good morning bigmoose gang :)

please watch this first before you read the rest of todays blog.

why did i ask you to watch that?

because i would like you to take part in an experiment with me.

having just watched that now text me on 07977585548 the words 'i'm in'.

that will alert me that you are going do something special today that this video and this blog have encouraged you to do, it can be for you, or for somebody else, it doesn't matter, but what matters is that you do something positive that you wouldn't have done before you arrived here today.

it will alert me that i am making a difference to our world, and that you are too.

as my running coach rory says don't be average, be awesome, and today, together, we will be that little bit more awesome.

don't worry about me having your number, or that we will spam you, you know that isn't going to happen, today this experiment is about making a reaction, and doing something together to make this world a better place, it's human to human.

think about it, decide what you're going to do, and then text me, day or night, any time zone any day, and when my phone buzzes i will know you're in.

weird, out of the box?


but this week i want us to do more together.

play your part in this, don't just spectate.

thanks :)