good morning bigmoose blog opener, i love you.

there you go, i said it.

i must love you.


i am a creature of habit, and i don't know if i'm alone in this, but if i'm going to do something, i am gonna try my darnedest to do it well.

so as i started writing a weekly blog, quite a while ago now, i felt that consistency was important, and what that meant to me was to deliver, however good, however bad, a blog that you as a reader can rely on coming in to your inbox regularly, every friday morning, no more no less.

now i see the number of you guys who open this, and i am pretty proud if i'm really honest that my weekly ramblings stimulate you enough to open it and hopefully read it.

now this morning we had a problem houston.

yesterday i had a very long day in london, which i managed to sneak a ten mile run into as well, and that is not told to you to brag, but merely as another reason why when travelling back at 10pm and finding the m4 closed between junctions 10 and 14, eventually reaching chez smith at circa 1.30am, i was really tired.

tired but not defeated.

i know that sleep is a miracle cure, and a few hours of sleep can make a problem disappear, tired legs feel refreshed, and a blog seem very achievable, and so it was that when my alarm went off at 5.30 am, there was no snooze button pressing for this young man, no sir, i rose with a spring in my step, worms watch out, you are in danger of being caught, we have a blog to write!

all boded well, as ablutions ensued, until the moment that could have caused this whole house of cards to come tumbling down.

the fridge had no milk.

i kid you not.

'how could this happen?' i hear you ask.

tania is in germany working, tiffany lives in london now, and chloe is on a non dairy mission.

i dear reader, am in charge of my own milk.

but at times like these, this is when a man's mettle is tested.

i removed the standard issue towel, and stepped into a pair of chocolate brown cargo shorts, without even taking my flip flops off, we had no time for flip flop removal now, the 24/7 garage beckoned.

as i left the house and started my engine, the symbolism not escaping me, i headed to the only place i knew i could get liquid cow at this time of the morning, still worrying at what chloe would think should she wake to discover her other parent leaving the nest, and causing her a hefty psychiatrist bill later in life.

however, i worried unnecessarily, and i had pressed the button that caused the back of the kettle to glow red before she stirred, normal transmission had resumed.

now you may question my modern day parable, and i hope it does not seem didactic in it's style, but i just wanted to share my world, good and bad, and show that "if life provides you with an empty fridge, you drive to the garage and you get milk", and this dear blog reader is how much i love you, and, should you read those lines on some motivational instagram feed, remember you heard them here first.


let's get this party started!!

this last week for me has been pretty turbo charged, and if i were to relay anecdotes and descriptions of all events, which believe me i really would love to, especially as i am now on my second coffee, (yeah baby!), you would probably witness another tomato season before finishing reading, so i am going to be what may be construed as lazy by some, and write a list of events, but hopefully you will agree, it is probably preferable.

* last friday i spoke to 400+ folk at cardiff business awards about bigmoose, and made lots of new contacts who have committed to help us, top night, and although flipping scary, worth the pain for the return on investment.

moose on screen, looking very big indeed!

moose on screen, looking very big indeed!

* kris king summited mount kilimanjaro in 11 hours 38 minutes, just missing out on the speed record, due to awful weather conditions making it hazardous to climb, but never giving up, and raising huge awareness and funds for huntington's disease, great job kinger.

* bigmoose mate matthew pritchard completed his double brutal (double ironman) in 41 hours, amazing stuff, and i can't wait to announce his next challenge which includes bigmoose * bites hand!!!

* both kinger and pritch are running in the bigmoose cardiff half team, and wearing bright orange bigmoose shirts, cheer them on if you see them (oct 4th)

* met with threshold sports who run race to the stones and race to the king, to discuss some bigmoose stuff for 2016.

* have confirmed a date for our next supertri for superkids, so watch social media for an announcement, or drop me a line if you want to get involved.

* have got support from high5 nutrition for my marathon des sables attempt 2016.

* i am meeting the owner of a tv production company today (friday) to discuss the possibility of working together on a bigmoose tv project.

* i have a meeting with michael from cardiff council on monday to discuss a premises in cardiff that we can use temporarily as a distribution centre for food waste for homeless and poor people.

* i spent tuesday morning inspiring teams of employees from marks & spencer, which helped my hone my speaking skills, and looks great on the old cv.

* i am speaking at venturefest next week about bigmoose, so lots of speaking, no jokes please!

* delivering some of our bigmoose bikes to principality building society to use in a fundraiser.

* Started collecting food waste from a really big stadium in cardiff, but don't tell anyone, they don't want to shout about it, but it's pretty cool, but obviously it's between us ok?

all pretty fab stuff, and very proud to have all of it going on really, so hopefully lots for us to do over the next few months, and i really want to end the year at full speed, redlining it, ready to launch 2016 in what i hope will be a huge year, and i would love you to get involved in some way, so get in touch if you have ideas, contacts, dreams, aspirations, we would love to work with you or people you know.

so, in conclusion this morning, i'd like to say happy birthday to liz brookes, part of the bigmoose team, who has abseiled from newport transporter bridge for us, helped us in many many ways, including giving me the chance to speak at her event the cardiff business awards last week, which i have a feeling will have some really great consequences, and like you has the ability to help us leave the world better than we found it, hope you have a great weekend liz :)

so until next week, may your fridge always contain milk, and your heart love, i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,