monthly moose camp dance (out of sight of anyone obviously)

pretty excited about that one, this is a really big platform for us, and gives us some huge confidence that we are totally on track with this ongoing dream of ours, as when the big players get involved it just shows that staying true to what you believe in, and not prettying it up, as my my mate george says keeping it raw, real, and relevant, actually works.

so, currently we are working with gocompare, marks & spencer, principality, and one other 'a team' player that i can't divulge just yet, and as i told pat and james from principality i actually think we are ahead of plan, which is great.

so let's keep pushing forward, we have 300 spin bikes to buy, and as such we will be ramping up our efforts to get our first fifty bike event arranged, and if you think you would like to get involved in owning a bike, get in touch, we can give you a selection of ways of how you can raise the money, and will help you in any way, and if you know anybody you think might be interested in joining in helping us raise our million pounds for charities, please get in touch.

as well as having some cool meetings with my buddy duncan from cotswold and the principality posse this week, i have also had e-mails and texts from some of my mates who are currently on everest going through their acclimatisation missions, and although i miss being on the hill, i am so excited at the thought of seeing them all summit chomolungma, goddess of mountains in the next few weeks, kinda nice for me also that they made contact from the hill, good mates.

talking of good mates, the low of the week was hearing that my old hockey pal mark howell, or as we know him bully, who was due to run in the london marathon this sunday, has torn his calf on an easy five mile tapering down run and is out of the race.

he will have trained extremely hard for this race, hundreds of hours, early mornings, dieting, abstinence, etc, only to have race day taken away from him, very painful indeed, but having spoken to him today, we concluded that it wasn't a life changer, just a temporary thing, a bit like my everest trip last year, it wasn't to be, but hopefully like bully i get my chance to finish off what i set out to do, even if it isn't for a couple of years, hopefully it will taste all the sweeter when it happens.

finally, i had somebody make contact recently who had done a really kind monthly moose, which i asked them about, and how they had come across bigmoose, and this was there reply.

"In answer to your question about my reasons for being drawn to bigmoose, I actually stumbled across you guys on Facebook and you're ethics and values struck a chord. I began following you and really admire the work you do. I strive to live life as a good person and give back as much as I can but I don't always succeed! 

I particularly empathise with the work you do for the homeless as, without going into too much detail, my partner lost his business a while ago and suffered with depression. We got to the point where we went from being comfortable to collecting coppers to eat and we could quite easily have ended up like many of those without homes. It is so easy to lose everything in the blink of an eye!

All is good now though and I feel it's time to help those who are not so lucky.

I hope to see you soon, keep spreading the word as I'm sure there are many others out there who like me just need a strangers boot up their backside to begin their journey!"

this just showed me how easy it is for things to change, and i think depression especially is very difficult to spot, and as such, any help we can give to help others, i think is worth all the effort, so keep helping other people bigmoose folk, you guys rock, and thanks for sharing your stories.

i'm off to london this weekend to cheer on super chris leggatt, ex hockey mate, and alex thomas from the 'diff who are both competing in the marathon, and i wish them both good luck, and if you watch the race live or on tv it may inspire you, and if you won't get a chance to watch, check this guy out instead, who just completed the boston marathon, he just goes to prove we can do anything if we truly believe.


if maickel inspires you, don't forget we are running the cardiff half marathon in october, and we'd love you on the bigmoose team, get in touch with us at jeff@bigmoose.co

have a great week, dream big, and don't ever be afraid of what others think. *unless you are doing a monthly moose camp dance, but that goes without saying right?

blue skies, (yep really!)