well hello,

thanks for opening today's blog, it's been a toughy to write.


well as regular readers will be aware i am doing a run on my birthday in july, which requires a shed load of training, and is the biggest running quest i have ever done, and i hope to succeed at it, and to do so, i am now training six days a week, and trying to fit in my work for my own business, bigmoose related activities, and a recent consultant position i have been given, i am at times a little stretched, but you know what they say if you want something done, ask a busy person, though fitting in writing todays blog meant stretching the 24 hours out a little.

but you know, if you really want to do something, you’ll find a way, and if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

we all do that right, we put off the stuff we don't really want to do with a little excuse here, and a big obstacle there, and i'm as guilty as the next person with certain things, so this isn't some moralistic sermon, but when it comes to failing at whatever i set my mind to, it won't be for the lack of effort, so if i decide to run a race or climb a mountain that's my goal, and only i can achieve it, and i have choices on how much effort i put in, and hopefully it all comes together, but by golly, it will not be for the lack of effort.

so this morning i have a hill run to do, and a blog to write, so how on earth can i do both?

do i want both?

i totally want both, so something has to give, and what is it that gives, nothing really, i just go to bed earlier, and get up earlier, simple really, it's just manoeuvring things around to allow things to happen, but you gotta really want it, and if you do you'll find a way.

a guy that continues to find a way is david tait.

i have spoken about david before in my blog, and i was lucky enough to meet david recently to discuss a bigmoose project, which i hope one day to work together on.

but until then summed up quickly, david is a five times summiteer of everest, and as such he has raised over a million for nspcc, who are a charity close to his heart, having been abused terribly as a child.

his next expedition sets off in under two weeks to pakistan to climb the second tallest, and one of the most deadly mountains in the world, k2.

this trip sees david stretching himself both physically and from a fundraising point of view, as he is aiming to raise £1 million on this single amazing adventure, and it is being filmed by the discovery channel, so we can all watch it sometime soon after the expedition, it will be epic in the true meaning of the word i'm sure.

he is climbing with bigmoose supporter, and my team leader on manaslu and everest russell brice, so i feel he is in the safest of hands, but this mountain is known as the savage mountain for a reason, and prior to 2014 the death rate on the mountain compared with every summit was 10%, so for every ten summits there was one death, absolutely massive statistics, though i totally see why david wants to push himself to to climb this mountain, it is a phenomenal challenge, and it will be a huge success when he summits, and is totally befitting his £1 million challenge.

as you can possibly tell, i'm a fan :)

so with no further ado here is david talking prior to his last everest summit, and showing that if you want it bad enough you will get it.

if you like the cut of his jib, and would like to follow his adventure, and possibly even donate to this amazing charity, here is a link to his website.


so how was your week lovely blog reading folk? really great i hope?

mine has been quite frenetic, but extremely rewarding.

on monday we launched our bigmoose walk for nepal, which is a vehicle for people to do their monthly moose, get a little healthier, and help raise some money for a great cause, what's not to like?

the dream i had was to get a number of groups across the uk, and the world if possible, to join in on the same day, sunday 26th july, to meet up and walk a predetermined route, and pay ten pounds for the privilege, which will then be donated to a nepal earthquake relief fund.

we take lots of pictures of the different walks, share it with our friends, more people become aware of bigmoose, and we get one step closer to the whole world knowing about us.

so just prior to launch i contacted sherpa adventure gear, who are an outdoor brand run by sherpas in nepal, and is a brand that i have worn and supported for five years to see if we could donate to their fundraising efforts, and they seemed to like our idea, and want to back us in our dream.

it was very strange though, that as i typed my introduction e-mail to their company my phone pinged to reveal a message from my sherpa ñgima, who supported me when i climbed manaslu in nepal in 2013, which kind of spooked me a little, but allowed me to ask him a little about the credibility of the brand within the sherpa community, which he confirmed was very good, and made me feel we were partnering with the right relief fund.

sherpa are on the ground as i type, supporting in many ways, and i am very happy to donate our walk for nepal funds to their efforts.



so, currently we have fifteen groups being formed around the world, and will have teams in argentina, australia, nz, spain, monaco, usa, as well as the uk, so not a bad start with seven weeks to go, so if you read this and fancy organising a group of people in your neck of the woods, just get in touch, we would love you onboard, and man o man what a great monthly moose, get the kids involved, the old folk, anyone and everyone, we in cardiff are doing a very accessible and flat walk, and encouraging people with disabilities to join us, so be creative, and help us do something amazing on 26th july.

i hope you can join us.

walk for nepal.jpg

well, my packed week also consisted of a meeting with our first restaurant to offer their services and food to help feed the homeless of cardiff, and we will be putting this plan into practise next thursday, so hopefully we'll have a bit if a report of how it goes with the lovely john and ceri from arbennig in cardiff, who are really lovely humans by the way.

and finally this lunchtime, oh the irony, i am meeting with my good friend angie willmott with the area manager of greggs the bakers to discuss the possibility of us collecting all the food they would normally throw away, so in a week where tesco, one of the uk's largest supermarket chains has agreed to donate all it's food that would normally be disposed of, although very edible, maybe the publicity will help us, power to the people i say, lol!

again, i will report on how that goes, but how cool if we can start making a bit of a difference locally, you never know what might happen nationally, small steps, but in the right direction eh?

so my run beckons, my blog is written, and i will don my new orange north face running shoes, completely on brand, and are purported to be able to be seen from the moon they are so bright, which just reminds me, if any of you guys and girls want to join in our bigmoose cardiff half marathon team, with zero cost, we are holding our seminar with professional running coach rory coleman at the david lloyd on saturday 20th june at 2pm, all abilities welcome, we'd love to see you, but please get in touch, we only have a certain amount that will fit in the room.

so, for now have an amazing week, do special things, inspire others to do special things, and make a difference, it's cheesy but it aint no rehearsal.

till next week, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies bigmoosers,