festive felicitations one and all bigmoose gang.

today's blog is gonna be unusually short, as this is a super busy time for everyone, and i don't wanna stop you doing that very long to do list that i'm sure you have.

which reminds me, as i dropped youngest daughter chloe and her friend, (morning beth) into town last night, both girls mums have recently had hospital visits, and as such were getting their respective families to help with the old christmas mullarkey this year, and the conversation was very much based around 'i didn't realise there was so much to do, how do they do it?' 

so in conclusion, mum's rock.

as i dropped them off at the bar in town to meet up with some of chloe's old school mates who had arranged a spur of the moment christmas reunion, she had a quick bit of nerves for meeting some girls she hadn't seen for four years, to which beth, who didn't even attend the same school exclaimed 'you're nervous, the only girls i'm going to know will be the ones i met at your fifteenth birthday party seven years ago, where i was wearing a candy dummy round my neck, yeah hi, what have you been doing since we last met, oh you're a doctor, oh nice, me, oh i'm waitressing, yeah brilliant chloe, thanks for inviting me!'

beth does have a degree, and is only waitressing temporarily, but she works it well.

i did chuckle.

so, i was just about to write that this week has been pretty quiet, but then i remembered that me and a mate went to the bbc's sports personality of the year awards on sunday, which was a pretty well polished event, and at times emotional, so that was fun.

i have also just booked with another mate to go up to llanberis in north wales to do some training for everest, as i really need to start ramping things up, and if i'm honest i feel behind where i want to be training wise, so i need to really push myself over the next 100 days till i go.

jason rawles is a very interesting chap, who i connected with some years ago when he was still working in the traditional world, and i have since admired his chutzpah to quit a high paying job, and follow his passion to work outside, guiding, leading outdoor trips, and building his dream, making his living working outdoors.


we are going to have a couple of days, where i have asked jason to try and break me, which with my knees in their current state of repair, might actually happen, so watch this space.....

we also have some news on another potential coffee shop site, so that is ûber exciting, but is still very much at it's embryonic stage, however, we must dream.

we've also had a fantastic response to our 'grab your coat' campaign with cotswold, david lloyd, and a secret benefactor who doesn't wanna be named for security reasons, all donating a shed load of warm gear which we are distributing to homeless folk, showing that we have some very generous, caring, co-humans, who just need a direction to aim their kindness, and we will always try to help them bring it out.

so i suppose it hasn't been a bad week at all, all in all, and as i reflect, probably my biggest smile moment was where a friend who has been having a bit of a rubbish time just lately, met me for some joe, and it seemed she had rebooted, and was back on fire with an infectious energy, which reminded me that we all need to recharge and re-energise at times, and when we feel a bit pants we need friends to give a little encouragement.

so at this time of year especially, maybe have a think about someone you know that would really appreciate a text or a call, sometimes a little bit of time, and just knowing people care can help more than you imagine.

have a delightful christmas, thank you for constantly opening your e-mails to read what bigmoose is up to, and supporting us in all ways. the last coupla years have been fun, but i have a feeling that 2017 is gonna be a ripper, and with your constant support we can do some great stuff, and touch lots of lives in amazing ways, so please don't stop doing your monthly mooses, telling us about what you're doing, and inspire others to follow your lead.

this whole bigmoose thing is only a biproduct of losing my best mate, so at this time of reflection, i miss you moose, but we're carrying on your legacy mate.


blue skies,