good morning, how goes?

i was tempted to ask if you voted, but i'm gonna steer away from all political shizzle, as it will be everywhere you look this morning, so this is gonna be a political shizzle free zone!

today dear loyal blog reader i need your help.

still here?

well, the help i need from you is advice, low financial cost to you, but time consuming, and that is a huge cost in itself, so you're gonna need to dig deep and invest in me if you wanna be part of this.

how do i need your advice?

well i'm on the edge of a precipice, and i'm at that shall i jump and hope my wings open so i can fly like a bird, or will i drop with gravitational force of 120mph to certain death kinda place.

dramatic eh?

well yes dramatic, but this is kinda how i'm feeling, hence the call for your help.

i have committed to my dream of raising £1 million for charities by 2020, and the clock is ticking in a very loud way, and i am very conscious that i need to get my finger out with getting the bikes i need to get to hold the events i want to hold, and raise the money for these charities that i want to support.


how do i get there?

well, i have been working hard at speaking to people i thought could help me, and i have seen some great success, but i have also seen some epic fails, so i need to up my game, and this is where i need your help.

still here?

i don't want your money, well definitely not yet any way, what i do want is your help and advice on how i can buy bikes, which i can use to hold spin bike events as fundraisers as my buddy tim in the u.s. does annually, and get to my £1 million pound goal.

i am looking at trying to crowdfund to assist me on this journey, and i have never done anything like this, and so where i need your help is i need anybody who knows anything about crowdfunding, and can offer help or advice on the best platforms to use, i.e, is kickstarter better than indiegogo, how much should we aim for, what kinda perks should we offer, this kind of thing i would love love love your input.

now if you have zero idea what i am talking about, then i'm really sorry to bombard you, but if you are reading this blog then you are the people who can help me most, kinda like my non military army, and you can be sort of bigmoose evangelists, playing your part in realising this dream, as, by offering support and ideas, you are investing in creating our success.

so, how can you help exactly?

if you think you can offer any idea, however whacky, we love whacky by the way, it would be great to hear from you, and then i can build a picture of whether i should step back from the edge, or take a huge intake of breath and dive headlong into this unknown world.

now this isn't an ego trip to get you guys to e-mail bigging us up, this is an honest request for you, if you feel strongly, positively or negatively, on whether we should crowdfund or not, and if we should, your thoughts on how to do this successfully.

it would be great if you could e-mail me at

if you are able to get in touch that would be great, but if you don't want to, for whatever reason, hopefully you can read how we get on in future blogs and what decision we make about using this method to realise our dream, and if we decide to go forward you can see the dream unfold, and observe how it pans out, hopefully being a part of it, even if only from the sidelines, but maybe with bigmoose flags and banners saying "go bigmoose"!

all support will be gratefully received.

now, as weeks go, this last one has probably been more negative than positive if i'm honest, as i have had a venue i had approached as a possible site to hold our inaugural bike event come back to me with a firm 'no' to allowing us to pay to use their facility, which i can live with, the fact that the ops manager took two months to reply after her initial request for information about the event, and me needing to prompt her after the first month of no response was the bit that got old smiffy's hackles up a bit, but hey i'm not bitter, just constantly amazed at how rude some people in authority can be, rant over.

the other craperama negative news was that a charity that i had approached to get involved with bigmoose, allowing us to help raise money for them, knocked me back, which having had numerous charities in the past show similar shortsightedness, i am not surprised, just frustrated.

however, i experienced this kind of thing when we raised £60k for tct last year, having been snubbed by three other charities who i offered to embrace as the beneficiaries of the money we were going to raise before, so i guess i should be used to it.

i'm not.

howwwwwwwever, they will not keep us down, and it's all about the journey right?

so, how do we show them we were right?

we continue to do what we believe in, and we show how strong we are, and we succeed.




this is a kinda weird one, but i am growing to love it.

some weeks back i went for a meeting with friends of bigmoose, the lovely folk from gocompare, and after an exceptionally energetic and exuberant meeting in their very shiny boardroom, a number of things were discussed, one of which was pants.

how was the subject of underwear introduced and debated, well i will tell you.

nadine beaton who is now a friend, and big supporter of bigmoose had an idea that gocompare could buy pants to give to the homeless people we help provide food to once a month, as well as warm clothes, fresh fruit, and free haircuts.

my initial reaction was confused, but not wanting to support their competitors ;) i allowed the idea to permeate my cranial region, and allowed nadine to explain that pants were probably something that, let's talk candidly here, homeless folk won't have changed for a while, and probably weren't high on their priority list.

however, having seen the benefit of offering free haircuts to these guys and girls, i have witnessed first hand how the unusual, and somewhat off track ideas can actually generate real positivity among them.

so, gocompare are encouraging their workforce to purchase new pairs of pants, which next thursday we will give away to the throng of folk that come to the feeding station, and i look forward to reporting back positively on the result, and would like to thank the gocompare team for looking away from the traditional ways of doing things, and sparking things up a bit, and i hope the idea is met with smiles, watch this space.

finally, on reading over this blog it feels somewhat negative, and i'm really not a negative guy, so apologies if it came across this way, but this old thing life has ups and downs right, and i'd prefer to be honest and real, rather than sugar coating things, and putting on a smiley facade, but the downs only make the ups that much fun hopefully, so in the words of buzz lightyear 'let's shake some shizzle!' oh no that was me, sorry!

so until next week, i hope to hear from you on the crowdfunding gig, and thanks for getting involved in advance.

blue skies,