good morning/good evening,

well it is good morning when this will be delivered to your inbox, but i am writing it thursday night just after midnight.

the reason for this i have been up in snowdon (which was stunningly beautiful by the way) for the last two days, and literally drove back from there, got changed and went to a mate of mine's charity quiz night, which was brilliant, and i'll tell you more about that later.

however, i have just got home, and i have to be in swansea golf club at 06:30 for a networking meeting that a friend has invited me to, to tell the other people there about the bigmoose coffee shop idea, as she thinks they will all want to get involved volunteering help, as there are a lot of tradespeople there, which is a great opportunity, but i'm not gonna lie, i am seriously cream crackered, so i'm gonna shut it down, grab some beauty sleep (leave it!!!) and then will send out a part two blog later, but i didn't want you thinking i'd gotten complacent.

so i'll speak to you later, it's been a corker of a week, lots to report :)

blue skies,