good morning bigmoose friend,


why thanks?

well last week saw the biggest number of you chaps and chapesses open and hopefully read our blog, and our numbers on social media keep rising too, which is very satisfying, and affirming, as when we do the stuff we do, we never quite know if it's the right thing, and often there are people who do that slow intake of air thing that some tradesmen do, you know the noise, the one that we know is never gonna end well, no one has ever done that noise and then gone 'that's a brilliant idea' or 'we should be able to get that job completed on time and within budget' that noise is reserved for doubters and naysayers.

now, personally i ain't a fan of naysayers, and as the candles on my annual cake increase i have less and less time to live, and to give them, i've got stuff to do, i'm busy doing my best.

nowadays i try to surround myself with people who have a similar kind of maverick way of doing things, and when i say maverick i don't mean foolhardy, what i do mean is possibly an unorthodox or independently minded way, with the belief that by setting our sails in the way that we think will get us to our destination, our experience, as well as logic and emotion succeeds in a way that sometimes isn't explainable to traditionalists.

i have also been finding of late that i am being drawn to people that are on a similar path, and i am only sorry that it has taken me so long to realise that even as a kid i lived this way, i dressed my own way, i listened to an eclectic range of music, i remember wearing headphones aged 18 at an ice rink, prior to a hockey game listening to bach, and worrying that somebody would discover this dark secret, but i had nobody in my life to tell me it was ok, it was ok to be different, to do things the way you felt they should be done, even if it wasn't how the mainstream herd did them.

i parent by nurturing my girls to believe they can do anything they want, and that hard work will always win, and that the path that is more worn isn't always the one that leads to the best views, but i didn't have anybody in my adolescent world to guide me, and i remember buying my first flat aged 21 and frank, a guy i worked with doing that intake of breath thing, and then telling me that it was a bad time to buy, as our company were having lots of redundancies, and maybe i should wait.

we all know i didn't wait, coz that would make a really vanilla story, and whilst vanilla ice cream is lush, it aint a patch on basil ice cream and when i stretched myself to buy my one bedroom flat, and then sold it again fourteen months later for almost double the price the temptation to give frank an update, though strong, was not something i felt i needed to do, but i learnt a very interesting lesson about people, and i have talked about the crab mentality in my blog before and geez louise they are out there, but i am not so much concerned about them, i am now more turned on by the folk i am discovering are out there just ripping it up following their hearts, and their dreams, and working hard to do it.

now, today i am off to the smoke to meet up with my everest guide russell brice, and going to the royal geographical society to arrange something that i will tell you more about in coming weeks, but will possibly be one of the biggest things i have ever done, so i am very excited and nervous, but russ is one of the very mavericks i have mentioned, he is strong, intelligent, not afraid to call it as it is, and inspires me to do somewhat daunting stuff, so watch this space.

the other thing i will be doing whilst in londinium is meeting up with mark shayler, who if you haven't heard of him, check him out here

now i haven't met mark before, but he is a member of the house of st barnabas where first born tiffany works part time in between acting jobs, and she did a sales pitch for me to mark, and later today we meet.

from afar i like mark, he keeps chickens, loves his family, swears a lot, likes indie music, and is doing cool stuff.

i have just read his book, and one of the things he says to do is get a 1m tape measure, cut it at your age, and again at your likely death age, and again when you expect to retire, and then look at what you've got left, oh yeah and a third of that you will spend sleeping.

now that's flipping sobering isn't it!!! and as mark says 'better get cracking then'.

so, as well as reading his book, i am also now officially stalking him, and i like what he talks about, and one of the things i have learnt about him is that he has a blok knife.

does anyone else have a blok knife?

i want a blok knife.

not to be like mark shayler, but because i love what blok knives represent, check out this lovely video which will explain.

hands up if you now want a blok knife too?

hands up if you will checking out their website at 1pm today?

ha ha ha.

blok knives, hiut denim, howies, riversimple cars, all people doing amazing things with a trail of people inhaling very loudly behind them.

so, if you're reading this, and any of these amazing businesses or mark shayler, or russell brice, or little old me inspire you, and actually make you take a small step, a leap of faith to do what makes you happy and the world better, then as mark shayler would say that's f***ing brilliant. 

have a delightful weekend, take walks, look at nature painting the most beautiful vistas as the season changes, wrap up warm, drink proper hot chocolate, hug stuff, your kids, ones you love, trees, other inanimate objects, animals, and especially naysayers, naysayers don't hug naturally, but we can change them one hug at a time :)

and also if you have been inspired today, maybe do a monthly moose as well

and when you do, get in touch, we love hearing from you.

blue skies,