good morning, this weeks blog is mainly going to be about running and walking, so if you're feeling sedentary, please do not read!

on the running side of things i have a mixture of emotions flying about inside me at the moment, my first bunch of physiological bouncing balls are caused by my forthcoming ultra marathon in 8 days time.

i am hitting the 'scared out of my wits' stage, and as a mate of mine said to me yesterday, 'yeah but you love that stuff', and on reflection he is right, which i know is why i do what i do, and why i push myself physically and mentally to explore my limits, and to see if i can cope.

but that doesn't mean i am not scared.

every time i climb a mountain, or run a race, or jump out of a plane i am scared, but why then do it?

because i am an addict.

i love danger, and i am addicted to this stuff.

this is the chemical symbol for adrenaline, also known as epinephrine or C9H13NO3

i am addicted to it, I love what it does to me, i love how it makes me perform, and today my current state of mind feels like the build up to the game, the jump, the race, and this is the bit i miss about no longer playing ice hockey.

to pull on your team jersey, hear the crowd shouting, and when you are in the big games, not even be able to hear yourself when you shout at team mates, is the part i miss the most, stepping onto the ice surface knowing that your performance will directly impact the outcome of the game is immensely pressurised, especially as a goalie, as every mistake you make is measured in pounds shillings and pence, but you can also be pivotal in getting the win, you can change the outcome of a game with one sliding leg pad, or one catch made with cat like reactions.

this i miss.

but now i climb, now i run, now i jump, with childlike abandon, but acted out in an adult world, with adult dangers, this is how i get my fix.

i push the limits, and i love to see what this over half a century old body and mind can do, and the adrenal glands dance a merry jig, as i fuel them with my dreams.

so, i now taper down my training, i reduce my mileage, i change my diet, and i prepare for saturday week where i enter the unknown realm of ultra marathons, 100 kilometres by foot, and i am hoping i will be able to complete it in 15 hours, think about it, think about where 100k is to where you are, and then think about running there, are you as scared as i am?

the only thing going for me is i know i have prepared, i have prepared to the very best of my ability, i have employed the best running coach in the business, i have been on a strict diet, i have run crazy training mileages, and i feel ready, so if i succeed or fail it will not be for the lack of effort.

but to give things a little perspective gunhild swanson has just run the western states 100, which is 100 miles not kilometres, and she completed it with just six seconds left before the cutoff of 30 hours, six seconds, how so very close, but it's pretty cool watching her finish, as gunhild is actually 70 years of age, and she is so going to be my inspiration in my race, so thanks gunhild for inspiring me.

pretty cool huh?

so that was the running bit, and next up is the walking bit.

as hopefully dear bigmoose reader you will know by now, we are holding a 'walk for nepal' on the 26th july, which is a simple premise, where we organise a walk approximately three hours long that people attend and pay £10 or the equivalent local currency to take part in and all the money goes to the nepal earthquake fund to help rebuild their country.

having fallen in love with nepal, i, like a lot of people was devastated to see the destruction caused by the earthquakes that hit this beautiful land, and so our efforts can hopefuly help in our small way.

if you are going to join us in one of locations, thanks, but if you are reading this and fancy getting a group of likeminded friends together to do the same, wherever you are in world please drop me a line it would be great to have you along, and as i have been writing this, friend of bigmoose dan hogg, who will be in argentina on the 26th, has just e-mailed linking us into two friends of his who are in san fran and bolivia, who are going to join in getting groups, so if you fancy it, hit me up as they say, at, or call on 07977585548.

dan has been 'bigmoose busy' this week, and as i posted on social media this week he sent me a pic of himself as he arrived first on machu picchu, and the 'first' bit, as any of the competitive folk amongst you will agree is super important, awesome view eh?

nice one dan, who is currently travelling the world pretty much, so watch for more über cool location shots, i hope.

well, as a follow up to last weeks list of fun meetings i had lined up, the millennium stadium in cardiff was definitely the biggest on the radar, and i met darren and caroline from the stadium, and a two and half hour meeting that ensued was so, so positive, with some seriously big opportunities for bigmoose, and a couple of the things that i am allowed to talk about now were the fact that they will allow me to use one of their meeting rooms in the stadium for any bigmoose business, foc, when i want, which will be pretty powerful for new opportunities, so that was cool, but another really great thing that we discussed was food waste after gigs and games at the stadium, and we are currently discussing logistics to see if we can help take away all perfectly safe food, and then distribute it to the needy, which i think is going to be a big project, but what a great chance to have been afforded.

there will hopefully be some other surprises, but we have a little way before screaming, which is definitely what i will be doing if they come off, so please bear with us, and keep all digits firmly crossed, very exciting times.

i have also now got a meeting scheduled for the 15th july with a lady from the welsh government to discuss their approach to tackling poverty, which i am still shaking my head at, how did that even happen, so lots going on at the moment, and i will update when i get more news, but as another pal of mine commented bigmoose has come a long way in such a short time, and you dear reader have helped us on our journey, so thanks for being there, thanks for the messages, thanks for sharing stuff on social media, which i have to add is how the millennium link up happened. caroline i mentioned earlier saw the piece on greggs giving us food waste, and this prompted the e-mail they sent me, so please don't ever doubt how important a small thing like a share, or retweet can be, the power we have at our fingertips is massive, and has such fast and large possibilities, so again thank you for sharing my bigmoose journey, let's see how big this badboy can go!

as i finish my blog this morning the sun is streaming into my office and the dawn chorus is being sung sweetly as i open the sliding doors to the world, and i miss my buddy who i lost eight years ago, and whose name this journey bears, but i feel sure he would be looking down and feeling proud of what his passing has caused, and the good that has come from it so far, and as my eyes water, i whisper to myself, i miss you man, loved you like a brother.

enjoy your life, have no regrets, do the stuff that scares you and inspire others to do the same,

blue skies,