morning (friday 15th)

well i'm not sure if it's coz my favourite number is 15 from when i used to play hockey or what, but this morning 6:10 i am buzzing!

last night was our feed the homeless night, and i always feel energised after that, as it's great seeing all the lovely volunteers engaging with the homeless people, and every month we try to add new dimensions, and enhance the evening, giving out warm clobber, two hairdressers giving free haircuts, more fresh fruit than you can shake a stick at, etc, etc.

every time we add a new dimension i think it makes the evening more special for everybody involved, which i think can only be a good thing.

bearing that in mind i've just remembered one of the reasons i am excited, today at midday, me gareth jones, who describes himself on his business card as captain of innovation, seriously, how cool is that, and cardiff councillor ed stubbs, who i met this week, are gonna be announcing something very exciting on social media, so if the time frame works for you, ave a butchers, and get enthused!

now if you are reading this after midday on the 15th, we'll probably be trending on twitter, and you will have heard about it on huffington, but hey if you're a 'read the blog on a sunday morning, when i've got more time to guffaw at jeff's one liners, admire his ascerbic wit, and get super inspired to do more stuff with my own life, and make the world a better place' kinda girl or guy, then check out our social media threads, as it really will be quite a big step up for us, and hopefully having councillors involved will get us some much needed ears in higher places.

i met ed and gareth earlier this week in a bar in cardiff called porters, which is where i had the idea for the 'grab your coat' campaign, so as well being a pretty cool bar that does live theatre as well as a great selection of liquids, it seems to be my 'go to' bar for inspiration, watch out porters, if you make good coffee i may just have all my meetings with you!

so after a tweet from captain gareth showing me something on the line, we descended upon the aforementioned porters to discuss.

all good so far, the boys, and as i am very much old enough to have sired both these chaps, i feel no shame in calling them such, were very enthusiastic about the project we were there to discuss, but i felt that with our help the homeless evening under a hundred hours away, it would seem prudent and beneficial for them to come along and witness the evening firsthand.

gareth arrived early, and embraced the gig immediately, taking the lead to distribute a tray of juicy apples to our homeless friends, and i knew the emotional connection was there.

ed turned up ten minutes later, and had another councillor bro with him, and they too immersed themselves in the embryonic stages of our homeless project that i know is going to change things, and only for the good.

some people imagine that feeding the homeless is a sad thing, and sometimes it is, but as well as sadness, there is also a lot of happiness, with homeless people experiencing something that they really don't get every day, a simple old thing, and one of the most natural human feelings there is, love.

the love that the volunteers show the homeless people is very real, and when i watch the humility that is shown, the politeness from both the volunteers as well as the homeless people, it warms me and makes my mouth curl, in the right direction.

one particular thing that happened last night that i wanted to share was that a friend of mine of decades now, keith lee, who is a hardy builder by occupation, who, at the disabled children's triathlon we recently held, had keith also suffering from the same eye watering dust that affected me as we saw disabled child after disabled child scream and whoop with pleasure as they took part in a this sporting jamboree, in cockney terms keiff is a goodun.

keith has taken to bringing boxes of fresh fruit, apples, bananas and oranges, which are great takeaways for the homeless folk, and full of good stuff, every month, and last night was no exception, and as the levels in the fruit boxes were slowly peeled away, and they were distributed, i noticed keith talking to nigel.

nigel is one of the homeless chaps, who is quite loud when he speaks, and as a fifty one year old child of the sixties i am struggling to politically correctly describe nigel, but i will let you help me out, and serious apologies to the p.c. police, but i really like nigel and i first met him when he was late for the grub one month as he had been visiting his mum in hospital, so we all had a whip round, and bought him his own unique evening meal, to save his hunger, and so it began.

nigel was talking to keith about his high vis jacket, and continued to tell keith how much he liked it, and it was a joy to watch as keiffy boy told nigel he would give it to him, and proceeded to literally give him the coat off his back, oh the symbolism!

at the time it wasn't emotional, it was funny, but as we all reflected after, it was a lovely gesture, and one human helping another, and that's what is so flipping cool about doing this stuff.

nigel and keiffy before

nigel and keiffy before

and after

and after

how lovely is that?

nigel was on top form last night, and also had his hair cut by our two supersub hairdressers tammy and helen who helped us out last minute by responding to a social media cry for help from me, and turned up bright eyed and full of enthusiasm to cut our throng's hair, and he looks particularly happy with the attention to his grooming regimen he was receiving from both young ladies.

how happy do these three look, great eh?

how happy do these three look, great eh?

so ed and captain gareth witnessed this first hand, and talking to them after everyone had gone home i felt that they had connected completely, which i think is so important, and will help us drive this project we are looking at forward, so keep an eye on the old twitter and facebook feeds.

another big shout out goes to matt thomas who i met this week, who also came to his first homeless evening last night, and is hopefully gonna join us on a few bigmoose fun filled activities going forward, and is a great example of people i come across in my professional life who would love to help in some way, as and when it is possible for them, but just don't know how, and i love dragging them kicking and screaming to what we do!

matt is professional guy, and as such reminded me of a post we put out a while back, but which is always relevant.

so all in all a pretty positive week, and next week sees me and my running coach rory going to present to gocompare to see if we can encourage some of them to run the cardiff half with bigmoose, with rory's paternal guidance, so hopefully we can boost the crew who have already committed, and if you fancy it drop me a line.

we welcome runners of all standards, from people that have never run, ever, to gazelle like athletes aiming for a pb (that's 'personal best', not 'peanut butter' for all you non runners)

so in conclusion this week, i've met some game changers, who hopefully will help bigmoose rise up the ranks, and continue to punch way above it's weight, and with your help and support we are gonna leave the world better than we found it, so keep on doing your monthly mooses, and until next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,