good morning, what's going on?

what are you up today?


day off?


running up a mountain?

hmmm, well most of us will have answered in the first three categories, but if you read my blog regularly you will know where this is going, my mucka kris king from sheffield u.k. is currently on mount kilimanjaro in tanzania acclimatising, and later today if you're reading this on the 18th, is attempting to set a british record for a speed ascent up this beautiful mountain.

now five years ago me and chloe, now known as kp, my kili partner, changed our lives by climbing kili, extremely slowly, i hasten to add, but we did both reach the summit, and as she was only aged 15 at the time, i was, and still am, extremely proud of her, and i tell you this not to brag or crow about our achievement, but to explain just how difficult the mountain is.

since returning to the uk, i have watched a number of tv shows with a variety of celebrity teams, including one with ex rugby stars, who head to follow in our footsteps, and there is no doubt that this generally is one of the hardest things they have ever done.

at a height of 5895m the altitude can be debilitating, and on our trip we had a number of extremely fit people unable to summit the beautiful snow capped peak, due to sickness, and symptoms brought on by the body's inability to cope naturally at this height.

as kris headed for africa, he had trained hard, and as an athlete who has on his previous journey running and cycling around the uk in 34 consecutive days of marathons and 100 mile cycles, i knew he would be prepared physically, but i also knew that kili would be a challenge for anybody mentally.

so it was that kris and i have become friends, and to the extent where he asked me to man his social media during his challenge, obviously being aware that my life is pretty sedentary these days.

kris has a massive number of followers on social media, due partly to the fact that he is championing huntingtons disease, which if you aren't completely aware of here is a link.

kris has a similar backstory to me in that he lost his best friend to an awful disease, and late last night his friends son dylan sent me this video to post on his facebook page, which is a pretty powerful piece, but sums up the love between the two friends

so as i type this blog, i am getting messages from kris, who is in the final stages of preparation for his attempt tonight at 21:30 gmt, so if you want to follow his progress he has a live tracker here. 

kris as mentioned has prepared for this challenge meticulously, and i wish him all the luck, and hope next week to share his summit pics, and the fact that he is the new british record holder with you guys.

another of my pals to be having a pretty busy weekend is mr pritchard, who as mentioned here before is heading to llanberris to do his double brutal, and i met up with him this week to have a chat about the project we're working on, as well as give him a small gift of some chamois cream, which the cyclists among you will smile at, but for non long distance riders, basically said cream is applied to your undercarriage, and is designed to stop chaffing on long distances in the saddle.

what this picture doesn't show is the elderly lady who walked straight through where we were taking it, with her arm raised high, in an almost 'coming through' manner, and completely bombed us, leaving us in awe!

here is a link to the double brutal, just to confirm it's something you don't ever want to do.

there has been a lot going on at bigmoose this week, but we need to firm some things up before sharing, but seriously exciting potentially, and as i sign off my mind drifts towards my training run today with doogie, for the cardiff half in a couple of weeks, which i am really excited about, especially as the lady that was the reason i suggested doing it, donna clark, having never run in her life, has trained, and trained, and is now eagerly waiting to do her first ever race. so whilst pritch and kinger can induce feelings of amazement at their physical toughness, to go from zero to a half marathon for a mum of four is so, so brilliant for me to watch, and if you aren't particularly physical, maybe use donna as your inspiration to run a mile this weekend, you never know what might happen :)

so until next week, good luck to the boys, and have an amazing week yourself, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,