well you did it!

well hopefully you are one on the 153 people who text me 'i'm in' from last weeks social experiment, asking you to text me on 07977585548 when you have committed to do something positive for yourself, or somebody else solely as a reaction to the bigmoose blog.

153 positive actions caused by one tiny blog, and one request.

i think that's pretty cool, and the variety of actions range from somebody going to book flying lessons, to signing up to run a 10k even though they have never run, to raise money for their chosen charity, so every action has a reaction, and i think that sometimes we lose sight of how important the little actions are.

now i am a massive fan of a (very) adult cartoon on netflix called bojack horseman, which is a pretty surreal show featuring a walking talking cartoon horse as it's star.

not selling it am i?

well if you haven't seen bojack you should try it, it is very clever, and actually deals with a lot of social issues, whilst using some very intelligent parody and pathos, but the reason i bring it up is that i follow a runner on instagram called racing.jamie, and for the runners amongst you jamie runs fast, running 10k's in 37 minutes.

anyhow completely out of the blue racing jamie had a quote from bojack horseman's season finale which featured a really old guy, (ring any bells?) who is featured running in every episode of season 2, but never speaks until this last episode where he says.....

now that is genius, simple, but genius.

anybody nodding?

my point, (i think), is that any of us can do the big stuff, but we have to do two things, we have to start small, start slow, but start nonetheless, and we have to do it regularly, as the compound effect of consistency is how we do amazing stuff.

so the small actions we all made and committed to last week, (and if you didn't text me shame on you, do it now, we'll still love you :), will have made a difference, either to you or someone else, or to the world, so why not continue to do these kind of actions, regularly, and the compound effect of all these actions will be ginormous, if there is such a word, (google says yes, even though i have said ginormous loads in my life, in the whole 52 years i don't think i've ever written it, however now i may just use it more :).

i hadn't thought about this before, but that is probably the concept of bigmoose generally really, inspire people to do more, ooooh i like it, 'inspiring people to do more' works, as it can fit a myriad of things, helping others, running, climbing, exercising, etc, fundraising, following your dreams, oh yeah all supercool stuff, what do you think bigmoose folk?

i type this as if you are actually here, oops wait a minute there is a knock at the door, and some guys with a white jacket with long arms..................

wow, second coffee rush!!

so, continuing the theme of, hopefully, inspiring people to do more, i have decided on my next merry little personal adventure, as the afterglow of my recent race to the stones adventure is dimming daily, and i now need a new goal in my life to drive me on, and push this bod to new levels to see what it is actually capable of, and as i truly believe we as humans are able to do some pretty amazing stuff, it's time to push a little further.

this week i had to contact the race to the stones organisers, and the conversation with the lady at rtts ended up somehow bringing up the fact that i had a double hip replacement, which as it was over 6 years ago was pretty old news to me, but the lady seemed pretty excited about it, which got me thinking, maybe this was my usp.

whilst climbing mountains i was always the old guy plodding up slowly, no records to set, no firsts, no angle for sponsors, just having a bash, but now i might be able to use the double hip replacement angle, so i stuck a picture of my hips, see below, on social media, and it raised a smidge of interest, so i might look at trying to use the fact that i now have scars on my butt, and set off airport security alarms to my advantage.

so, my next challenge?


what is mds?

well as this is the first time i have publicly talked about it, i am actually nervous typing this.

the mds, is the marathon de sables, which is described thus

The Marathon des Sables is ranked by the Discovery Channel as the toughest footrace on earth.

Known simply as the MdS, the race is a gruelling multi-stage adventure through a formidable landscape in one of the world’s most inhospitable climates - the Sahara desert. The rules require you to be self-sufficient, to carry with you on your back everything except water that you need to survive. You are given a place in a tent to sleep at night, but any other equipment and food must be carried.

Started in 1986 by Patrick Bauer, the race is now in its 28th consecutive year and continues to grow in popularity every edition. Places are much sought after, but those who do make it to the start line are richly rewarded. Under the scorching Moroccan sun, life-long friendships are fostered through a shared experience of unforgettable days spent running across saltpans, up desert-mountains, through ruined towns and through the occasional sand storm.

The Marathon des Sables is open to individuals and teams of individuals, amateur and elite runners. With runners coming from all over the world, the MdS is a truly international event that has a positive impact on the local environment and in local communities. Through the MdS foundation Solidarite, runners have raised funds to help hundreds of families through education and improve their quality of life.

looks fun huh?

as i have quoted before, my mate richard parks says 'not everything that's fun is fun' and it appears that i subscribe to that philosophy, and probably the most salient part of any adventure i do is just that, what a weirdo eh?

hopefully the pain, suffering, blisters, heat exhaustion, near death experiences, etc, will actually fulfil me, and form another part of my character, and also when i am about to clock out, be one of those ones that i reflect on with a smile, moosey you sob you have created a monster!!!

so, that's it, the flag is planted firmly in the sand, literally, 2016 marathon de sables, here we come.

i am however very scared, and as i woke at 5.30 this morning, the mornings are getting darker which makes it a horrible time of year to train outdoors, so i really will have my work cut out, but it's teeth clenching time, and as i breathe out very deeply, it starts to wash over me what i have committed to do, ooooo errr missus, game on!

so i will no doubt bore you senseless with the mds by the time i head for the sahara, but hopefully might provide just a little something that inspires you to step outside your own personal comfort zone, and as i continue with my cardiff half marathon crew, some of whom have never run before, it is amazing to see what people can achieve in really short periods of time, so don't ever doubt yourself, don't ever say you can't, remove your obstacles, dream big, and shake the world as you take your first step towards that life changing goal whatever it may be, painting a picture, learning a language, booking a trip to that place you've always dreamt of going to, enrolling in that course, the stuff that you just never do, today's the day, and you know what, when you do it you will surprise yourself, you will surprise your friends and family, and you may even inspire others to do more, and that dear bigmoosers is ginormous ;)

have a great week, i'll be seeing yah.

oooooh i nearly forgot, a big good luck to my mate sian gunney who this saturday (22nd) is overcoming her fear of heights by doing a sponsored skydive, and if you want to sponsor her you can here https://www.justgiving.com/PeacocksTakeFlight/

and if you can't afford to sponsor her, i know there is a lot of stretch on fundraising these days, you can send her a good luck message here, i know she would appreciate it.


blue skies,