good morning bigmoose blog readers,

i owe you an explanation for the lack of blogs for two weeks.

two weeks ago i went to india with the intention of blogging from jaipur, and took my trusty laptop full of great intention.

unfortunately the freneticism of india, the wedding we were attending, and a lack of time where i could sit down and scribe caused me to rationalise my behaviour, and kick back and be present.

i won't lie, i'm glad i did, india is amazing.

i don't often wish to return to countries i visit quite so quickly, but india, you got me!

the wedding i mentioned was beautiful, and heads to number one spot for me in my all time wedding list, and i've been to a few gooduns in the past, but this one, being hindu was pretty much booze free, but i don't think i have danced so much for years, and the general love that washed over us all for the whole four days of the ceremony was electric.

i totally had extended family envy throughout the gig, and longed for such a solid, fun bunch of folk, and the bride and groom were a pretty photogenic duo.

 i have enough tales to fill ten blogs, but i will tell of but two, the first happened as we headed from delhi to jaipur in a prearranged hippo cab, that would drive us the four and a half hours to our destination for a mere thirty five pounds, insane value.

as our friendly driver drove through a small town, he decide to stop for directions, and pulled over in the brightly lit nights streets, full of colour, and people, and a vibrancy that my imagination had painted as an expectation.

my window was open to listen to the street sounds, and just as we were observing our new indian world two elephants appeared one on either side of the taxi, and i'm not sure dear reader of your experience of elephants, but this was a first for me.

bemused, and somewhat shocked i did nothing but lower my jaw as one of the elephants manoeuvred it's rectum to be positioned inches from my face.

i risk assessed the situation in lightning speed, and saw an 'only fools and horses' moment about to happen, and fumbled to close the window, before the worst could transpire.

'they're fricking elephants' i exclaimed, as if my family in the back weren't able to distinguish these jungle animals, and we all let out lots of laughs and oh my god's.

i decided to get out to see these beautiful creatures, and was beckoned by the elephant owner to have a picture, which i duly did, and became a wide eyed tourist within seconds.

again without wishing to wax too lyrical about india here, i would just say if you get an opportunity, go there, and if you are building a go to list, put it on the podium, for me it is a medal winner.

last indian reference, even if you don't go, check out this gaff we went to that totally over delivered, and even the website is beautiful

so india consumed me, and was week one's excuse for non blog activity, and last week is quite a shameful reason.

now, i always teach my children that whatever the experience, good or bad we can always learn from it, and that we never lose, we either win or we learn.

all very well smiffy, but adhere to the rules you eejit.

a while ago my laptop crashed, and two hours worth of blog writing went awol, and i vowed to write my blog as a word doc, and then copy and paste it into the squarespace blog that then sends it out, simple solution, to a somewhat deflating problem.

you know the ending to this story already.

last week full of indian exuberance, i typed, and i typed, and i typed.

i then went for coffee number two, rookie error.

my eight year old mac is starting to have a few senior moments, and chose this day to decide to test me, and unfortunately it won, i just couldn't face attempting to write such brilliant prose again, so unfortunately the best blog i have ever written, which probably had pulitzer written all over it, has slid off the page like mercury seeking it's resting place after a thermometer is broken.

oh well, as the french would say c'est la vie. 

onward and upward.

i have a few bits of news this week some good, some downright pants.

pants news first.

we have been knocked back on our coffee shop, the powers that be have decided that our lack of coffee shop running expertise, and the homeless people training academy worries them as to whether we can make it work, and i quote 'whilst very enthusiastic, our business acumen was somewhat green'

i would like to list my complete vocabulary of expletives here, but will refrain from this line as we may be here a while, needless to say 'watch this space' and the fact that disney, gates, jobs, huffington etc, all received equally scathing comments whilst being rebuked early in their business lives, fills me with drive and determination, and will only make the taste of success that much sweeter when it happens, we're not out yet, we've got lives to change.

consumerism eh?

whilst not wanting to get political on this black friday, i will just share a stat that i discovered today, that over 1/3 of crimbo stuff gets sent to landfill or is unused, wow that's a lot of rubbish.

so as i read this stat and headed to my office this morning i concluded that i am actually a hippy, and upon reflection have always been, and only these last few years have i broken free from my shackles, vive la revolution!! lol

in the good news column we are going to be doing our 'grab your coat' campaign again this year, which consists of lots of lovely bigmoose type folk donating used warm clothes that can be given to homeless people living rough on our streets, trying to survive our cold wet british winter.

this year our mates at cotswold outdoor are again providing drop off points for people to drop donations off, and have confirmed eight stores that will be participating across the west, and we are waiting to hear if the whole company will be getting involved, powerful huh?

also, my gym the david lloyd that sponsor me for my everest trip, have embraced the campaign and will be encouraging their members to donate warm clobber in the club, which i'm really proud about, small acorns eh?

the other cool news we have is that we are looking to work with schools on my everest trip, to basically go to visit as many as possible to present to the children about the whole journey, and hopefully encourage them to follow the adventure online, and inspire them to do things that they dream of, and reach their potential, whether it be going to university, playing football professionally, etc, but to dream big, and never ever give up.

i did my first presentation in ebbw vale yesterday, and loved it.

my favourite question being from a 9 year old little girl, who had her hand up patiently during the q & a, and when i asked her what her question was, she quietly whispered 'what will it feel like walking in sir edmund hillary's footsteps?' needless to say my mind was blown, and even writing it now i'm melting, lovely lovely little girl, and what a sweet mind.

best question of the tour award so far!!

so if you know of any schools that would like to get involved, please get in touch, even if internationally, we can always do skype calls, i really think this is positive stuff seeing the kids faces yesterday, and i was kinda thrilled when the deputy head, who we had dressed up in full down suit, goggles and boots said this to us after the presentation.

so as we head into december and the use of the 'c' word becomes acceptable, keep rocking those monthly mooses, and if you're a new subscriber this is a monthly moose

please let us know when you do cool stuff, your efforts inspire others, it's a positive energy source which builds and grows.

so apologies done, india discussed, coffee shop tbc, and monday beckons for my double knee operation, fingers and other digits crossed, if i get up that big hill in may, it won't be for the lack of obstacles, but i guess it will make it a more fun story to tell the kids after!

onward and upward, have a great week, and be yourself, be the hippy you've always known you are,

i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,