hi there bigmoose friends,

i’m in trouble.

i need your help.

i am spinning a lot of plates, and due to a few people who have had their worlds change, this has impacted on me and bigmoose.

currently we have a team of people who help us collect greggs food every day, and take it to either the huggard centre in cardiff, or the salvation army, and this team is made up of volunteers who collect this food once a month, and some people, (caroline and ed thanks) every week.

this is ok, but we have had a few people whose situations have changed recently, which has left a number of gaps in the diary, which means we either don’t turn up and look halfhearted in our attempts to collect this food waste, or inevitably i end up doing it, have a guess what happens.

however, in march i am going to be working pretty much every day with mathew aka pritch, on his mammoth world record attempt to complete 30 consecutive half ironman distances, and raise £100k for charities, and then in april i am off to morocco to run the mds.

oh yeah, and I have a business to run, and a family to look after.


in times of need where do you look for help?

your friends, and as a regular reader of all things bigmoose, i class you as a friend, and a supporter of what we get up to, so i thought i would start here as a point to ask if anybody reading this could spare us a couple of hours once a month to help collect food from the two greggs stores, and deliver to those more needy than us.

if you think you might be able to help, could you drop me a line at jeff@bigmoose.co or text me on 07977585548 anytime, i am going to start here, and hopefully with your help i won’t need to use social media, it would be great if we can.

sorry to use this blog as a noticeboard, but i thought you might be able to help.

so, that’s that.

so, last week i left off as i was running stupid distances daily, and managed to run my fifth marathon in five days, which i’m pretty proud of, and also very happy that i was able to complete without any body parts falling off!

well almost, i did lose almost half a toe, where a blister decided to get bigger and bigger, and after the five day madness decided to leave the building, very funny, but just shows what the human body can do, if you are squeamish look away now.

the good thing about last weeks training for me was the mental test that it provided, and getting out of bed and running in the cold and dark, knowing i had five plus hours ahead of me was a big stretch, and although i managed it, there were a couple of times where i entered a very dark place, and on day four at twelve miles into the twenty six i stood, hands on knees, questioning everything, what the heck i was doing, why was i doing this, and in fact could i do it.

after a short time i kicked my own arse, metaphorically speaking, and told myself to grow a pair.

after this self administered shellacking i trotted off down the dark cold road, and literally shouted at myself, which if you were passing i apologise for scaring you.

i get a bit nuts when in tough situations, i remember on my first ultramarathon last year getting to about 10k to go, and having to go through a couple of gates with three girls who were running at a similar pace, and we inevitably had a quick chat about how we were nearly there, and although we had been running together for about fifteen minutes, this realisation that we were going to dig deep and complete the race caused me to let rip a ‘lets ave it’ from deep within, and funnily enough the girls didn’t seem to run with me anymore, as i sped off homeward bound oblivious to the fact i had scared these young ladies unwittingly!

note to self, ‘stop being mad’.

anyway, the mini mds of last week is done, and this week was a lot easier, and i don’t have too many more super tough schedules until the race in just over six weeks, apart from the 30 mile and 35 mile 5th/6th march, let’s ave it!!!

so bigmoose things have been hotting up with our involvement with mathew’s 100k challenge, and me and chloe (aka fluffy) have been working hard with mr p to get everything in place to make his challenge a success, and we should have the list of routes up on the website imminently, and we are encouraging people to join in swimming, cycling and running with us, trying to make this huge challenge a really well supported event, so if you fancy joining in have a look on the website, or contact me for details, it should be brilliant.


this week my mate and owner of fordthorne, roger pugsley, has supplied us with a support van for the challenge, thanks roger, and i never thought i would enjoy driving a van so much, it is a six seater pimped up transit mind you, but it is really fun to drive, man i’m so uncool :)

so the support van is in place, we have a vegan restaurant, anna loka, who are going to be feeding mathew after every day’s half ironman, thanks adam for your support, and one of my clients peter alan estate agents are supporting in a multitude of ways, including a sweet looking gazebo for us to set up wherever we go, so keep a lookout for us on our travels.

ooooo, i nearly forgot, we have a live tracking device which you can log onto to see exactly where mathew is during the challenge at any time, we actually sound like we know what we’re doing don’t we!

so the challenge is ready to rock and roll next tuesday, st davids day, march 1st, which coincidentally is the date my old mucka moosey boy passed away nine years ago, and it's always a pretty emotional one for me and his family and other close mates of his, and we named it moose day, and we always toast the big man wherever we all are in the world, and really strangely this year, as well as being poolside in cardiff at 6am to start mathew on his way to a world record, i have been invited to 10 downing street for a st davids day shindig, which I have been deciding on whether to go to, but have decided it may have potential impact on what bigmoose are up to, so i will be m4 bound to enter the famous door, which i am sure moose will be looking down on me and laughing at the finsbury park boy, and probably would have suggested i steal something, which i categorically will not be doing, but i may find a way of taking moose with me, to be continued……….

so please join with me remembering the big man on march 1st, and even though you may never have met moose, the fact that you are reading this means he has impacted your life in a small way, and that his legacy lives on, which is pretty cool i reckon.

moosey boy, you're always with us, loved you like a brother,

blues skies,