hi there bigmoose chums,

and to the influx of new subscribers we had this week, welcome, and thanks for getting involved.

this week i have mostly being experimenting with periscope. (keep it clean, please!)

hands up if you use or know what periscope is, that's kinda like 'up periscope' i guess?

sorry that was appalling, and it will never happen again.

so, periscope, which all you cool subscribers will be nodding, and going 'yeah i've been on that from time, and it's well cray cray' is a live streaming app which has been admired by twitter so much they bought the company.

now, i have only just discovered it, and i am researching to see if it can work for me or any of my projects, and i may do a test broadcast on it this weekend, so if you follow me on twitter keep an eye out, and if you don't already, just jump onto https://twitter.com/bigmoosetweets and please follow us.

so, this weekend a mate of mine from everest 2014 who is a young man i have spoken about before as being in my opinion a very inspirational chap, alex staniforth, who aged 19, has apart from raising the money to pay for his everest attempt twice, has also done some pretty amazing stuff for one who is in his final teen year.

but don't take my word for it, check out his website here http://www.alexstaniforth.com/

impressive huh?

i doubt many of us will have such a rich tapestry of stories or achievements in the whole of our lives, but what alley cat, as i refer to him as, has crammed into his youth is extremely impressive.

we spoke before everest 2014 over twitter and the telephone, and i then met him on the walk in to base camp a couple of times, and then in the whole of bustling busy kathmandu, i wandered into a coffee shop where alex was, and we had an enjoyable catchup about our experiences, and about how painful it was having our dreams extinguished, and the loss we felt of the guys who were killed that year.

fast forward to 2015, and the irrepressible alley cat, again fundraised for his second go at everest, a really impressive feat, that i only too well know, is extremely difficult, especially second time around.

this powerhouse of a young fella managed it though, and this year as he stepped onto the plane bound for nepal, could not i'm sure have imagined the horror that was to face him within weeks.

we all know the terrible situation that happened on that fateful day, but whilst i was reading about the earthquake on news feeds, alex was at camp one on mount everest, the highest mountain on this planet, and did not know that there were people he was climbing with, that he would never see alive again.

his story is a powerfully moving one, and as well as all of the truly remarkable stuff that he has been up to, alex has now started writing a book about his experiences, and i have no doubt it will be well received by the world.

alley cat is south wales bound this weekend, and i am looking forward to chatting with him, and climbing in the beacons together, but we will also be trying to set up our first periscope, which will be me interviewing alex about how it really felt being trapped in this inhospitable place, aged 19, with avalanches happening all around you, so tune in if you can via twitter and the periscope app https://www.periscope.tv/about

alley cat is also on team moose, so i am hoping we can persuade him to set up one of his epic challenges with and for our team, watch this space.

so as well as investigating new forms of social media this week, i managed to do my first marathon in my training last week with my running coach rory, which was believe it or not a lot of fun, and i was actually able to talk as we ran, and coach rory's sense of humour helped me while away the hours on my feet, which he kept reminding was what this 100k race was all about, time on your feet.

i was pretty pleased with my recovery after the 26.2 miles we did, and as this was the longest i have ever run in my life it gave me added confidence going forward, which is a good place to be.

rory and i also caught up to present to gocompare staff this week to see if they wanted to join our team bigmoose that will be running the cardiff half marathon on october 4th this year, and feedback was, so we were told, 'mega'  so if you fancy joining us, please get in touch, it's going to be a great event, with lots of runners wearing our new designed technical running shirts, and access to coach rory for zero cost, an offer that has great value, and could change your life.

wow, i've just segued into another item i wanted to tell you about, smoother than a fresh jar of skippy!

so as i just mentioned the running info that coach rory can impart can be life changing, and this week i saw a video that, apologies if you've seen it, but man it's worth a watch, and totally is life changing.

it's long, but it really is worth the time, and shows what anybody can achieve if they just have the desire, and for me it really is inspirational

this young man ronnie brower weighs in at 674lb (48 stone to save you the calc) and decides to change it all, and the transformation is remarkable, have a watch.


so that's ronnie, congrats geezer, you totally show what dedication and discipline can do, i love it.

finally, i did a photoshoot for my dayjob this week, and the photographer alex lloyd jenkins, who by the way is awesome, check him out, http://alexlloydjenkins.com/ and give him a call if you need a supercool shutterbug, mentioned to me he has a friend who has got into 100 mile running races, and he proceeded to hook us up on twitter.

sarah wilde, as she was christened, has a great running pedigree, and if you wanna check her out here's a link https://twitter.com/sarahwwilde

i had a chat via twitter, as you do, and she has great sense of humour, and i inevitably asked her for any tips for my upcoming race in july, to which she offered to share her motivational quote that she wrote on her hand on her last 100 miler, which i loved, and felt i had to share with you guys, but if you're young and impressionable please don't look as it has a swear word on it, sorry, but it did make me chuckle, and i may well use it!

and on that note, i bid you farewell, and hope you are suitably inspired to have an amazing weekend doing loads of out of the ordinary things, and leading the life your world deserves.

till next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,