my name is jeff smith and it is nine days since i nearly had a fight.

last weeks blog had the biggest response ever (one text) about mr angry's behaviour, and apparently i wasn't the only one shocked by his outbursts, and i am now finding myself referring to the central part of the face as a snose, which i should probably stop quite soon, not yet though eh!

anyway, good morning!

last weeks blog also had one comment from a reader who i shan't name, actually yes i will emma pakes, who suggested i should warn people it takes 15 minutes to read my blog, apologies indeed, but there is no blog reading law that imposes spot fines if the whole blog isn't read em, you can come back to it if so required.

so, following on from my bupa experience my week got less fractious as it progressed.

friday evening was fun, as i had been invited to talk to bristol and avonmouth police sports club, which consisted of a 150 'ish group of sports clubs within the force, and i had been invited by my mate jim, who i met while on mathew's 30 day challenge back in march.

jim is a triathlete, but not just any triathlete, he is one of the band of nutters that i know who have completed a triple ironman in one go, and in case you need reminding, that is a 7.2 mile swim, then a 336 mile cycle, and then a 78 mile run, absolutely radio rental, but for me it's like a calling card, if you can do that kinda stuff, you've got 'it', and jim and i kinda clicked pretty quickly, and i started following his adventures, as he was just about to embark on a cycle with his son jake to cycle up and down the length of the country, which he did successfully, and his blog if you like that kinda stuff can be found here

i accepted jim's invite to talk to his co workers, as i now don't say no to any opportunity to tell people about bigmoose, but whilst putting together some slides for my talk i found a new angle.

i sometimes struggle when people ask me why i want to climb everest, and i have wished i could come up some super cool inspiring piece of prose, but alas until now no.

however last week i heard a guy talking, and as i listened intently he gave it to me.

the simple answer to that question.

'i want to achieve my potential.'

simple as that, this absolutely nails it spot on, i want to see if i can do it, physically and mentally, and that's all.

so energised by this simple sentence, i felt like i wanted to include it in my keynote, so i added a few more slides, and thought i would take a chance on trying something.

so, as i landed at the golf club where the event was taking place, i had slightly fewer nerves than i normally have, and i actually felt excited to talk, wow, i've made some strides there then.

 i met the chap in charge tony, and he introduced me to a guy who looked like a rugby player, 'this is jason, jason played rugby for england, and he'll be speaking before you, you're the main attraction'

you know those nerves that had kept pretty quiet earlier, well i duly discovered they had been on a fag break, and were back now revved up and ready to go.

'played rugby for england' are you having a giraffe i thought, whilst trying to keep a very calm look about me.

'how're you doing jason' i enquired, wondering if i had cheered him on at some time, which i must have done, and we chatted about rugby, hockey and everest, and the strange thing is, that because everest is a big part of my life, i sometimes lose sight of other peoples perceptions of it, and the recent everest movie has shown people who had never been aware of the conditions on the mountain before, what it is really like, and jason seemed pretty interested in talking about it.

jason was a lovely guy, and i hoped he wasn't too brilliant when he started his talk.

he spoke of his career, and life post career, which resonated, and at the end of the night we both discussed having friends who struggle with no longer have their sport in their lives.

however cometh the hour, cometh the nerves, and i prepped my slideshow, ready for my time.

as i addressed the audience, i explained that i wanted to try to change at least one person in the audiences life, and try to get them to achieve their potential, and do something they had always wanted to do, but never pushed through to do.

risky strategy, i knew, but i really want to leave these kind of things touching people in a way that makes a change, hey ho off we go, and i presented my various slides of pictures and video of bigmoose stuff.

the audience seemed pretty in tune, and i didn't have one sleeper, an expression i heard a mate of mine call the first person he had fall asleep at one of his talks.

as i came to the end of my talk i took a pretty bold step, which could quite easily have crashed and burned, as i asked for a show of hands to see if the stuff i had talked about had inspired anybody in the room to push themselves to try achieve their potential, and thank goodness for me there was a healthy double digit response, and i felt the reward was well worth the risk.

after i finished i spoke to a number of people who were very supportive, and spoke of now setting out to push themselves harder as they had more in them, but just needed a shove, so hopefully i've made a difference in some way.

i was very pleased with how this risky plan played out, as i had no idea of the consequences, however if it had gone pete tong it could have cost me thousands in therapy.

the result for me is that i now feel more confident to entwine this 'achieve your potential' theory into all that i do, and as such today me and chloe have a meeting with the headmaster of a school that i am going to see to discuss engaging their students with my everest journey, and encouraging them to always try to achieve their potential, and hopefully following my adventure to the top of the world they will be inspired in some way.

so that is well and good, but emma is probably checking her watch by now, so i will wrap up this week with a quick story involving phil our postman.

phil as you may have read recently is our lovely postman who recently donated a fiver to our running for emily appeal, and is a genuine top bloke.

well on tuesday morning, november 1st phil knocked on our door and gave some post to be signed for to chloe, and smiled a big smile saying 'trick or treat?' which chloe smiled at him politely, and signed for the post.

'phil was very strange this morning, he said trick or treat as he gave me the post?' she said.

hmmm, that's weird, maybe he's a big fan of halloween, strange though.

we didn't think anything more of it until we left to go to a meeting later that day.

our house is a bit secluded, and we have never get trick or treaters, ever, so in my hilarious way, and knowing tania was coming home on halloween evening i stuck a cheeky little sign on the door, as my way of spreading the halloween joy, which when she came home she laughed at and told me i was funny, mission accomplished.

unfortunately, i completely forgot to remove said sign off the door, and super phil, the fastest postman in the west was subjected to my little halloween prank, sorry phil, at least we understand your gag now.

last week i used the v word, and had one person unsubscribe, so hopefully this week i haven't offended anyone, i won't make a habit of it i promise.

anyway emma is tapping her fingers now, so i'd better cut this short,

hopefully see ya next friday, have a marvellous week, and try to achieve your potential in everything you do, push harder, step outside your comfort zone, do that flipping scary thing, say yes and worry about it after, but mainly live your life.

i'll be seeing ya,

blue skies,