top o' the morning to ya, well another week rolls around, and we're still at bat, so we've got that going for us!

well today bigmoose folk, i'm gonna mix it up for ya, i'm gonna give you a video to watch at the beginning of my blog, and, as always, if you've seen it i apologise, but seriously it's worth watching again i reckon, enjoy.

what do you think?

i love him, i so want him on my team!

it made me think back to some of my hockey games that i played, and when you were in a hole, really up against it, how the great players always stepped up and took on the role of leader, and i used to love those pressure situations.

i remember one game in particular when i played for cardiff, and i still lived in london, so i used to travel to the games in the south and meet my teammates at the rink.

in those days of no internet and no mobile phones i relied on a thing called teletext, which depending on your age you will either nod in that way we all do when anyone mentions aztec bars, banana splits, double deckers, and if i said 'i'm a secret lemonade drinker' you'd probably say 'r whites'.

however for those of you whose first knowledge of a mobile phone was not the iconic moment in the 87 movie wall street, where michael sheen has the first nokia brick i had ever seen, please google teletext for a better description than i can muster up, but briefly it was rubbish system of giving various info on among other things british ice hockey matches faceoff times, and for me was my guide on what time to be at the rink.

i always liked to be at the rink earlier than the team bus so i could get my kit from the dungeon like depths of the 52 seater, and set about my pre game rituals, superstitious animal that i was.

so i checked teletext, confirmed the time i need to be at the rink and set off to medway in kent for a top of the table clash between the top two teams in the division with a chance to get promotion pretty much based on this fixture.

in the opposing goal was my ex streatham teammate who i loved playing against because we both always had great games when we faced each other on the milky ice.

i had a leisurely drive from my home in north london, and arrived with plenty of time to spare, and noticed that the car park was pretty full already, which i guessed meant there was a junior game preceding our fixture, and i also thought that our clash had probably seen the fans arriving early to get into the rink, my anticipation for what lay ahead was getting my adrenaline levels going already.

i meandered towards the rink, and noticed they had the tv lights on, which was unusual for a junior game, as these lights were normally only used for fixtures they filmed.

i entered the rink, and could hear a pretty vociferous crowd, and it was then that i started to realise that my team were on the ice already.

my heart raced as if it was going to jump out of my chest, and i suddenly caught the eye of our coach driver, who had a mixed look of relief and horror when he saw me, and then proceeded to take on the role of personal protection officer to get me through the throng of baying away fans, who offered me a tirade of abuse, which to be honest was white noise as my eyes studied our reserve goalies body shape in the goal crease that was my world, as he was bombarded by a medway attack which resulted in the twine behind him to bulge, and the red light illuminate telling two and a half thousand people that their beloved bears had taken the lead.

i dashed to the dressing room, not actually believing what was going on, and as i sat down to pull on my goalie equipment that morphed me from being an eleven stone weakling who had to run around the shower to get wet,into a falstaffian giant who struck fear into opponents hearts.

the crowd outside cheered, and it was loud, way louder than our travelling fans were capable of being, 2-0.

as the first twenty minute period of the game slowly slipped away the bad guys scored twice more, to leave my shellshocked team come in for the first break to find me ready for battle.

'smitty you son of a gun', or something like that, my memory fails me now, every teammate offered me as they filed in like soldiers from a frozen battlefield.

we had an amazing team though, and the leaders, the guys like appolos, the guy in the vt, all stayed calm.

i, on the other hand was so nervous , as lose this, we lost the league, no pressure smiffy, damn you teletext!

the second period saw me give up one goal , but the boys from the welsh capital pulled the game back, for us to be losing, if my memory serves me right 5-4.

we came off the ice, and i was enjoying the intensity of the engagement, and we all knew what need to be done, i needed to shore up the defence, and we needed two to win, simple.

it was a very tough final twenty minutes, but our guys did what championship winners always do, they stayed calm, and they stayed strong, we had a raft of penalties that left us short handed, and we should have lost, but sheer determination and belief that we were never going to lose allowed us to emerge 5-6 winners, and we continued on to win promotion to the top flight at the end of the season by just one point.

that game was won by a group of guys who had the same belief that the east view running back just told you about, and this belief has served me well, and if it resonates with you in any way i hope it makes you smile, and if it doesn't, use it to inspire you to be stronger, to do better than you've ever done before, you know you can, you just need to truly believe.

and breathe!

so that was the start of my blog, i may possibly have peaked :)

i actually haven't, and have some great things to share with you guys, but as this blog is destined to be a tad long, i am gonna bullet point the news for you, not for lazy reasons, but seriously there is so much bigmoose action happening at the moment, check it out.

1. we have secured a high street restaurant called arbennig in cardiff who are going to come and feed the homeless with us on 11th june, with a menu i haven't seen, but i think it is going to be pretty delicious from what i understand, and a real treat for the homeless folk.

2. we have just lent our five spin bikes to gocompare to use in an internal fundraiser for macmillan, and raised £666 the little devils, which brings our total raised to £5,166 only £994,834 to go, we'll get there!

3. greggs the bakers have agreed to let my friend angie wilmott collect food at the end of the day from a number of stores to give to the homeless, so we just need to get some details on how this can be achieved, great work ange, x

4. we have a date of 20th june at 2pm, and a venue of the david lloyd in cardiff for rory coleman professional running coach to give our cardiff half marathoners a short seminar including tips on shoes, nutrition, and a personalised 12 week programme, all free of charge, so if you want to come along, just get in touch with me on 07977585548, it's going to be great.

5. gocompare have committed to buy a spin bike and join our 2020 club, so if you want to join them, and buy one, again, just give me a call.

6. we have secured the david lloyd as a venue for one of our events this year, news of which is to follow, but much bigmoose  love to nick edwards the gm at the club, we can't wait to work with you.

7. peter alan estate agents, who are one of my clients, have asked bigmoose to facilitate a cycling event, which i am really excited about, and will be helping them raise money for noah's ark.

8. and, finally, the 26th july is going to be the biggest thing we have ever done, but we are planning it as i type, so just block out that date, as we want you to do something the epicness of which you will never have seen from us, and it can be done by anybody, but we aren't going to tell you details until july 1st, as we want a real tickertape launch, but needless to say you will be impressed.

phew quite a lot going on eh?

we would love you guys reading this to join us on some of this stuff, so please, push your boundaries, join us, and come along for the ride, we will hopefully leave you feeling like apollos in the video :)

we have also been asked quite a lot just lately about bigmoose merch, so we have our friends at visible art looking at some designs for us, and we may be putting some stuff in our shop very soon, for you to wear, and promote us, and what we all live for, leaving the world better than we found it.

but for now, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,