good morning lovely bigmoose gang,

today you will have to excuse my erratic writing, as my body is full of carbohydrates and nervous energy.

carbohydrates have been on my banned substances list for some while now under instruction from my running coach rory, who flippantly said "you need to drop a stone" when we first met.

how rude.

but after my return from everest i had still continued my fondness, and daily ritual of having a toasted banana and peanut butter sandwich for breakfast, yet with no gruelling training regime to counter balance it, and in fairness to rory, and an ex hockey playing buddy who pulled no punches when informing me i had "put on some lumber" which i don't know about you but when somebody has the sheer audacity to insult one in this fashion i have a propensity to head for the scales to immediately substantiate or revoke their claims.

no defence your honour.

i had indeed put on some lumber, and unfortunately/fortunately rory says it how it is, so carbohydrates have disappeared from my life, and so to has the lumber.

since being on the rory diet plan i have dropped about 18lb, and feel amazingly strong, and had a mate of mine recently described me as a racing snake, which i smiled at and felt good about when he said it, but in truth i didn't really know what a racing snake was, so with the assistance of larry page and partner sergey brin's product, i checked it out.

thus read the description, 'racing snake, someone built for speed, i.e. someone lean who is an immensely fast runner.'

well the only part of that i'll take is lean, which to be fair i'm happy with, as aged 52 tomorrow, i am never going to be ' an immensely fast runner', fact.

whilst looking up racing snake i stumbled upon a website of the same name that does all manner of human endurance races and events, oh bloody hell, here we go again!!!

this website looks a bit radio rental, and here is one of their videos, which is guaranteed to make you smile and grimace within it's duration, barking is all i can say!

so lean jeff is now carb loading, which for those of you who don't do this kind of madness, consists of eating lots of baked potatoes, previously banned, and drinking 2.5 litres of fructose carbohydrate drink daily, which in theory should allow my body to have an amazing amount of energy and strength to run a silly distance tomorrow, well that's the theory, kind of like filling the tank with petrol for that long holiday trip to cornwall, you get my drift, other holiday destinations are available.

so that's happening, watch this space.

the rest of my mundane week has been spent pitching to ten greggs regional managers and their leader russell, and co-ordinating with the millennium stadium the logistics for our first stadium event where they will allow the bigmoose gang to take away all of their food waste after the wales v ireland game on the 8th august, and redistribute to the needy, which sounds pretty cool to me, and if successful we may get this opportunity at every event, which i am going to put firmly in the win column.

the greggs guys and girls were lovely, affording me time to tell them about bigmoose, and then having russell confirm that when we are ready we can have all of their food waste from their whole area of wales and the west, which is huge, and will take a massive amount of planning, but i'm not scared, and i think if we apply ourselves, and get the logistics setup, we can actually do quite an amazing piece of work on this. and thanks to twitter i am going to be meeting with the head of cardiff council to discuss a bit of a plan, so hopefully you can follow our journey to help save a load of food that currently gets put in bins every night, and we can give it to homeless and generally poor people, how flipping amazing will that be?

i have this theory that like the situation where today we look back at how we used to allow smoking on planes and other such crazy things, that in ten years time we will look back with our kids and grand kids, and they will laugh at how society just used to throw food away, and we will nod and say "i know, crazy eh", so hopefully we can be part of a revolution, and adhering to the bigmoose ethos leave the world better than we found it, wodja reckon?

well i have glanced over to the small square pieces of paper, the same colour as gold, butter and ripe lemons, on my desk that tell me that i need salt tablets, to feed the hamster, and share kingers video.

kinger for new subscribers. is my northern mucka who is running up mount kilimanjaro very soon, and he has shared with me his latest video of him explaining about his challenge, which is all about raising awareness of huntingdons disease, and is very well shot, and very inspiring, and i would like to share it with you guys as it is really is worth a watch, but unfortunately he is just posting it on his facebook page this morning, so you will need to navigate there, and then click on it, thus taking you away from this blog, so i will say goodbye, hoping you have a great week ahead, and hopefully i will see you back here next week.

i hope that some of the stuff we do here inspires you to do something, however big or small, and keep living life to the fullest, we are all very lucky to have choices.

until next week, enjoy kingers vt.

blue skies,