phew, where do the hours/days/weeks/months/years/decades go?

that's a good thing right? never being bored?

well without further ado, good morning bigmoose lovely folk, how was last week for you?

i really wish i could listen to how your weeks were, i genuinely would love to know, i bet you get up to all sorts you lot?

i'm a bit gutted i've discovered an emoji that has it's eyes raised skyward, and would love to have used it in the last sentence, but alas i know not of how to do this on a keyboard, never mind :(

apologies for the disjointed manner of doing my blog this week, but man i was fatigued, and something was gonna blow if i stayed up late last week writing, but thankfully all fuses are intact.

it was a pretty mad friday morning as i had been invited to a networking meeting in swansea by a young lady who had run the cardiff half with us, sian elvis, who even as i just wrote that i did a bad elvis impression, and went "uh huh huh" so unoriginal, but so amazingly witty in my mind, and when i first met sian i commented on how it must have been tough at school, but it kinda gets her remembered, which i can relate to as there was an early seventies tv sitcom where the male character was a henpecked boyfriend called jeffrey, and his girlfriend used to call him jeffrey bobbles bom bom.

i hated that show!

there were times i contemplated a deed poll investment, but i doubt if elvis woulda been a frontrunning replacement, uh huh huh.

i digress.

sian's kind offer saw me emerging from my warm slumber before most breakfast radio d.j.'s and as i set off in the crisp autumnal air i breathed out hard through my mouth to see the steam emerge, and then pretended i was smoking, and exhaled like some actor in a forties movie, now being serious, is it only me that does this kinda stuff, as i worry that i'm the only weird one around here, and all of you lot are pretty sane, sensible folk that would have just got in your car instead of muttering lines from casablanca whilst breathing out?? please advise.

on the m4 i tried to imagine the meeting and what at 6.30 in the morning it would be like.

failed on that one.

this my bigmoose friend was no ordinary networking meeting, this was a bni networking meeting, this was like a normal networking meeting but on steroids!

i don't actually think i have been in a room of quite so many nutters so early in the morning, ever, and in my life that is quite a boast.

there was a guy with a tambourine, who every time an announcement was made he would bang it, there was a group of four guys who at certain points in the meeting would blow party blowers in unison, it was like going to watch the rocky horror show live, everybody knew the script and behaved accordingly, and when you go around the room, there were about fifty of us as well, you have thirty seconds to introduce yourself and say what you do,

well this was all fine, until one young man described his business as 'boutique', well oh my god this lot ripped him apart, and almost every person after him added boutique before their line of work, 'good morning, i'm dai jones, and i have a boutique scaffolding business, and i'm looking for anybody that needs boutique scaffolding on their building work', it just didn't stop, they were relentless, the poor sod will be regretting using that description, he'll probably reassess and use artisan from now on, to reduce the pretentiousness.

anyway all fifty folk fly round the room with thirty second descriptions of them and their wares, the energy in the room is genuinely electric, and then it's the visitors turn.

now this merry band of business folk have a chap whose sole job throughout the meeting is to time everybody, and if they go over their allotted time he presses a squeaky toy that gives off a duck quacking noise, i kid you not.

you're ahead of me aren't you?

it comes to my turn, and i actually don't think i can talk about my best mate dying, and inspiring me to do all of the stuff we have done, including disabled children's events, feeding homeless people etc, all in thirty seconds, and at risk of squeaky boy getting his rocks off by calling time, which if i'm honest my lack of sleep might, just might, put an abrupt end to my relationship with this jolly group.

i inform the head man adrian, who is lovely by the way, that i probably need a couple of minutes to explain properly, and he, knowing my background through sian i am guessing, nods acknowledgement, and i progress to win the banshees over, and as the silence falls on the, up until now, rowdy mob, i feel like i have them, and as i make eye contact they all get it, and as i regale the stories of what we have been doing, especially running for emily, there is silence, and i am enjoying telling them about what we have created and the path we are on, and as i pause for a second to let the previous sentence wash over them i hear the sound of a duck fill the room.

this guy times it to perfection, and the comedy wasn't wasted on me, i try not laugh, and wrap up with a sentence or two thanking them for listening, but as i sat down i literally had to bite my lip.

now at the end of all of this stuff the gang go around the room with everybody getting up individually and handing out leads for new work to other members, and testimonials for work they have done for people, and as this starts, i have someone come over to me to offer me free pest control for the coffee shop, which startles me a bit, but then the quantity surveyor in the room also offers his services free of charge, and so it goes on until i have eleven offers of really useful services that want to help the coffee shop project all free gratis, and the warmth and love i felt in the room was exceptional, and i get it.

sian had told me they were a lively bunch, but her prediction that they would want to help was spot on, and one of the group has offered to have me as his guest at the cardiff equivalent meeting tomorrow, so whilst this isn't my normal thing i like to do, eleven offers of help is amazing, and i owe it to our quest to accept his offer, so i will be attending my next bni, and will let you know how i get on.

talking of the coffee shop, i woke up this morning dreaming about it, which for me is good, it shows it is consuming me, and as we are so so close to getting it, i think this is a good thing.

i was asked to present to the land securities corporate social responsibilities group last week, which was rather daunting, but i didn't die, though witnesses may disagree, quack quack, but the boss of the csr crew seemed quite positive, and i believe they are having a board meeting this week to either laugh at my rent offer or see the benefits of being associated with the fastest growing coffee shop called bigmoose in the world today, we shall see, i'm feeling positive, so close your eyes and imagine it happening, ommmmmmmmmmmm.

we did some filming last week up in snowdon which was fun, and having seen some of the stuff the guys shot, i am very excited to see the edit, as the drone footage looks absolutely brilliant, it actually didn't need me in it, the beauty of snowdon makes anything look good, but i loved the two days up there, and was pretty impressed to learn that ryan the cameraman has just come back from shooting the latest 'planet earth' with sir david attenborough, which is pretty amazing to have somebody of that calibre on your team, and having seen kev the drone pilot's skills as well, i am a very lucky chap.

well that's part two of the blog, there probably is enough for a part three, but your eyes are probably bleeding by now, so i'll leave you to have a brilliant week.

do good shizzle, make others happy, and make sure while you're here you make a difference.

so until friday, here's looking at you shweedart,

blue skies,