good morning you lovely, kind hearted, energetic, thoughtful, sexy, generous bigmoose folk, lovely to be back, i hope you had a great holiday season?

mine was rubbish.

i had my ass kicked at monopoly by first born actress daughter, who after an epic two day battle, with kp (kili partner chloe) retiring from the game penniless on day one, and her golden haired sister taking the spoils.

fortunately for tiffany, this was part of my master plan to educate her in the art of winning, and i think as a father i have done a good thing by letting her win, and experience the joy of taking pictures of me losing and posting them on our family whatsapp and eventually facebook.

let's move on.

our last blog referred to the supertri 2 which was about to happen, well it happened, and it was pretty cool, lots of fun, lots of tears, and hopefully overall a resounding success.

now if you came along, thank you for taking part, in whatever capacity, and thank you for your patience, it was a new venue, with more people, and everybody involved was very loving and understanding of the whole vibe, and i for one was very proud to be involved with such a lovely event, i hope you were too.

there are some pictures on our website of the gig, and we should be having a video of the day available to watch very soon.

also, i would like to say a big thank you to kp chloe, only aged 21, and very tiny, but man can she run an event, and single handedly she organised, with military precision the whole supertri 2, so although pants at monopoly, you're pretty good at the event stuff, nice one fluffy.

so 2015 bowed out with a huge bang for bigmoose, and as the dust settled we then got the letter jan 1 we kinda knew was coming, from the prime minister, letting us know that we'd been nominated as a point of light, which basically means a crew doing stuff for the community and fellow folk locally in a variety of ways, and as i said on my facebook post, although my moniker was on the letter from dave, it would never have got to this stage without you chaps and chapesses who continually help and support, whether dressing as an elf at the supertri, (nads and shells), using your influence and power to sit me next to the right people at events (liz b) supporting everything we ever do from day one (pedro & doogie) giving us money to buy disabled children tee shirts and medals (principality, go compare, visible art) and a zillion other people who collect food from greggs (various), attend feed the homeless nights (too many to name), dangle off suspension bridges (all nutters) etc, etc, etc, so, a mighty big humungous cheer for each and every one of you who have contributed in getting the letter below, please please please understand it really doesn't happen without you, so please continue to do your bigmoose thing, thank you.

i was kinda embarrassed by the letter at first, but after discussing with my family, the consensus was that we need to shout about it, as it gets us a bit of credibility when approaching anybody we need help from, so i bowed to the wise women in my life, and agreed that we should use it as a tool to do good with, hence the reason for sharing with you, i hope that makes sense.

letter stuff sorted, the next bit of good news was a project i have been working on with an old ice hockey pal, archie nelson, who i played hockey with back before pontias was a pilate.

archie now runs a morrisons supermarket store in caerphilly, and long story short we are now going to be collecting food waste from the store and giving it to needy and homeless people in cardiff, so reducing waste, and helping feed people, very similar to the greggs vibe, and very cool that little old bigmoose is making such a difference, it's not what you know they say :)

archie is also talking to another cardiff store today, so keep the fingers crossed we might get two by the end of the day.

the other big thing we were ready to announce was our mate matthew pritchards challenge, which was due to be flipping massive, and was going to be matthew attempting to complete 30 x half ironman distances in 30 days, starting march 1st (the day moose died) and finishing on pritch's birthday on the 30th, and in the process raising £100,000 for local charities, with some of the money going towards buying spinbikes for bigmoose, so we have a huge vested interest in the project, which should have been amazing.

however, as you may possibly read, matthew got knocked off his bike whilst training, by a car, smashing his helmet, and breaking his coccyx, which typically takes three months to recover from, thus cancelling the challenge.


however this is matthew pritchard we are talking about, this is a geezer who apparently has a very high pain threshold, so although looking very doubtful the challenge will go ahead on time, don't rule it out, this is one spirited gentleman, with a pretty strong mental attitude, which i have to admit adds to the spice of the story, and will make it even more epic if he starts and finishes it, watch this space.

if it does happen (crosses digits) he will be encouraging people to come and support by running swimming, cycling, cheering wherever he will be that day, and a full list of dates and routes will be online imminently, but for now have a butchers at his website, and check out the video which is beautifully shot by our mates at burning chariot, and shows matthew and his dog lemmy who he adores, and i have to say one of my highlights of 2016 so far has been being mentioned in lemmy's instagram, i kid you not!

pretty cool huh?

so, hopefully it will go ahead on time, and if you want to discuss advertising or sponsorship opportunities, he has some very affordable opportunities, drop me a line at or call on 07977585548.

sales pitch for pritch, done!

finally, no cheering you rascals, i just wanted to finish on the subject of volunteering.

now at the tail end of 2015 i mentioned marks & spencer donated 1000 hours to the bigmoose 2016 cause, well since then we have grown our total to over 4000 hours donated, and a mahoosive number of hours has been offered by one of my business clients, peter alan estate agents, who have donated 2000 hours, so if we looked at a pretty basic wage of £7.20 an hour, that is equivalent of over £28,000, which is properly impressive by jan 15th, and after a conversation with councillor ed stubbs, who collects greggs grub for us every week, we will be working on how we can use these volunteer hours to get the best out of them, and will hopefully have some cool news with a very inspiring partnership that we hope to work with to achieve this.

so, please, please, have a look at 2016 and see if you can get involved in helping bigmoose help our world and our communities to grow and strengthen for the good, wherever you are in the world, and commit to doing your monthly moose, no matter how big or how small, many many small things can make a huge thing, and the recognition from downing street is proof of what together we can do, so after you've read this maybe commit to your january monthly moose, let us know what you're up to, and get this lovely warm feeling inside, it will have absolutely no financial value, but man it will feel good :)

so until next week, big thanks again for everything you do and have done for us, and hopefully we get to do a shed load more together in the future.

big love,

blue skies,