well good morning,

i have been pretty busy just lately, workun' an a runnun' an a writun', and for these reasons a theory that i had just over a year ago failed.

my theory was to start bigmoose officially on july 11th, which is my birthday, (have i ever mentioned that in a blog before???) and then i would never forget the beginning of our bigmoose journey, and it would be a good time to reflect on what we have achieved annually.

well that was the theory.

this week i remembered that theory, and did a homeresque doh! as i realised my blunder.

so, i set about looking at what we, and i really do include you in that, have achieved in 12 months, so take a bow, even just for reading this you little rockstar you!

11th july website launched.

held 'elevation' our mountain art inspired black tie fundraiser which topped our fundraising efforts from the everest at fifty year off at £60,000.


created the concept of 'monthly moose's' which we have seen hundreds happening worldwide.

talked about feeding the homeless, and consequently introduced dozens of volunteers into this world.

did the icebucket challenge, which a lot of people still believe.

went to l.a. to get inspired by the heroes project spin bike event.

and ate carly's baklava, both life changers :)

and ate carly's baklava, both life changers :)

created the 'bigmoose moovement' group on strava http://www.strava.com/clubs/bigmoose


introduced hairdressers to cut our homeless people's hair.

launched our project to buy 300 bikes and raise £1,000,000 by 2020 with our first fundraising event working with marks & spencer rising £4.5k for latch and velindre.

got david beckham to support our bid, to become cardiff's greatest cardiffian, which even with this gallant effort by bex we only managed second place.

created the 'grab your coat' project which got amazing support from you, and many others including antony and eight cotswold stores across the country who all collected donated warm clothes which we distributed to homeless and needy people.

with the help of crafty devil brewing created our own beer, that all profits from went to charity.

created our first supertri for superkids, a triathlon for children with disabilities (my personal fave!)

got greggs to donate food waste that we now give to homeless and needy (thanks ange x)

arranged for a load of mates around the world to simultaneously do a 'walk for nepal' to fundraise for the earthquake victims in nepal, raising over $3.5k.

bruce and the top fundraisers in the world in new zealand

bruce and the top fundraisers in the world in new zealand

so that was the year that was.

and i'm not gonna lie the supertri for superkids still brings a tear to my eye, and i am very proud of what we all did that day, so thanks if you were involved, and if you weren't there may just be another opportunity for you to join in on a pretty amazing event ;)

so that was year one, now we need to move on and grow this badboy, as i think the energy i have witnessed you guys and others show, proves this is an entity that can do as we say 'leave the world better than we found it', so thanks for coming with us, and i hope you stick around for some more cool stuff, and who knows what we will be celebrating next year, but the one thing that's for sure is that it will only grow with your help and support, so if you are reading this, thank you, and i hope that together we can inspire each other, and those around us, and any help, or ideas that you have please get in touch, and continue to share what we do with your peers and networks on all social media platforms, it really does make a difference.

our biggest goal for the future is to continue buying spin bikes, until we are in a position to hold our first fundraiser event like i went to l.a. to witness, and this will allow us to get to our £1m target super quick, so if you, or anyone you know or work for might want to get involved please get in touch at jeff@bigmoose.co

have a great week, and here's to our second year, thanks for being part of year one :)

blue skies,