well what  a difference a week makes, last week i was posting on facebook a happy birthday message to my manaslu guide, and good mate bruce hasler whose son zac was having his first birthday.

within hours of uploading his cherubic image, i was struggling to come to terms with what was happening in the place that i have come to love very quickly, nepal.

my first trip to kathmandu two years ago was one i will always remember, and managing to climb an 8000m peak one of my top things i have ever done.

the madness of kathmandu was what made me love it, cows and chickens on the street, cars and bikes that drove so close to each other i constantly closed my eyes waiting for the collision, but it never came.

the people of nepal are warm and friendly, and being invited to my friend tim's sherpa gyalbu's family home for dinner remains a lovely memory.

the earthquake that has caused such death and destruction has always been a threat in this area, and when i first met russell bryce before signing up to join his himex team, he told me the reason he chooses to stay in the hotel he uses in kathmandu is because it is in very large grounds, and if there is an earthquake he explained everybody can run outside into the grounds and avoid the falling debris from the building, russ is so aware of safety at all times.

the himex base camp operation on everest is also very far from the actual mountain, which means you have a longer trek to start and finish your climb on the hill, but when the mountain avalanches the himex camp will be last to get hit.

kinger has got his pal lysle turner on the hill currently, and his experience was actually too horrific to share with you all, but needless to say that a lot of people including lysle will return from this experience with some harrowing memories, and i only hope they can recover.

so it was that yangjee sherpa, who was on manaslu with me and bruce in 2013, and again with me on everest last year, contacted me to ask if there was anything we could do to help her, as her house had been totally demolished, and she was living in a tent.

one of her friends in the u.s. set up a gofundme site, and within three days, the $10k target had been reached, so i hope this enables yangjee to get things moving forward, although the outcome of her country's future is very unclear at the moment.

caroline and yangjee sherpa on manaslu

caroline and yangjee sherpa on manaslu

ack home this week has been a very busy one, and i have had a coupla cool meetings with folk on projects for the next six months, and hopefully next week can reveal them i just don't want to jinx them at this moment, but bear with us, and keep your fingers crossed for us.

i think one of the most random things to happen was receiving a call from a lovely young lady from itv in london who had seen some stuff on bigmoose on wales online, and was interested to find out more, and she apparently liked what she heard because her producer then skyped me the following day for quite some time to discuss what we do, as they are looking at new programme formats, and although she said nothing was solid yet, she did say without provocation that she was gonna do a monthly moose, and start finding more time to do kind things for others, a massive tick in the box i reckon :)

i am currently writing this blog thursday evening, after getting up at 4am to get a twenty mile training run completed before work, so i apologise if i am slowing down and this is reflected in my writing, but in all honesty i am cream crackered, and i have another twenty miler in the morning, as this is my biggest workload so far on my training programme, which has seen me drop carbs out my diet, run more and longer distances than ever before in my life, and drop 17lb's in weight.

apart from tonight, i have been feeling great, but this 51 year old body and mind is finding the back to back distances once a week, pushing me hard.

that being said i have some serious admiration for a young man who has been helping us with our hairdressers for the feed the homeless evenings.

matthew pritchard, or pritch to his buddies, was a professional skateboarder, daredevil and one quarter of the dirty sanchezcrew, who had their own television show on mtv.

mr pritchard, as i call him is a really nice guy, and since his mtv fame, has become an avid triathlete, and is currently training for a double brutal in llanberris in september, which consists of a 4.8 mile swim, 224mile cycle, and a 52 mile run, which in my mind is properly radio rental, however as mr pritchard is going to do it, i have asked him if he will share with you guys the why and how he manages to do this kind of thing, so that will be coming up in the next few weeks, and although we at bigmoose don't expect you to all sign up for something equally as tough, it might show what the human body and mind can do, and inspire you to do something outside your comfort zone, and if you've got a few minutes, check out the race organisers as they describe and do the event, barking is a word that springs to mind!

well i am literally nearly falling asleep on the keys, so i'm gonna shut it down, so wish me luck as another 4am twenty miler beckons, and only ten weeks until my race, let's ave it!!!

so until next week, when i hope to have a couple of things to announce, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,