morning campers!

(80's british sitcom reference, old readers please smile and repeat other well known catchphrases from this show, young guns please google and do confused face, as most 70's and 80's sitcoms beggar belief at the amount of various 'isms they contain, sexism, racism, etc, as well as stereotyping, such as taffy in 'please sir' please apply above rules for this 1968 sitcom, and 'love thy neighbour' and 'till death us do part' both unbelievable i'm sure if viewed today, but fortunately symbols of how we can measure how far we have advanced in our attitudes towards sexuality and tolerance of other people we share our world with, so we're advancing, which is hopefully a good thing?)

wow, where did that come from?

apparently todays roast is pretty strong!!

ok enough about my sitcom induced childhood, how're you doing? (subtle huh)

well hopefully you've had a strong week, and have done some stuff to make you do the odd fistpump.

when i say 'odd' fistpump i don't mean odd looking, obviously, although fistpumping is a little bit of a strange behaviour, although i do personally choose to do it every now and then when joyous news reaches my shell likes, but i do try to refrain from fistpumping in public, as it embarrass's my children and normally most people around, but hey i'm getting older, and we quinquagenarians are allowed to behave badly, in private and public, i am contemplating bringing back 'wazzzuuuuup' in public places, just cos i can.

non uk residents reading this will be skipping to the juicy stuff at the end, apologies for the above self indulgence, i have a propensity for wandering off track sorry.

to bigmoose news then.

this week has been very productive, and i have had a chat with supermarket chain morrisons, who after hearing about our success with greggs allowing us to collect their food waste daily, are looking at how they can put  a programme together, so i won't fistpump just yet, but i'm warming up, and it's just great that these nationals are starting to contemplate even looking into this situation, and how it can be improved, we really are evolving, slowly, but very positively, and never doubt how small actions can effect many.

as well as morrisons news, i have other big news, we have sold another bike for our spin bike mission, and as such we are moving along quite nicely, and it is great for me to get the backing of this company, as they are a very big part of wales, and especially the principality, but they want me to keep from announcing their involvement until they have got their pr machine on it to maximise the exposure, so i won't say a word, but i am very close to fistpumping. (secretly, between me and you i did a little private fistpump, but let's keep that on the lowdown ok)

also this week i have had a very experienced charity fundraiser approach me to see if he could help bigmoose in some way, and as an accountant, he is going to be a very welcome member of the team and is looking to organise a group of potential investors who may be interested in buying bikes, so that is pretty exciting, and again great to have people believing in what we do.

another person who believes in what we're up to is my climbing guide, 'big boss' russell brice, and i hooked up with russ last week in london, where he gave me his version of what had happened this year on everest, which was very interesting, and quite disturbing when he described some of the goings on, but lovely to see this amazing climber i now class as a friend, and i gave him some bigmoose tees for his sherpa team that were heading off to climb k2 in pakistan, and it was great to get a couple of pictures back from the guys in islamabad.

nima, my great sherpa friend who helped me reach 8000m on manaslu

nima, my great sherpa friend who helped me reach 8000m on manaslu

the himex heroes working the brand for us, thanks russ

the himex heroes working the brand for us, thanks russ

russ also told me about a project he is working on with some seriously big hitters from the states, which will be helping nepal which i will tell you more about after k2, but it will be a pretty worldwide event that will help the country massively, so thanks for continuing to inspire me mr brice, loving your work.

here is a picture of me and russ, with me having just shown russ that i have over 63 worry lines on my head. 

as you can see russ was pretty impressed!

as you can see russ was pretty impressed!

so, tomorrow, saturday 20th, my running coach, rory, is holding a seminar for our team bigmoose runners that will be doing the cardiff half marathon in october, and i am very much looking forward to it, as it will be great to start this journey with some people who have signed up, but are pretty daunted by the challenge, but i know rory will be the perfect resource for them, and will help guide them to greatness.

as well as coaching me for my first ultra marathon in less than four weeks time, rory has been coaching a group of people who work for dixons carphone, the race sponsors, and the results have been nothing short of incredible.

his programme is called average to awesome or a2a, and here is a reflection and video of the group, and as these are all average people like me and you, it just shows how with a little encouragement we can all achieve some awesomeness, and it is never too late.




Team before Average to Awesome

Unmotivated, Unfit, Hopeful, Stale

Complacent, Down, Directionless,

Unmotivated, Unsure, Drifting


Average to Awesome Team now

Fit and focused

Fit and toned

Committed and proud

Positive and motivated

Alive, got my mojo back!

Determined and motivated

Inspired and motivated

Focused and Determined

Positive and focused

Passionate and Confident

Healthier and Happier


Describe Average to Awesome Team

Exceptional, Driven, Inspirational, Awesome

Amazing, Phenomenal, Determined


Describe Dixons Carphone

Supportive, Opportunity, Inconsistent,

Dissappointing, Resourceful, Engagement


Describe Rory Coleman

Inspirational, Passionate, Demanding,

Transforming, Dude, Supportive

Motivational, Engaging, Power, Awesome


Your Average to Awesome Journey

“My journey on A2A has been one of CHANGE, Not only in the way I look but the way I feel and the way I am. I feel my whole attitude had changed, my fitness level has changed and my body has changed. All in a good way, and although I may not quite be AWESOME yet, I am well on the way to becoming AWESOME. I would like to thank everyone that made it possible for me to PLANK, SQUAT, RUN and ACHE, on A2A because without this opportunity I would still be content on the settee with a beer and a bag of Backcountry scratching’s.

Thanks guys.” Stuart Buckley


“Started off as an unfit 35 year old and have now ending my journey as a fit and toned 36 year old where I'm getting comments from my football team saying its the fittest they have seen me and from retiring this season as my body couldn't take it I am going to carry on thanks to the help of a2a and Rory, my life has changed where most nights I am either jogging, biking or training whilst still having treats with food knowing what I should and shouldn't be doing or having.” John Reeves


“At the start of the journey I wasn't good at pushing myself out my comfort zone, using family and work life as an excuse. Throughout the A2A scheme, I finally feel I'm at a place in my life where I can now fully commit myself to something, and not become overwhelmed by the outcome or unknown. It's taught me, that I'm a stronger person than I ever felt I was. And pushing myself out my comfort zone can be the best feeling and most rewarding thing I have ever done.” Karen Kenny


“This journey has taken me from an uninspired man who woke up in the morning and dreaded work to not being massively into health and fitness, inspired to live longer and help others replicate my transformation to beat ME, to live healthier/happier and be a far more energised and positive person.” Tyler Carew


“It has made me think about what I have been doing, what I want to do and what I can do.  It has re-energised and inspired me, driving me to set challenging targets of myself to better my state of mind and health.  It has given me the opportunity to meet great people and share a once in a lifetime experience.  It is a catalyst for things to come.” Den Fitzpatrick


“This journey has given my weight loss & health journey a kick start & I feel more confident now that I can stick to it. It's not only helped my health which has improved immensely I have a much more positive can do attitude & now look at challenges knowing I can achieve them not looking for reasons why I can't do it.” Tara Daly


“This journey has changed the way I see life. Not only has it changed me for the better but inspired me to help my family. We now regularly go out rather than sit in front of the TV. Spend time at the park rather than on the Xbox and eat healthier instead of takeaways. Not only have I lost weight but I've also saved money! ;)” Andy Poole


“The journey has opened my eyes to what's important in life to me, my family and how I can improve the quality of life while helping inspire others.” Colin Neilson


“This journey has made me believe that I am capable of any challenge I put my mind too.  No matter how tough, no matter how big, with dedication and confidence I can tackle any obstacle.  I feel fantastic about my lifestyle and physical changes and know that this is now the new me.” Paul Scullion


“The journey has allowed me to lift the lid on my limited belief, and has made me realise and appreciate that anything is possible if you have a goal in sight.” Mark Murphy


“I was drifting along not realising what I was putting my body through with a care free attitude.

Now fully focused, determined to improve my life and lifestyle, inspired by people on the A2A team on what can be achieved. This journey is a start of the rest of my long life.” Stuart Lefley

now, if you get this blog friday, and you go 'i wish i could do that', you can, come and join us tomorrow in cardiff and let rory help you become awesome, and all foc, now that really is awesome!

well i hope that has inspired you, and if it has, please get in touch and tell us how, it's always great to hear your stories, but for now remember, in any situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing is the wrong thing; but the worst thing you can do is nothing.

blue skies,