buenos dias bigmoose amigos,

how was your week?

hopefully it was a goodun, and the crimbo madness and consumerism hasn’t consumed you too much?

i woke today to read a lovely message written by our bigmoose friend nicky stefan, wife of my streatham redskins team mate of thirty five years ago, gary stefan.

this facebook post was a very heartfelt message to us all to remember the folk that don’t have great big supportive families, if any, and that have lost loved ones, and will have an empty chair at their festive table this 25th, and was a beautifully written piece, that i would endorse wholeheartedly, nice one nick.

i smiled as i read her thoughtfully crafted message, as part of my trip to london last weekend was to go out friday night with her hubby gary and a couple of other line mates from the same redskins team, and then to stay with gary and nicky for the weekend.

the sunday at the stefs had no planned agenda, but whilst in india recently, as reported in my blog, we went to a very cool hindu temple that made a big impression on me, and whilst in delhi an old indian woman informed me that they had another temple in, of all places neasden.

now I had never thought of neasden as being a place of culture, and learning.

i was wrong.

a trip on the m4 the day prior, had us pass a brown signpost showing the neasden temple to be close, and prompted a discussion about it’s delhi big brother, and resulted in a planned trip the following day.

as we entered the place a calm serenity washed over me, and a peacefulness that felt good.

now this wasn’t the anesthetic from my knee op wearing off i promise, it genuinely felt very tranquil, and as we wandered around with no shoes on, our gang of four all seemed to be feeling the same.

we entered the understanding hinduism exhibition, and without going all religious on you, a lot of it made sense, and i just wanna write a little excerpt from the guidebook.

care for humanity

we are all birds of the same nest

we may wear different skins

we may speak in different tongues

we may believe in different religions

we may believe in different cultures

yet we share the same home – earth

born on the same planet, covered by the same skies, gazing at the same stars, breathing the same air, we must learn to happily progress together or miserably perish together.

for humans can live individually, but can only survive collectively.

now, i’m not a hindu, or at all religious, but i do like the message, and reading nicky’s facebook post, i think it may possibly have been influenced by this, which is kinda cool.

flipping heck, that got a bit deep didn’t it!

ok, we’ll soon stop that, i’ll share with you a lovely message i got sent by a bigmoose blog reader last week, that was serious and funny in equal measure, and made me smile at both ends of the spectrum, literally, but it’s nice to get such messages, as it shows that this weekly injection of randomness into your lives is received by some in the way it is hoped.

cheers dai

so the other reason as i mentioned for going to the smoke last week was to hook up with my hockey pals for our dinner club that we have, and at the end of our nosh the waiter appeared with a cake, which as i knew it wasn’t any of our party’s birthday, confused me, until i looked a little closer, and saw an uncanny resemblance of a sugary effigy of myself, complete with ginger beard, on a cake based sand dune, and the iced letters mds.

and before you ask, yes we all have the same hair stylist :)

uncanny likeness!

now i ran mds almost eight months ago, so i was a little surprised to say the least, but the fact that these big butch hockey players held this feat so highly in their esteem as to make such a beautiful piece of confectionary was quite emosh for me, hockey players just don’t do this.

i’m not sure if it was the three negronis i had drunk prior to this sweet saharan cake being presented, but i really was touched, and still am.

cake eaten, hindu temple visited, and back in cardiff, i ventured back into the gym to attempt to get back on my everest training programme, and after three days on the bounce, really pushing myself, i feel like my body is healing well, which i am chuffed with, yes chuffed, i don’t think chuffed is used enough these days, so will be using it quite a lot today.

i am also chuffed that we have collected the duvets and pillows from the holiday inn in cardiff, and distributed them all to needy folk in the principality, so a heeeeuge thank you to andrew walker for facilitating this lovely gesture, if we all make a little effort in our own lives, we can help so many.

2017 looks like being a busy one, and we have been putting a bigmoose plan together which looks quite daunting, but hey we get one go, let’s make sure we make the most of it i reckon, so we’re not going to announce anything yet, but one of our events next year is going to involve running (*coughs really loudly and says new york marathon really quickly), so if you fancy a bit of running action let us know, and watch out for updates.

in other news we have our eyes on another coffee shop site, but won't mention too much about it, for fear of jinxing it, but we are still 100% focused on doing this project, we won't give up, as it really does seem like it can be a vehicle to make change, fingers crossed.

now for all my criticism of crimbolina being a tad too commercial for my liking i am going to end todays blog trying to sell you something, and it is for purely selfish gain.

i am trying to raise the money to get to climb everest, and am trying to show that anything can be achieved if you truly believe, and to do that i am having to hustle, hard, so here comes the sales pitch.

we are now selling everest at 53 beer online, and in cool crafty devil christmas packs, so you can give it to your loved ones, not the dustbin lids obviously, enabling you to play your part in enabling me to attempt to climb to the top of the world, and, when i have, you can say 'remember that beer i bought you for christmas, well the geezer that brewed it has just summited everest, cool huh, i bet he's chuffed.'


sincere apologies for such blatant misuse of my blog, but i've gotta do anything i can to get to my dream.

finally, to end with, some news about our venture into schools, we are looking at taking our everest story, and the theme of achieving your potential into as many as possible, and encouraging them to follow our journey, and on monday we travel north to manchester to present to our first school outside south wales, so wish us luck, hopefully we do a good job, and if you know anybody that would like us to rock up, show pictures of frostbite, dress up teachers in down suits and goggles, and encourage kids to go 'woooooooah' at every other slide please get in touch.

so until next week, i'll be seeing ya, but as the hindus say 'care for humanity' in whatever way you can :)

blue skies,